An engaging resume is as essential to your job search as oxygen is to sustaining human life. After all, an employer will often decide with no more than a brief glance at your resume whether you’d make a good job candidate. Don’t let that fleeting opportunity to gain an employer’s attention pass you by.

When it comes to developing an enticing resume, it can be difficult to know where to start, especially if you’ve been out of the job market for a while. Use the tax preparer resume sample shown here as a blueprint to help you lay the groundwork as you construct a vibrant, vital resume of your own. As you peruse the sample, consider the importance of the organization, structure, and tone of the document. Continue to reference this sample and take note of the included resume writing tips as you compose your own resume, and you’ll be on the path to captivating potential employers in no time.


Tax Preparer Resume Sample

Raquel Zita
Las Vegas, NV 11111 • raquel.zita@samplemail • 555-555-0755

Professional Synopsis

Responsible, reliable tax preparer with over three years of industry experience, a strong work ethic, and an enthusiastic, team-oriented attitude. Superb mathematical, analytical, and communications skills and solid working knowledge of all major accounting and tax software programs. Proven history of success in resolving client taxation needs efficiently and accurately.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Stellar understanding of taxation-related policies and procedures
  • Exceptional grasp of mathematics, accounting, economics, and finance principles
  • Excellent multitasking, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills
  • Outstanding written and verbal communications skills (English and Spanish)
  • High level of proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, Intuit QuickBooks, Petz Enterprises V-Tax, ATX Total Tax Office, Creative Solutions UltraTax CS, and CCH ProSystem fx TAX software
  • Exemplary time management and organizational skills


Tax Preparer – White Umbrella Tax Professionals
  • Prepare federal and state income tax returns for individuals, small businesses, and corporations
  • Review previous-year client tax returns (self-completed or completed by other companies) at client request to identify possible missed deductions
  • Respond to and resolve any client complaints or questions in a timely manner, achieving a 98% customer satisfaction rating or higher every year
  • Represent the company at industry conferences and seasonal trade shows in order to solicit new business and increase corporate brand awareness
  • Attend periodic continuing education workshops to remain current on prevailing tax law and procedures and keep the company at the cutting edge of the industry
Junior Tax Preparer – Taxes Now, Inc.
  • Assisted senior tax preparers in the preparation and filing of income tax returns for individual and small business clients
  • Performed client prescreening interviews and confirmed that all clients were aware of their tax-related rights and responsibilities
  • Completed invoicing, bank reconciliation, and 1099-MISC preparation tasks for small business clients throughout the tax year as needed
  • Received and routed all incoming client phone calls to the appropriate personnel within the office
  • Researched changes in tax law and policies and prepared summary reports for office circulation, ensuring that all staff members remained up to date on relevant tax information
  • Received, greeted, and welcomed new clients to the office, ensuring that clients were comfortable and enjoyed a positive overall experience, helping to maintain the company’s 5-star rating on Yelp


Associate of Applied Science in Accounting – 2014
Career College of Northern Reno, Nevada

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Is This a Good Tax Preparer Resume? Let’s Check

Not all states require tax preparer licensing, but tax preparers do require solid skills in the areas of mathematics, economics, finance, and accounting to perform the job well. Does this tax preparer resume sample illustrate that the candidate possesses the requisite abilities?

Yes. The candidate points out her acumen in mathematics, finance, economics, and accounting in the skills section of the resume sample. However, the information in the education section — the fact that the candidate holds an associate degree in accounting — is what really positions her to stand out from the crowd.

An employer doesn’t want to have to wade through a sea of information in a resume to figure out whether a candidate will be a good fit for the position. Is this tax preparer resume sample succinct, orderly, inviting, and easy to read?

This resume sample fulfills all the above conditions in spades. The overall tone is professional. Distinct sections define the boundaries between different types of information. Bullet points distill the relevant information down to concise chunks. There is a good balance of white space and text on the page, and the document contains no grammar or spelling errors.

Employers value employees with the drive to continually surpass expectations on the job. Does this tax preparer resume sample include specific achievements that distinguish the candidate from other potential jobseekers?

Absolutely. The experience section of the resume sample identifies the candidate’s achievements at each position she held. As a junior tax preparer, the cordial reception environment she created contributed to the company’s 5-star Yelp rating. As a tax preparer at White Umbrella Tax Professionals, she achieved “a 98% customer satisfaction rating or higher every year.”

Employers prefer a tax preparer whose resume demonstrates a history of career advancement rather than stagnation. Does this resume sample reflect a reasonable pace of career progression on the part of the candidate?

Indeed. According to the experience section of the resume sample, the candidate spent about one year as a junior tax preparer before moving into a tax preparer position at another organization. It’s also evident from the bullet points beneath each position that the candidate took on increasingly complex and independent responsibilities, another indicator of career advancement.

Tax preparation often requires a working knowledge of a wide range of software. Does this tax preparer resume sample make the grade?

Without a doubt. The candidate identifies herself as a highly qualified jobseeker in this respect, noting proficiency in not just one or two programs but “Microsoft Office Suite, Intuit QuickBooks, Petz Enterprises V-Tax, ATX Total Tax Office, Creative Solutions UltraTax CS, and CCH ProSystem fx TAX software.”

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The Most Important Tax Preparer Resume Sample Takeaways

With our tax preparer resume sample as a guide, putting together a winning resume doesn’t have to be so confusing. By simply taking the time to address the proper formatting, tone, details, and organization of your document, you can create a resume that makes hiring managers sit up and take notice. Pay attention to the dos and don’ts discussed above, and you’ll have a resume designed to get results. If you’d like some additional guidance along the way, consider using our resume builder.