Many times, the only thing a hiring manager uses to determine if a jobseeker gets an interview is a resume. That makes this document incredibly important, so jobseekers need to use a sufficient amount of time ensuring it is perfect. There are many great ways to do that, but one of the best is to review a sample resume for the industry you want to be in. Therefore, if you hope to work in childcare, then you should absolutely review our daycare aide resume sample to see what information and formatting is ideal.

A good resume consists of several sections, and you need to make sure each one is great. You never want to have any weak spots in your application because it could make your job hunt all the more difficult. By using this sample and the additional writing tips, you can create an attractive resume that is sure to make hiring managers take notice.


Daycare Aide Resume Sample

Mary Jacobs
Seattle, WA • [email protected] • 555-555-8439


Empathetic daycare aide with experience watching over 30 children simultaneously to ensure everyone is playing safely. Knowledgeable of CPR and capable of changing diapers when necessary. Willing to communicate with parents when there are behavioral or educational problems that require addressing.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Superior social perceptiveness
  • Able to conduct a range of physical activities
  • Experience with wet mops, vacuum cleaners, and fire extinguishers
  • Familiarity with word processing software
  • Knowledge of basic teaching principles
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Great patience and stamina

Work Experience

Daycare Aide – Sunshine Preschool
2013 – Present
* Maintain a safe environment for all children by monitoring activities on the playground and intervening when kids get too rowdy
* Organize various recreational activities for kids to take part in, such as acquiring new toys for them to play with
* Read to children and ask them questions after the story to keep them engaged and interested
* Develop new, exciting trips for children to go on, including one event at a local zoo many children said was a fantastic experience
* Assist in helping kids with their snacks and drinks
* Keep records for all children to ensure kids take their medications on the right schedule
* Ensure special needs children, including those in wheelchairs and those with emotional problems, receive the care they need to thrive
Nanny – Private Family
2012 – 2013
* Picked up children aged six and nine from school every day of the week, took them home, and made sure they both completed homework in a timely fashion
* Created extra lesson plans for kids to do once they completed their homework to further assist them in their studies
* Disciplined children when they got out of hand, and communicated with parents when certain issues were not resolved
* Prepared nutritious meals, making sure never to incorporate dairy due to one of the children’s allergies
* Tutored children to assist them with their grades in mathematics, ultimately improving their grades from Bs to As
* Conducted a variety of housekeeping duties, such as cleaning every room of the house and mowing the lawn at least once a week


Associate degree in early childhood education
Tacoma Community College

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Is This a Good Daycare Aide Resume? Let’s Check

Is the applicant’s contact information listed prominently on the daycare aide resume sample?

The very first thing you want to put on a resume is your contact information. A resume is not going to do you any good if a hiring manager has no way to get in touch with you. Always put your email address and phone number at the top of the document. You should provide the city and state you reside in, but there is no need to include a full home address.

Does the work experience section curate the bullet points to include the most relevant duties for a daycare aide position?

Generally speaking, you want somewhere between five and eight bullet points for each job. You likely did a lot more than that at each job, but you want to narrow it down to what is most impressive. Focus on actual accomplishments rather than simply listing duties. This daycare aide resume sample includes specific details. For instance, instead of simply stating, “Conducted housekeeping duties,” the jobseeker mentions the exact duties she did.

Does this daycare aide resume sample include numbers, figures, and facts relevant to childcare?

Yes. Numbers always stand out more in a hiring manager’s mind. For example, the Summary states the applicant looks after 30 children simultaneously. This information is provided right at the top of the resume and will stand out in people’s minds.

Does the daycare aide resume sample emphasize the applicant can be a caring, kind person to interact with children?

Experiences are important, but it is also vital for jobseekers to have the right attitude when dealing with children. For starters, the applicant mentions she is empathetic within the Summary. The resume sample also includes information about how the jobseeker watches after kids and helps them when necessary. You want to do your best to make your personality shine in your resume, so include information relevant to that.

Does this resume sample have the appropriate education to work with children?

Most childcare positions simply require a person to have a high school diploma. However, it is beneficial if you have additional education to help with your career. This resume sample states the applicant has an associate’s degree, which is highly advantageous. Since this jobseeker has a college degree, there is no reason for her to explicitly state she has a high school diploma because that information is implied. Additional certification in first aid would also help greatly.

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The Most Important Daycare Aide Resume Sample Takeaways

You want to make a hiring manager’s job easy. Therefore, you should follow the lead of this daycare aide resume sample and include relevant skills, experience, and education that would prove you are the best childcare worker out of every other applicant. Practical experiences will be your greatest asset, so include as many as possible throughout your job application. For jobseekers who could use some extra help crafting an outstanding job application, use our helpful resume builder.