You’d never consider paying an invoice without the documentation to back it up, nor would any employer consider hiring or even interviewing a jobseeker without a resume that does more than just back up the person’s skills. A good resume needs to present your employment history and accomplishments in an empowering light that paints you as a proactive, experienced professional well-suited for a target company’s corporate culture. If you’re not sure how to write a resume that captures that “wow!” factor, a strong resume sample can be the lead-in you need to develop your resume in the best way possible.

The accounts payable resume sample we’ve provided below spotlights a candidate whose experience aligns closely with your career sector, providing you with a concrete presentation of just what it looks like when confident accounts payable professionals know how to discuss their expertise with flair. Take a look at the sample to start you off, and apply our handy resume writing tips to develop your own winning resume.


Accounts Payable Resume Sample

John G. Johnson
Springfield, MO 11111 • [email protected] • 555-982-5397


Accomplished accounts payable manager with a track record of experience spanning 11 years with multiple major corporations. Committed to preserving integrity and accuracy in financial accounting and AP management through development of compliant policies. Excellent team collaborator working across core teams to achieve company goals.


  • Accounting and accounts payable processes
  • Invoice processing and payment
  • Account reconciliations
  • Customer billing
  • Vendor relations
  • Strategic team building and collaboration
  • QuickBooks
  • Sage One

Work Experience

Accounts Payable Manager, 2013 – Present
BIC Corporate Solutions, St. Louis, MO
  • Lead daily accounts payable operations for vendor partner payments with a national IT consulting firm
  • Define accounts payable policies to ensure visibility and accountability in all AP functions
  • Recruit, supervise, train, and mentor a team of eight accountants and junior accountants
  • Monitor and manage timely payments to third-party service providers
  • Liaise with finance teams on long- and short-term cash flow management
  • Recommend accounting strategy improvements to senior management
  • Work with external AP/AR teams as needed
  • Uncovered and recovered $275,000 in overpayments caused by database errors
  • Cut error rates down to zero by correcting database issues and instituting new policies
  • Expanded the accounting team by 17 new hires to support rapid business growth

Accounts Payable Specialist, 2012 – 2013
NNG Construction, Inc., St. Louis, Missouri
  • Contributed to AP activities in collaboration with the purchasing and procurement team
  • Reviewed inbound invoices from construction materials suppliers; verified against work orders
  • Approved invoices for payment and initiated transactions to remit funds to vendors
  • Collaborated with accounting team members to validate all outbound payments
  • Provided support and assistance for junior personnel, including aiding new hire onboarding
  • Identified over $600,000 in overbilling; confronted suppliers and recovered funds
  • Saved an average of $50,000 per month by sourcing suppliers with more transparent billing practices
  • Improved accounting efficiency 23% by replacing QuickBooks with cloud-based AP software
  • Boosted personal productivity 72% through self-training and development


Master of Science in Finance and Accounting, 2015
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Bachelor of Science in Finance, 2012
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

Certified Public Accountant (CPA), 2012
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)

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Is This a Good Accounts Payable Resume Sample? Let’s Check

Does the resume show the jobseeker using his analytical and accounting expertise to provide solutions to business problems?

In multiple instances at both jobs, the accounts payable resume sample shows how our example candidate positioned himself as the solution to company problems and created lasting positive impact. For instance, he “identified over $600,000 in overbilling” and “cut error rates down to 0,” both accomplishments that show he’s talented at recognizing and correcting deficiencies. These accomplishments also make effective use of metrics to draw the reader’s eye.

Does the accounts payable resume sample effectively make use of relevant industry keywords both in the skills section and throughout the document?

Yes. The skills section covers phrases such as invoice processing and vendor relations, while the summary and work experience seamlessly integrate such terms such as accounting strategy, financial accounting, and vendor payments. Using keywords in the work experience and opening summary allows you to show your skills in context by demonstrating how you used them on a daily basis.

Does the resume sample include a strong value statement?

This is what the opening summary is for. Employers no longer want to see objective statements; they’re less interested in what you want than they are in what you can do. The accounts payable resume sample opens with a summary that focuses on the high points of the example jobseeker’s talents, positioning him as someone with the skills needed to be a crucial contributor to the business. The summary is only three sentences, yet still makes a powerful statement when discussing relevant background experience with major corporations, soft skills such as accuracy and integrity, and experience with accounts payable policy development.

Are technical skills used effectively in the accounts payable resume sample?

Use technical skills sparingly for non-technical professionals, but listing the right ones can significantly sway matters in your favor when companies require expertise in highly specific accounting software packages. The sample resume briefly mentions QuickBooks and Sage One in the skills section, but also shows practical use of technical skills during the candidate’s work experience by discussing an accomplishment where he upgraded QuickBooks to a cloud-based solution and had a 23% positive impact on efficiency. Every skill, whether a hard, soft, or technical skill, is an opportunity to demonstrate how you used that ability to create effective solutions.

Does the resume pass the five-second scan?

You bet it does. With its use of bullets, simple format, and concise sentences, the sample resume can be quickly skimmed for relevant information in the five to seven seconds employers spend screening resumes. The goal is to make the information easily digestible on first glance.

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The Most Important Accounts Payable Resume Sample Takeaways

With strong writing and an elegant format, you can build a resume that makes employers sit up and pay attention. Focus on streamlining your document for clean information presentation, just like our accounts payable resume sample. Tune up your writing for better impact and performance using action verbs and succinct, achievement-driven bullets. Follow the rule of “show, don’t tell” and demonstrate your skills by showing what you accomplished with them. For more guidance and a step-by-step walkthrough to create your perfect resume, give our resume builder a shot!