Employers are looking for quality employees with the skills they urgently need. The cover letter gives them a quick and easy way to find an employee that fits their needs. Cover letters can be a real chore and disliked by most job hunters. You may even think that cover letters are discarded and all employers want to see is a resume.

It is a fact, though, that a cover letter is still essential to whether you will have your resume reviewed or not. Even if only a few are read, it is worth the effort to create a compelling cover letter.

You may already know that it is not easy to create a great retail sales manager cover letter. Review our retail sales manager cover letter sample below and the tips that follow to create a cover letter that will get your resume read.

Create My Cover Letter

Retail Sales Manager Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Peabody,

I saw your advertisement seeking a retail sales manager, so I wanted to contact you immediately. I am especially interested because your furniture store has wonderful high-end inventory, it is elegant and customer friendly, and your reputation is impeccable with your happy customers.

Furniture sales has been my career for over 11 years, and I have worked as a busy manager for one of your competitors for seven of those years. I am ready to make the change to the best furniture store in the city.

Your ad mentioned that you are seeking a manager that will maintain your number one status and level of sales. When I became manager at my current furniture store, I not only maintained the sales revenue, I increased it two-fold by making a few quality cosmetic changes. I also moved from a hard- sell technique to a more customer-focused, friendly-selling environment.

The word got out, and recommendations took off. I won three awards as manager of the year out of 150 stores nationwide, which I appreciated so much because the customers and executives welcomed the improvements in the store environment and sales personnel.

I noticed that your store is impeccable and your sales people personable when I went by to check out the competition. If hired, I would like to maintain your image and sales volume, while you hopefully still allow me to make recommendations and implement necessary enhancements. As they say, there is always room for improvement, right?

I would be thrilled to hear back from you this week to meet personally to talk about the management position. Thank you for your time and attention.


Bruce Sealy