Even accomplished professionals with years of experience in their field can feel stymied as they sit down to draft a resume. Knowing how much depends on creating an impressive document can make the task even more difficult. Using a solid controller resume sample, such as you see below, can untangle the complexities of good composition. Perusing a good sample shows you at a glance the right way to format a resume, how to organize your information into sections, and how to describe your qualifications.

In every field, employers look for particular skills and experiences. When you pursue a controller position, you need a resume that showcases your suitability for this specific job. For this reason, we take care to include writing advice geared towards maximizing the effectiveness of your controller resume. You can learn how to curate your information and choose the right language to emphasize the skills and experiences that make you an outstanding candidate for the controller position you seek.


Controller Resume Sample

Ray Sparrow
Boston, MA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-987-9876


Effective controller with over 10 years of professional accomplishment managing financial and accounting processes in large hotel group setting. Excellent team leader with demonstrated financial acumen, attention to detail, and communication skills. Thorough understanding of organizational goals and the role of the accounting department in achieving them, leading to effective cross-functional teambuilding to cut costs and boost revenues across departments.


  • Financial planning and forecasting
  • Accounting principles
  • Organizational structure
  • Process management
  • SEC compliance
  • Leadership and motivation
  • Financial data gathering and analysis
  • Internal controls
  • Tax and audit preparation
  • Process upgrade implementation
  • Top communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Business organization

Work Experience

Controller, May 2010 - present
Bay Hotels Group, Boston, MA
  • Lead accounting and finance departments
  • Structure cross-functional teams for joint projects
  • Prepare financial analysis reports and tax returns
  • Supervise audit preparation, achieving a track record of clean audits for five years running
  • Ensure compliance with reporting requirements
  • Develop budgets and forecasts for the group’s various holdings
  • Streamlined collection and invoicing processes to improve cash flow
  • Identify structural improvements to reduce costs
  • Oversee migration to cloud-based system
Assistant Controller, October 2008 – May 2010
Bay Hotels Group, Boston, MA
  • Planned and implemented improved budget template, cutting preparation time by 30%
  • Managed payroll and benefit systems for over 800 employees
  • Prepared effective property tax appeals, saving over $50,000 annually
  • Supervised accounting team
  • Communicated with external accounting and legal professionals
  • Supported controller in audit preparation
  • Oversaw integration of POS system with accounting software for streamlined data flow
Senior Accountant, June 2004 – October 2008
B&C Hotels, Inc., Salem, MA
  • Managed accounting department with six direct reports
  • Reconciled monthly and annual reports
  • Prepared documentation for audits
  • Improved closing procedures, cutting preparation times by 50%
  • Managed cash flow
  • Supervised rollout of new credit card processing system
  • Analyzed and upgraded accounting processes for increased accuracy and timeliness
  • Eliminated redundancies in invoicing system, thus cutting processing time and increasing collection rates
  • Worked with outside vendors to ensure complete, cost-effective inventory supply


Master of Business Administration, 2008
Boston University, MA

Bachelor of Science, Accounting, 2000
Queens College, NY

Certified Public Accountant License, 2002

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Is This a Good Controller Resume? Let’s Check

Does this controller resume sample include enough information about his work experience?

Yes. The applicant provides a logical career progression from a senior accountant position to his current job as a controller. You will note he does not include employment prior to 2004. This choice makes sense, as he opts to use his limited resume length to instead include more detail about his current and recent positions, which offer more relevance to his career goals.

Does the controller resume sample showcase the applicant’s leadership skills?

This applicant clearly understands that a controller’s role goes far beyond that of an advanced accountant. In addition to possessing impressive financial and accounting expertise, a controller must lead a team and bear responsibility for an organization’s financial functions. This applicant uses every section of his resume to demonstrate his capabilities in this area. He makes sure his summary section stresses his leadership and communication abilities, then re-emphasizes them in his skills section. His work experience boasts numerous supervisory duties as well as successful project management.

Does this controller resume sample use language effectively?

Readers of this resume will notice the writer’s attention to language that creates optimal impact. He begins each bullet point of his work experience section with a strong, informative action verb. Employers in all types of industries want to see job candidates who avoid passive constructions such as “responsible for.” Sometimes you may need to describe participating in a project rather than simply taking credit for it; in such cases, you may find it helpful to specifically define and describe your contribution to the project’s success.

Does this controller resume sample tell employers why they will benefit from hiring this candidate?

It absolutely, positively does. This resume’s work experience contains numerous examples of the applicant’s contributions to each of his positions. Controllers bear responsibility for maintaining accurate and legally compliant financial records. They also analyze the data and look for ways to increase revenues and cut costs within the scope of their job. This applicant shows his commitment to taking initiative to identify and improve problem areas. Employers perusing this resume see an applicant who understands the organizational big picture while maintaining a keen eye to detail.

Does this applicant possess the right credentials?

The writer of this sample resume lists some impressive educational achievements. His degrees in finance and business administration present him as knowledgeable in the areas most relevant to his job. His CPA designation also reinforces his claim of accounting expertise. While many employers hiring a controller look more to professional experience, if you have relevant education, you should definitely put it on your resume.

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The Most Important Controller Resume Sample Takeaways

Your resume may count among the most influential factors in your jobseeking success. Fortunately, you have the tools at hand for stellar composition. Modeling your own resume on this controller resume sample can help you comply with formatting expectations while shining the spotlight on your unique accomplishments. With our writing guide, you can better understand the mechanics of crafting an impressive document. Our resume builder can offer further help and guidance as you work on perfecting your resume.