Writing a letter of recommendation can be a daunting task. You might feel stressed because your letter may impact an employer’s perception of your acquaintance. To be considerate to all parties, it is crucial to write a letter that is both descriptive and honest.You may feel pressured to make the subject of your letter seem more qualified or capable than he or she actually is. You may also feel responsible for helping your acquaintance appear qualified for the position. Misrepresenting someone in a recommendation letter can end up doing her or him more harm than good.Read through our employment recommendation letter templates and helpful tips to take some of the pressure off. We can show you how to portray an acquaintance accurately while coming across as confident and positive.

Employment Recommendation Letter Template

Susan Phillips wrote the following letter to recommend her former colleague Nancy for a new position. Although Nancy was a hard worker, she also had issues relating to her peers. While Susan wanted to portray her in a genuine manner, she desired to keep her document optimistic. Her note is an excellent example.

Dear Clarke,

I am happy to recommend Nancy for the position of software engineer within your company. I benefitted from her diligent work in her previous position, and am certain she will be more than capable of producing positive results for you.

Nancy was on my team of programmers for two years when she worked for TimeLine. During her tenure there, Nancy’s productivity rate was always above that of her peers, and she had a genuine drive for excellence. She is dependable and rarely asked for time off. She also has excellent critical-thinking skills and is adept at problem-solving. In my opinion, Nancy would be a valuable asset to any team.

Her extensive knowledge of coding and superior computer skills were essential to completing several software updates. Nancy constantly sought to improve her abilities and extend her knowledge base, which made her an influential part of my team. Although she did not seek acceptance from her peers, her strong sense of self was motivating to other members of my team.

Because of her dedication and outstanding skills with technology, I am confident in recommending Nancy as an employee. I know she will succeed at whatever tasks you assign her.

Please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected] should you have additional questions; I would happily expound on the details I have provided. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Wishes,

Susan Phillips

How To Write an Employment Recommendation Letter

In this type of letter, you are seeking to inform a potential employer about the benefits of hiring one of your acquaintances. You can do this using your knowledge of the person’s past performance. Writing an employment recommendation letter can be tricky because it requires presenting someone’s strengths while not exaggerating or misrepresenting the individual.

Start your employment recommendation letter with a strong first paragraph recommending your acquaintance for the position sought. Use sincere, genuine language, as shown in our employment recommendation letter template to give your letter a sense of confidence.

In the second paragraph, mention how you know the applicant and how long you have been acquaintances. If you worked with someone in various capacities or at a few different companies, be sure to list them all.

Use the subsequent paragraphs to describe the applicant’s qualifications. Be sure to include any pertinent personality traits or areas of particular skill that may make your acquaintance more appealing to a potential employer. Take care to personalize your letter even more by noting specific ways the applicant directly and positively impacted your company.

In the closing paragraph, express your gratitude to the reader for taking the time to look over your document. If you are comfortable answering other questions a hiring manager might have, you can include your contact information. Preferably, give an email address so the recipient can reach you without interrupting your schedule. Signing your letter by hand is another way to make it more professional.

What To Avoid in Your Employment Recommendation Letter

The first big mistake some people make when writing a letter of recommendation is being too general. Listing broad categories of skills or making common, cliché statements gives the reader no real insight into the abilities or personality of the applicant. It also makes it boring. Giving specific details about the experience or skills of your acquaintance helps a hiring manager understand what to expect from the applicant as a person and an employee.

Another pitfall to avoid when crafting this type of letter is exaggerating. If your acquaintance is a mediocre peer or subordinate, refrain from mentioning she or he has a superior work ethic and excellent leadership skills. Instead, talk about areas the individual is strong in. Perhaps the person is dependable or has extensive knowledge about a particular topic. You can also use personality traits such as honesty, charisma, or loyalty to describe someone. This allows the reader to understand more about the character of the applicant.

How To Follow Up After Sending Your Employment Recommendation Letter

In most cases, follow up is unnecessary after you have submitted your employment recommendation letter. Sending a second letter with additional information is unprofessional unless the company contacts you and requests it. If you choose to provide your email address and a hiring manager contacts you with additional questions, read through the questions several times before replying. When you do respond, make sure to write your answers in a professional manner even though an email is a less formal means of communication. Because emails don’t tend to be disruptive and allow you to take the time you need to respond, it is helpful if you use your email address as your contact information rather than a phone number.

Top 5 Employment Recommendation Letter Writing Takeaways

1. Use as many details as possible

Use specific examples of cases where your acquaintance demonstrated the skills you are referring to. Simply stating an applicant possesses certain abilities is not as convincing as providing anecdotal evidence. Make sure to list any special accomplishments that impacted you personally.

2. Make it personal

The reader of your letter should be able to tell you are well-acquainted with the applicant you are writing about. Mentioning experiences or personality traits that make your acquaintance a beneficial employee can allow a hiring manager to see the value of the applicant.

3. Keep your description accurate

Being honest in your employment recommendation letter is the best way to set your acquaintance up for success. You want to avoid getting a hiring manager interested in your acquaintance by exaggerating the skills of the applicant. That is sure to only cause disappointment when the applicant comes in for an interview and is not what the hiring manager was expecting.

4. Include relevant information

If your acquaintance is applying for a position as a software engineer, it is not helpful to mention her or his excellent skills as a server. Instead, mention abilities that transfer easily from one industry to another, such as communication or critical-thinking skills.

5. Write with a sincere tone

When you use language that is too formal or dry, it can make your letter seem forced. Choosing words that are genuine and positive keep the reader from getting bored and present your acquaintance in a more pleasant manner.