The key to a good cover letter is to show the firm that you know its company culture and way of doing things. However, to find just the right words for a senior accountant cover letter can be a frustrating challenge. It's hard to write about yourself without sounding vain and trying to figure out what the company wants to see about your background. The fact is, if you want the senior account position badly enough, you need to do what it takes to create a fantastic senior accountant cover letter.

A senior accountant cover letter should be used to convince the company that you are the right person to hire for the position. All you need to do is create and send in a cover letter that will be captivating enough to read - we can help you out with that.

Review our advice and senior accountant cover letter sample below to assist you in creating your unique cover letter that works.

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Senior Accountant Cover Letter Sample

Dear Ms. Calhoun,

A lot of my friends and family didn't understand why I was just crazy about numbers. My mom said that even as a young baby, I would get excited when I would see numbers on flashcards or on children's TV programs. Numbers became my thing growing up.

My guidance counselor suggested that I try accounting as a college major, so I took her up on that. I was thrilled that I did, because I just couldn't wait for my accounting classes, even over the supposedly more interesting courses like arts and sciences. I shocked myself when I ended up with all As in my accounting courses and graduated as the top accounting student in 2007.

I have worked for a federal contractor since graduation, and I believe that my accounting experience pairs well with your job posting and the skills you are looking for. I have supported the monthly accounting closing process, prepared account and ledger reconciliations, prepared journal entries for multiple accounts, assisted with reviews and audits, responded to directors and government specialists about the financial status of contracts, and provided account management services and support to junior accountants.

I am proficient in most major accounting software programs, including Deltek GCS Premier and CostPoint experience. I have a master's degree in accounting, and I have kept up with recent trends through attending seminars and ongoing education programs. I enjoy continuing to learn new things and adapting to different software processes.

I would be thrilled to become your next senior accountant. I am willing to commit extra hours to becoming familiar with the inner workings of your firm in no time.


Kathryn Mitchell