The job market is tough and competitive, which is why everyone benefits from a little bit of guidance when navigating it. That’s why resume samples are so useful. They not only give you a visual example of the length and organization of the resume, but they also let you see how the presentation of key skills looks in a final draft and the kinds of experiences that are useful in your work experience section. It still takes a lot of work to custom-fit your resume to a job description, but the resources will help you understand when you have managed to get it there.

Check out this Android developer resume sample and review the tips that go along with it to better understand how resumes for this position are set up for success. Then use the information to sharpen your resume so you can more easily compete when you start responding to job descriptions.


Android Developer Resume Sample

Fritz Lang
New York, NY 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-1515


Veteran Android developer with a series of successful app launches over the past five years. Led alpha stage development for a major mobile gaming release that reached third on the Google Play charts as a paid new app. Sensitive to problems and skilled at deducing code solutions to them.


  • Proficient in C++, Python, Ruby, and Apache Hadoop programming languages
  • Familiar with a variety of database solutions, including MySQL and MongoDB
  • Well-versed in Ajax, Jquery, and other web platform development tools
  • Instructional design skills, including written communication and visual design skills
  • Strong mathematics background including statistics and calculus
  • Strong customer service skills

Work Experience

Development Team Leader, October 2015-Present
S3 Games, New York, NY
  • Oversee the progress of the development team during pre- and post-launch business cycles
  • Develop processes for the assessment and patching of security problems
  • Implement management-level solutions for timeline issues to ensure the programming team stays on track
  • Review team code for problems and delegate solution-building to appropriate team members
  • Design new solutions to code problems collaboratively with the development team
Android Developer, July 2014-October 2015
Big Bullet Games, Buffalo, NY
  • Wrote code for new applications during the run-up to launch
  • Debugged the code of others
  • Worked collaboratively through online systems or alone as designated by the team leader
  • Developed new processes to speed up security patch release times by 25%
  • Oversaw the launch of three mobile gaming applications in 15 months
Android Developer/Programmer, July 2013-July 2014
Corporate Mobile Solutions, Rochester, NY
  • Developed custom-built corporate applications for smartphone platforms
  • Wrote code for both the Android and iOS versions of the applications
  • Produced security fixes and new features in line with customer requests
  • Built the process for including in-app bug reporting in CMS apps from the ground up
  • Delivered excellent feedback and communication to customer representatives
Junior Programmer, April 2012-July 2013
Atomic Code Solutions, Rochester, NY
  • Produced code to fit customer requests
  • Designed both stand-alone applications and new features for existing apps
  • Contributed to the completion of updates and bug fixes
  • Collaborated with senior programmers to solve code problems
  • Reviewed and debugged code written by others.


Bachelor of Computer Science, 2012
Syracuse University of New York, Syracuse, NY

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Is This a Good Android Developer Resume? Let’s Check

Does the Android developer resume sample use the summary statement to put eye-catching accomplishments out there?

Absolutely. The use of three-point style allows the writer to easily include information about the level of experience the candidate has, a specific accomplishment, and core skills that are exceptionally noteworthy. This is all the information you need for this section. This sample wraps it up concisely and includes specific metrics. Those metrics show the success of this prospective hire’s past endeavors.

Has the writer of the Android developer resume sample covered all of the core skills necessary to the job?

That’s a big yes, but you might not know it unless you did a little digging yourself to see what human resources professionals are looking for when they review your resume. The important thing to remember is that it is about more than just whether the skills are there. It’s also about whether you match key terms that your reader will be looking for. Revise your list until it reflects the same kind of language you see in the ad.

How relevant is the work experience, both in terms of the job titles listed on the Android developer resume sample and in terms of the accomplishments and duties of each job?

Extremely relevant. This candidate has no work experience included that is not directly in the career chain for the job this resume responds to. As a result, there is no doubt that each accomplishment listed is relevant to the job the writer is seeking.

Does the Android developer resume sample utilize active language throughout?

Yes. A simple review of the language used shows that the entire piece flows without a single passive statement. This streamlines the language by avoiding wordy constructions, and it does so without limiting what the writer can express in this form.

Does the information in the work experience demonstrate the skill set found in the skill section clearly?

For sure, and this one is really important. If your work experience does not clearly show how some of the harder to pin down skills you possess are going to work in the workplace, then hiring managers can’t see it in the text. In this case, you can see how the depth of the writer’s programming knowledge and the collaborative and communicative skills come together in the team leadership roles included on the sample resume.

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The Most Important Android Developer Resume Sample Takeaways

There’s a lot to take in here, here are the key takeaways you need to keep in mind at every stage of your writing. Sticking to the right format in each section and including the right writing voice is vital. You also need good content, and that means understanding what the hiring manager is looking for before you sit down to write. Last but not least, plan to revise, and use both the Android developer resume sample and the resume builder for help organizing your drafts so you build eye-catching resumes that really work.