Congratulations on taking the first step toward launching your career in real estate. While finding a new job can be exciting, you may be wondering where to begin. Even when you have relevant experience in sales and customer service, it is difficult to know how to create a resume for a new and unfamiliar field, especially in one as competitive as real estate.

By using the right tools, however, you can produce an effective resume that translates your existing skills and achievements to make you a qualified candidate in the eyes of hiring managers. As you begin to generate your personal selling points, reference our real estate agent resume with no experience and writing guidelines for inspiration.

Real Estate Agent Resume With No Experience Sample

Madeline McDonald
Austin, TX 11111
E: [email protected] T: 555-555-5555Summary StatementDriven finance and economics professional with 7 years of experience negotiating contracts, forecasting price trends, and advising businesses of market conditions. Recognized for delivering exceptional customer service 3 years in a row, with a proven ability to juggle more than 20 accounts at once without compromising quality. Enterprising team player and go-getter who excels in commission-based environments.Skills

• Active listening
• Verbal communication
• Relationship-building
• Persuasion
• Negotiation
• Tax and contract law
• Data analysis
• MS Office Suite

Work Experience

Business Adviser, 2013 – Present
Pro Consulting, Austin, TX

• Leverage deep understanding of tax law, contract law, finance, and market trends to advise startup companies and businesses on best operations and policies
• Manage accounts and maintain relationships with more than 150 clients, adjusting strategies to fit the needs of each
• Engage in active listening and prompt communication to identify the goals of clients and coach each to success
• Lead seminars with executives and entrepreneurs on topics such as cash flow, trading, and business planning, ensuring they are able to grasp complex processes by using easy-to-understand language
• Conduct market research on behalf of clients
• Attend annual conferences with local and national networks to learn about emerging business support initiatives, passing knowledge gained onto clients
• Recognized with Client Satisfaction Award for outstanding customer service 3 consecutive years from 2014 to present

Purchasing Manager, 2010 – 2013
Finance Solutions, San Antonio, TX

• Represented small businesses and large corporations in negotiating contracts and creating policies for suppliers
• Forecasted demand levels for products, conducting research to determine ideal suppliers, delivery schedules, and value
• Led the operations of a team of 15 in buying, selling, and distributing materials and equipment
• Identified, interviewed, vetted, and cultivated relationships with vendors, resulting in a 5% boost in profit margins
• Delivered quarterly presentations regarding market health and analysis of projected growth
• Oversaw onboarding and training of 20 new staff members annually


Master of Science in Economics – 2010
University of Texas, Austin, TX
Summa cum laude

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance – 2008
University of Texas, Austin, TX
Business Honors Program
Student Government Treasurer

Tips for Creating a Real Estate Agent Resume With No Experience

1. Captivate readers with a powerful summary statement

Our real estate agent resume with no experience does an excellent job of outlining the jobseeker’s most relevant achievements. Although she has never worked in real estate before, she draws attention to her prowess in finance, economics, and customer service, all of which are integral in the real estate industry.

She also mentions her ability to manage multiple accounts and succeed in a commission-oriented environment. Each of these strengths makes her a competitive potential realtor.

As you create your own resume, spend some time finding overlaps between your skillset and experience and the desired qualities of a real estate agent. Focus on capturing your most important accomplishments and past duties as they relate to your new career path. Remember, hiring managers only take an average of six seconds to decide if they want to learn more about you.

2. Build a robust skills section

Once you have piqued the interest of recruiters with your summary statement, use the skills section to persuade them you have the broader talent necessary to meet the demands of the real estate industry. It is crucial to be honest and only mention strengths you actually have.

In our example, the jobseeker shows she is a well-rounded candidate by listing soft skills, such as relationship building and active listening, along with hard skills in data analysis and tax law. Even though she has never worked as a real estate agent before, she shows that she has many of the strengths necessary to excel at the role.

3. Showcase meaningful experience in previous positions

Our jobseeker does a fantastic job of gleaning important experiences and achievements from her past positions, even if they are not related to real estate. She also uses numbers and figures throughout her work experience to demonstrate her accomplishments.

When crafting your own resume, even if your past roles had nothing to do with real estate, try to focus on the most relevant duties. If you were previously a waiter, for example, you most likely gained invaluable experience in customer service and active listening.

4. Get the most out of your education

In our sample resume, the jobseeker uses the education section to play to some of her selling points. Although her education is not directly tied to real estate, it still demonstrates a proven work ethic and sense of initiative.

She lists honors and experience as Student Government Treasurer. The latter showcases not only her strength in finance, but also her ability to influence people and earn their trust. Whether you have just graduated or have professional experience, use your education to give recruiters insight about the value you can add as a real estate agent.

The Most Important Real Estate Agent Resume With No Experience Takeaways

Regardless of the type of position you are pursuing, remember that your resume is the most important real estate you have in catching the attention of hiring managers. Lead with a commanding summary statement and skills section that show your most relevant strengths and impressive achievements.

Then, use your work experience and education section to cover additional qualifications, as outlined in our real estate agent resume with no experience. Before you begin writing your resume, spend some time researching the most desired skills for a real estate professional. If you need additional help, feel free to use our handy resume builder tool.