Your challenge during a job search is to show an employer how you provide value to the company or overall mission. The most common way jobseekers demonstrate their worth is through a strong and compelling resume. Effective resumes help job applicants give employers a preview of their potential for success in the position. Resumes also help job applicants secure an interview and get closer to landing the position in the company.

Many jobseekers struggle with the right wording and the proper phrasing that could convince an employer to read more. Your goal is to create a document that gets attention and presents you in a positive light. A good idea is to use a sample document to help guide your writing process. Below, you can see a complete example in the nanny resume sample and writing guide. The sample gives you an excellent base to start with, whether you need to brush up your resume or completely rewrite it.


Nanny Resume Sample

Annie Smith
New York, NY 11111 • [email protected] • 555-717-8385

Summary Statement

Reliable and enthusiastic professional nanny with more than 10 years of experience working with children. Passionate about helping children grow into capable and kind people. Dedicated to providing a variety of enriching experiences to children throughout their day.


  • Clean driving record and commitment to safety
  • Experience with twins and other multiples
  • Understanding of nutrition for meal preparation
  • Neat and organized
  • Trilingual in English, Spanish, and French
  • Compassionate and committed to learning

Work Experience

Nanny, The Delgado Family
May 2015 – present
  • Supervise the family’s four young children and plan daily outdoor activities and learning experiences
  • Plan a nutritious menu of three meals a day and two snacks for each child, making sure to avoid food allergens
  • Drive children to weekly enrichment activities and classes with a 100% accident-free rate
  • Monitor each child during playtime, naps, and other routine activities
  • Trained the family’s young triplets to successfully use the toilet over a period of three weeks
Nanny, The Walters Family
April 2009 – May 2015
  • Worked with a family with three young children and created a schedule of fun and engaging activities
  • Improved the oldest child’s ability to read by two grade levels by helping her with homework and offering additional support
  • Prepared meals for the children and packed healthy lunches for school
  • Discussed concerns with the parents and gave updates on progress with each child’s development each week
  • Received two raises throughout employment due to commitment to the job and thriving children
Babysitter, Various Families
June 2005 –April 2009
  • Watched children for the neighborhood’s families for date nights, errands, and other situations
  • Developed strong relationships with children from clients and mentored kids as they grew up
  • Maintained a safe environment in the home while babysitting with no mishaps or injuries to any children over time
  • Managed a long list of more than 25 happy clients who called for multiple babysitting jobs
  • Encouraged kids to work together, make good choices, and develop into proud young adults


Certificate in CPR and First Aid – 2009
American Red Cross, New York, New York

Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education – 2009
Brooklyn Community College, Brooklyn, New York

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Is This a Good Nanny Resume? Let’s Check

Does this secretary resume sample show employers that this applicant has the ability to multi-task?

Yes. In fact, the summary statement first mentions the applicant’s multi-tasking ability, and the skills and work experience details elaborate on the numerous simultaneous responsibilities this applicant has handled well. From designing IEP reports for an entire school district while planning teacher in-service trainings at Danville Public Schools to operating the reception desk while running compliance reports at Rainbow Home Health, this document really draws attention to one of the most important skills secretarial workers can cultivate – multi-tasking.

Does the secretary resume sample demonstrate the applicant’s experience with creating and preparing reports?

Creating or preparing reports is high on the list of desirable skills for secretaries. It’s one of the main ways they communicate a lot of information in a concise format. This applicant named the specific types of reports she has worked on, which also demonstrates her versatility. This applicant has created specific reports with an IEP database, used the LEWIS medical compliance reports, and analyzed store mainframe reports for a corporate IT center.

Look at the skills section. Does the sample show achievement in the numerous areas that competent secretaries must master?

Secretaries must possess a specific skill set, usually including office work, customer care, administrative support, and organizational skills. This applicant wisely uses the skills section to showcase her best professional achievement in each of these areas as well as a couple other relevant and valuable skills. She condensed her office skills into “proficient in MS Office Suite” while her organizational skills shine through with “efficient, user-friendly organization of schedules and spaces.”

Does the work experience section of this secretary resume sample demonstrate she is a responsible, trustworthy support professional?

It absolutely does. Companies and schools have trusted this applicant with legally protected health and education information. She has planned company events and ensured comfortable accommodations for honored speakers. Nearly every line of the work experience of the secretary resume sample shows how trustworthy she was with the responsibilities in her care.

Is this applicant’s education in keeping with her professional goals?

Does the education section show that she has the training and education to complete the job responsibilities?

This applicant has received more than sufficient education for the role she seeks. She not only has earned a bachelor’s degree in a language arts field, but she has also earned a two-year degree in computer science. This will give her an edge over the competition.

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The Most Important Nanny Resume Sample Takeaways

It’s a tough job market out there for those looking for work in fields such as childcare. A strong resume could help you differentiate yourself from hundreds of other potentially qualified applicants vying for the same job. With the nanny resume sample, you can see how important it is to get the format right, include specific details, and show off your commitment to children and the duties of the job. Try using the resume builder tool alongside the sample to make a great resume that gets you hired quickly.