Your resume speaks volumes about who you are as a professional in your industry. While it can be intimidating to sit down and get started a resume re-write, it’s a skill you can hone with a little time and patience. When you’re able to craft a document containing the essential information about your skills and experience, you’re more likely to get callbacks and interviews.

If you’re ready to start creating an effective resume, check out our front desk receptionist job description for a resume. Here, you’ll find a solid example to emulate and specific writing tips to help you choose the best skills, duties, and accomplishments, which can help you succeed in your job search.

Using a Front Desk Receptionist Job Description for a Resume

It’s important to keep in mind that no two jobseekers possess exactly the same background or skill sets. Your unique work history and personality traits will set you apart from the crowd, but it’s vital to remember that a set of common skills, duties, and certifications apply to all qualified candidates. Potential employers will actively look for these desirable traits and experiences.

Front Desk Receptionist Summary

When crafting your summary, be sure to include your most important accomplishments that will directly help you be successful in your new position. The list should be relatively short and no longer than a few sentences. Using six sentences is a safe guideline to abide by, and it’s a plus if you include ATS-relevant keywords. Whenever possible, showcase your accomplishments using metrics and provide an example of your strong customer service skills.

Front Desk Receptionist Education & Certification

Education for front desk receptionists varies depending upon company preferences. For most receptionist roles, a high school diploma is an acceptable level of education. If you have an associate degree or bachelor’s degree, this is certainly helpful. When writing about your education level, include your school and year of graduation. There’s no need to include your GPA, but it’s worth mentioning if you achieved any special honors, such as top 10% of your class.

For entry and mid-level front desk receptionist jobs, you likely won’t need to pursue higher education. To stand out among the competition, it can be helpful to enroll in a typing or office skills class.

Front Desk Receptionist Duties & Responsibilities

Hiring managers expect to see specific examples of your accomplishments and successes at your last job. When you’re crafting your resume, be sure to include measurable achievements, such as improving data entry by a concrete percentage. Additionally, provide examples of your strong communication skills and ability to work well with others. Lastly, don’t forget to include how your supporting role led to improved office efficiency.

Front Desk Receptionist Skills

As the main point of contact in the office, you’ll need to possess a friendly, outgoing personality and the ability to maintain calm while working under pressure. On your resume, make it a priority to include your most important skills that were helpful in your previous positions, such as the ability to provide excellent customer service.

It’s also helpful to showcase your proficiency in common office programs such as the Microsoft Office suite. When writing your resume, include your typing speed and the programs you confidently use on a daily basis.

Front Desk Receptionist Resume

Rachel Jones
Austin, TX 11111
E: [email protected] P: 555-888-2222

Professional Summary

Compassionate, results-driven front desk receptionist eager to provide excellent customer service to every client. Impeccable organizational skills with a self-starter attitude. Stellar attention to detail and ability to multitask efficiently.

Skills and Qualifications

• Unparalleled customer service skills
• Outstanding ability to work well with a team
• Friendly, confident communicator
• Accurate, fast typist with an average typing speed of 100 words per minute
• Expert-level knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite
• Confident using a multiline phone system

Work Experience

Front Desk Receptionist, Austin Emergency Veterinary Center

• Greet all clients upon entry and encourage them to sign in on the welcome sheet
• Answer a busy multiline phone system while remaining calm and giving each customer adequate attention
• Communicate with clients to determine the problems they’re experiencing with their pets
• Transcribe accurately client information into the database
• Pay close attention to client names and instructions, reducing inaccurate data in the system by 8%
• Work closely with the entire receptionist team to ensure all clients receive help quickly and compassionately
• Handle business transactions and billing, and update the database to show remaining balance

Office Intern, Buttercup Creek Veterinary

• Worked with the lead receptionist to greet each visitor in a timely manner
• Gained experience answering phone calls on a multiline system
• Placed orders for the office online, tracking all expenses and filing the information for safekeeping
• Received and distributed mail to each member of the veterinary team
• Remained calm under pressure in fast-paced environment, reducing missed calls by 10%
• Conducted follow-up calls with pet owners to check in on the status of pet patients
• Assisted the receptionist team in performing clerical duties, such as filing and data entry to improve office efficiency and organization

Summer Camp Intern, Spicewood Farms

• Answered phone calls and positively interacted with potential clients, remaining friendly and courteous at all times
• Created pamphlets for marketing use, increasing camp signup rate by 12%
• Entered client information into the database on a daily basis, striving for correct input
• Provided tours of the farm to parents and children, explaining the benefits of our program
• Worked with the head counselor to strategize fun ideas for campers
• Handled cash transactions and filled out deposit slips for checks, paying close attention to ensure accuracy of information


A.S. in Office Administration, 2013
Austin Community College
Leander High School, Class of 2012

How to Get Your Front Desk Receptionist Resume Past an ATS

Job hunting has always been a challenge, but it requires even more sophistication now that most companies use applicant tracking systems. An ATS scans each resume for important keywords, and only allows the strongest resumes to proceed to the hiring manager. To give yourself the best chance of gaining a call back and interview, you’ll need to have the knowledge of what to look for and how to craft a savvy resume.

When you apply for a front desk receptionist position, it’s necessary to include the keywords that the ATS is scouring for. You need to utilize the front desk receptionist job description for a resume that prompts the ATS to send you through. Our example applicant uses several instances of relevant keywords, including strong communication and ability to use a multiline phone system. She doesn’t use keyword stuffing, which is helpful for passing through an ATS.

You’ll notice that the applicant uses a standard font and size. Although it can be tempting to freshen up your resume with eye-catching typeface, it’s usually best to stick with what works. Reliable fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial are ideal for professional resume writing, and an ATS is more likely to accept them.

An ATS will likely accept our sample resume, as it includes specific examples of traits and accomplishments that are desirable in a front desk receptionist. As you continue to work on your own document, think about how you’ll be able to add value to any company that you choose to work for. Additionally, proofread several times to check for incorrectly spelled words. Even small mistakes can make it difficult for your resume to move past an ATS.

With the tips and advice available here, you’ll gain the tools you need to craft a professional, attention-grabbing resume. Following the formula for resume writing can be challenging at first, but you’ll improve by following a strong example.