The importance of a well-written cover letter can’t be overstated. If you were meeting a potential employer for the first time, you would want to come across as enthusiastic and prepared, so your cover letter should do the same. It is an ideal way to highlight the most relevant parts of your resume to give recruiters some idea of how your skills fit the role they’re recruiting. Unless you understand the purpose of a cover letter, it can be hard to write one, so consider how you want to come across to a hiring manager or recruiter and ensure that your cover letter hits the right tone.

There are some online resources designed to help you put a cover letter together, but it can be overwhelming to try and combine all the advice into a single cover letter. Our server cover letter sample comes with plenty of information and ideas to help you break through your writer’s block and craft a cover letter that will make recruiters consider your application favorably.

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Server Cover Letter Sample

Dear J. Carter,

Having worked at a number of diners, restaurants, and bars, I have developed a range of skills that make me an ideal candidate to be a server at Elegant Eating.

I see you need a server who has a range of skills. During my time working at Jordan’s Diner, I performed a variety of duties including bussing tables, expediting in the kitchen, helping the grill chef, and working as a cashier as well as being a server. This allowed me to gain plenty of experience in a variety of different roles and an understanding of the bigger picture of how the roles work together to provide exemplary service to each customer.

My role at Maison Faim gave me a chance to refine my skills when it comes to fine dining. I partnered with a mentor who trained me on fine dining service and gave me the benefit of their experience by teaching me about the etiquette of serving everything from soup and rolls to wine and coffee. I know that your reputation for quality service is part of what makes Elegant Eating such a favorite place to eat, and I believe that my skills and experience more than qualify me to uphold those standards.

I have won ‘server of the month’ three times in the 18 months I’ve been working at Maison Faim and received positive feedback from both customers, colleagues, and management.

As someone who aspires to provide the best possible service to every customer, I think that I could be a valuable asset to the team at Elegant Eating and I would love the chance to meet you to discuss this opportunity in greater detail.

Thank you for considering my application.

Yours sincerely

Janey McGuire