Property managers stay busy with their responsibilities and don't want to take up valuable time writing a property manager cover letter. It is also often tough to figure out what to say about yourself and your skills without bragging.

Most property managers may ask if career change cover letter is required. They sometimes think that they can get away without the effort of preparing a cover letter because they are rarely read.

A property manager cover letter is vitally important to prove your worth in one page of copy. Present your skills and training in a direct and swift manner and your cover letter may just get read.

To create a great property manager cover letter is a hard process. Review the property manager cover letter sample and useful advice below to help you create your own unique cover letter that will help get you that property management job.

Create My Cover Letter

Property Manager Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Cochran,

Five years ago, I vividly recall being stuck fixing a leaky faucet and an overflowing toilet at two apartments in a property I was managing. It was on a day when I was looking forward to attending a basketball game of one of my favorite teams, right in the front row! What was ironic is that the owner of the apartment building was the one that gave me the front row tickets as a reward for my efforts and hard work. I ended up giving the tickets to one of my favorite tenants.

I can bring that dedication and property management experience to your fine properties. As your properties are superbly maintained, I understand that you have high standards. I have come up with a unique system of maintaining property values at the lowest cost possible by doing a lot of the work myself instead of hiring outside contractors. I am skilled in plumbing, drywall, plaster repairs, painting, and much more. If I can do it cheaper, I will save you money.

You indicated that you want a skilled go-getter that will not leave a job undone. I have proven myself in that regard, and have helped the management companies I have worked for increase profits and keep the tenants happy at the same time. I treat the tenants with kindness and respect. That has increased revenues by reducing late payments significantly.

Your apartment complexes can benefit from my plan of action and expertise. I hope you will schedule a time to meet with me to discuss solutions and a plan of action for your properties. You won't regret it.


Brett Thompson