Are you at a complete loss about what to put in your resume? If so, you are not alone. The resume writing process stymies many jobseekers. Let our hardware engineer resume sample be your guide. Looking at an industry-specific resume sample gives you ideas and insights into what makes a strong resume. Our resume sample shows you how to format the document, what sections to include, and what types of information the employer wants to see. There are additional writing tips that will give your document a professional polish.

Your resume is your introduction to the employer. You want to set a competent, professional tone as well as have a bit of interest that will set you apart from the pack. Our resume sample shows you how to create a document that will represent you well and catch the eye of potential employers to give you an advantage over your competition.


Hardware Engineer Resume

Jonathan Summers
Frederick, MD 11111 • [email protected] • 555-234-8492


Innovative hardware engineer with experience in the design and development of computer systems, especially high-performance microprocessor based embedded hardware systems. Excel at design documentation, implementation, and qualification testing of hardware components. Outstanding collaborative partner with proven record of proactive problem-solving.


  • Proficient in OrCAD/Allegro and scripting in Python
  • In-depth knowledge of FPGA design, validation, and verification
  • Ability to obtain and keep all levels of security clearances
  • Expertise in solving problems creatively and debugging hardware
  • Excellent understanding of intel CPU architecture
  • Experience in project leadership and hardware design
  • Working knowledge of Mandarin Chinese

Work Experience

Betametrics – Silver Spring, MD
Hardware Engineer, March 2014 – present
  • Test computer system components and prototypes using simulation software
  • Analyze, interpret, and write up test results for company review
  • Ensure all equipment meets specifications and safety parameters
  • Interpret design requirements, make suggestions to design team, supervise implementation of design criteria
  • Participate in peer design reviews
  • Test and certify new hardware that increased server efficiency by 13%
Ampex Data Systems Corporation – Hayward, CA
Hardware Engineer, January 2010 – February 2014
  • Designed systems with latest buses and memory interfaces
  • Performed verification and validation on FPGA design
  • Worked projects from initial design through implementation, testing, and product support
  • Designed high-speed digital circuits for manufacturability
  • Received commendation from the U.S. Air Force for work on enterprise-class server
  • Documented all hardware development specifications and maintained records
Themis Computer – Fremont, CA
Level 1 Hardware Engineer, July 2007 – December 2009
  • Provided technical support to design department upon request
  • Supervised hardware performance in collaboration with engineering department
  • Worked with senior staff to develop components for CPU integrated circuits
  • Performed debugging and troubleshooting for clients
  • Used engineering schematics to prepare prototype models
  • Assisted in the design of a System-on-Chip that resulted in an industry award for outstanding innovation


Master of Science in Electrical Engineering – 2009
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – 2007
Minor in Business Technology
University of Maryland at College Park, MD

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

• Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
• Computing Research Association
• The Association of Computer Engineers and Technicians

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Is This a Good Accounting Clerk Resume? Let’s Check

Does this hardware engineer resume sample show the candidate has the necessary background to design computer systems?

In the candidate’s first job, he assisted in the design of a System-on-Chip. In his second job, he designed high-speed digital circuits. In his most recent job, he supervised a design team. This not only shows a great background in design, it also tells prospective employers that his skill level and responsibilities grew with each subsequent job.

What kind of skills does this hardware engineer resume sample list?

Is there anything to set the candidate apart?

Yes. This candidate has the skills an employer would expect to see, such as knowledge of software programs and CPU architecture. However, this resume also includes two skills that are a little more unusual, and therefore noteworthy. The first is the ability to obtain security clearances. The industries that hire hardware engineers commonly work on military contracts, and security clearances are mandatory for those jobs. Prospective employers now know that this candidate is eligible for security assignments. The candidate also lists a working knowledge of Mandarin Chinese. China has become a competitive player in the technology industry, and this particular skill may appeal to employers with eyes on expansion.

Does this candidate have the patience and work ethic to solve difficult problems?

This hardware engineer resume sample gives many indications that the candidate is a tenacious problem-solver. The Summary mentions pro-active problem-solving and a willingness to collaborate. This is a nice touch as many computing problems require multiple departments working together to find a solution. The candidate’s first job also involved debugging and troubleshooting, so he clearly has ample experience in correcting computer systems.

Does this hardware engineer resume sample show sufficient education for the position?

This candidate has two different degrees that, together, make him particularly qualified for a hardware engineer position. His Bachelor is in computer science, which is, of course, a solid background for a job in building computer systems. The minor in business technology is a nice touch as it indicates he had some classes about product development, marketing, and so on. The master degree in electrical engineering shows a knowledge of system design. The whole package paints a compelling picture of a well-rounded candidate.

Is this resume sample easy to read at first glance?

Does it look professional?

This is a classy, elegant resume that sends the right message to a hiring manager. The writer clearly outlined the sections. He keeps the statements short, concise, and enumerated with bullet points. The language is professional yet comprehensible and the tone indicates this candidate is ready and excited to work.

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The Most Important Hardware Engineer Resume Sample Takeaways

Get your job search off to the best possible start. Examine the hardware engineer resume sample and follow the writing tips. Make short lists to showcase your best work. Use a clean format that is also easy to read. Put in a little personality and a couple of unique skills that set you apart from the crowd. You can use our resume builder if you need more help to get it just right. Let your future employer know that you have the right stuff to take their company to the next level.