Even smart teachers don't like writing a teacher cover letter. Many teachers wonder if they are even necessary anymore because few cover letters are ever read. However, a teacher cover letter is still valuable to distinguish yourself and stand out among other talented applicants. If you manage to have your cover letter read, you greatly increase your chances to get contacted for an interview.

It is difficult to create a compelling cover letter for a teacher position. Review our teacher cover letter sample below and the tips that follow to create your own unique cover letter that will win them over.

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Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Dear Principal Richards,

As a former teacher yourself, you know the many challenges and struggles teachers encounter daily to do their jobs well. Since the main goal is teaching our most valuable resource, our children, many challenges must be hit head on and conquered to ensure our children are trained for the tough future they will surely face. I am up to that challenge and want to transfer my teaching skills and strategies to your award-winning school.

Your teacher job description listed some required educational and experience requirements that I feel I meet well. It mentioned you are looking for an experienced high school science teacher with a specialty in chemistry. I have a bachelor's degree in education with a concentration in science and have taught chemistry at Johnson High School for more than 15 years.

Although I love working with the public school system, I am ready to try my hand at a highly-distinguished private high school such as yours. The many awards you've received and the excellent students who've graduated - many of whom have gone on to the most prestigious universities - is a testament to the excellence of your school. I would be honored to be able to work at and contribute to such a fine academic establishment.

During the time at my current school, I have won teacher of the year 12 out of 15 years, which was not only voted on by staff members and administrators but actual students as well. My students have also scored highest year after year on state science tests. As such, I feel my ability to communicate with and get the best efforts from my students would be of great benefit to your school.

After reviewing my resume, I would love to schedule a phone call or meeting with you to discuss what I may be able to accomplish for your school and its wonderful students.

I would be honored to be chosen as your next new teacher. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Patricia Brown