People may say that resumes are only required for manager- or executive-level jobs. Yet the truth is that a resume can give you an advantage in any situation, including when seeking employment with McDonald’s. While established corporations like McDonald’s typically offer on-the-job training to new employees, having experience in the food service industry or skills that will help contribute to your success in it can bolster your job candidacy. A resume allows you to convey such a skill set.

With resources like the McDonald’s crew member job description for a resume seen here, you can understand how to structure a resume in a way that will likely impress your future employer. Plus, the writing guidelines provided as well can direct you in optimizing your resume’s content.

Using a McDonald’s Crew Member Job Description for a Resume

Companies as large as McDonald’s typically have a large and diverse candidate pool to pull from. Yet even with so many applicants coming from a wide array of backgrounds, there are still certain elements that hiring managers may expect to see on every qualified candidate’s resume.

McDonald’s Crew Member Summary

You might see some example resumes begin with an objective statement such as “Qualified applicant seeking employment…”, but such information is no longer considered vital to a resume. You imply your interest in employment by submitting the document to begin with. Instead, you should use your summary section to pitch yourself as a candidate. Provide high level details about your past experience here (e.g. “4 years of experience working in fast food), and share your most valuable skills and knowledge.

McDonald’s Crew Member Education & Certifications

While earning a certain type of postsecondary degree may not be a prerequisite for working at McDonald’s, you should share all applicable details related to your education. Enrollment in a college or a technical school might demonstrate you have drive and ambition. Having said this, do not feel compelled to list the details of your high school education unless a job listing has that as a requirement.

Technical training that you have received while on the job is definitely a detail you want to share. For example, if you have a food handler’s permit, which is a requirement to work for almost all fast food providers, you should include that information here. Also detail any formal training you have received on the use and operation of restaurant equipment.

McDonald’s Crew Member Duties & Responsibilities

McDonald’s crew members share several responsibilities, from taking and filling orders to managing inventory. Hiring managers, however, may not expect you to have previous experience in every one of these areas to consider you as a potential job candidate. They just want to know if you have what it takes to succeed as one of their employees.

The details of your previous work history help show how ready you are to join their team. Thus, when listing your work experience, touch upon all of your previous job functions that you believe translate to the position you are applying for. However, do not just restate what you did; show how your work added value to your previous employers. Examples may be training new employees or spearheading promotional campaigns.

McDonald’s Crew Member Skills

Customer service skills are highly valued in the food service industry, as is the ability to be empathetic and remain composed under pressure. When listing these skills, relate to how they may translate to the work of a McDonald’s crew member.

McDonald’s Crew Member Resume

Bianca Banks
Galveston, TX 11111
E: [email protected] T: 555-222-2222

Professional Summary

Dedicated and driven food service employee with over 4 years of professional experience. Strong commitment to customer service and skill acquisition matched with a desire to help and serve others. Previous work experience in food services has provided experience in catering, fast food, and commercial kitchen operations.

Skills and Qualifications

• Extensive experience in order taking, food handling and preparation, and inventory management
• Affable personality that helps contribute to having excellent customer service skills
• Critical thinker able to effectively multitask as well as evaluate standard procedures to look for process improvement opportunities
• Demonstrated ability to handle high-stress situations through leadership and effective communication
• Working knowledge of state and federal regulations as well as industry best practices related to food services
• Fluent in Spanish

Work Experience

Catering Crew Specialist
Lonestar State Conference Center
December 2015 – Present

• Work with team of 15 other stewards, servers, and cooks as part of conference center’s in-house catering staff
• Take orders and serve meals to guests visiting conference center for professional conventions and expositions or special events
• Assist catering manager in the setup and teardown of banquet halls and the collection of customer fees for drinks and special amenities
• Serve on 7-person private catering team used for 6 different events involving celebrities and local dignitaries thus far during tenure

Prep Cook
Archie’s Chicken
October 2014 – December 2015

• Worked in the kitchen and prep areas of local installation of national fast food chain during main dining hours
• Prepared fried chicken dinners, sandwiches, salads, and side dishes to order for customers and employees
• Assisted in the weekly storage and reconciliation of inventory orders delivered by corporate supplier
• Trained 11 new employees on restaurant policies and procedures

Good Hope Hospital
July 2013 – October 2014

• Supported kitchen operations for regional hospital that accommodated an average of 25,000 patients and family members annually
• Received and washed dishes, utensils, and food trays coming in from the main dining area as well as individual patient rooms
• Assisted hospital volunteer staff in delivering meals to patients and their families
• Worked with facility resource management team in keeping kitchen stocked with appropriate cleaning supplies

Education and Certifications

Food Handlers Permit – 2013
Galveston County Health Department, Galveston, TX

How To Get Your McDonald’s Crew Member Resume Past an ATS

McDonald’s is a popular company, and as such, routinely receives countless job applications. Hiring managers certainly do not have the time to personally review each application and resume, which is why such corporations often rely on application tracking systems to screen candidates for them.

These advanced software programs review all documents stored in a company’s application database, looking for keywords and phrases that indicate the applicants who included them in their resumes have an understanding of the jobs they are applying for. Utilizing such language in your resume can help ensure that your application makes it past an ATS and onto the people who determine which candidates get an interview.

With the McDonald’s crew member job description for a resume at your fingertips, you can see the language that the company uses to identify qualified applicants. Look for those keywords and phrases that feature prominently throughout the job description. You can also compare it other similar descriptions you find online to identify shared phrases.

Once you have that information, include the exact same words and terms at different points throughout your resume. Your professional summary and skills sections in particular are great places to insert keywords.

Remember to not go overboard with your use of keywords; you still want your document to be readable by the hiring manager who will eventually see it. Place them naturally inside your resume’s content (e.g. “committed to good customer service,” or “understand food safety regulations”).

Once you have checked your resume for appropriate keyword usage, format it in a way that is easy for an ATS to read. This usually means saving it in Rich Text Format or as a Word document as opposed to a PDF. Remember also to not get too fancy with your document; an ATS may overlook images, designs, and uncommon text fonts.