A strong resume is the key to an invitation to interview for a position. Your resume is often the first contact you will have with a potential employer. It is important that you give an honest, professional portrayal of what you bring to the company and the job. One way to do this is by reviewing sample resumes in your career field. A sample can show you how to present your skills and experience in a way that will capture the attention of hiring managers.

Start your resume writing process by studying our system analyst resume sample below. It will assist you in deciding what job skills and experience to include and how to structure the information most effectively. You will learn how to present yourself in a clear, concise manner that focuses on what you have to offer employers. Using our tips on writing and resume organization, you can develop a quality, professional resume that will separate you from other applicants and make a positive, lasting impression on hiring managers.


System Analyst Resume Sample

Laura Lemon
St. Louis, MO • [email protected] • 555-555-4994


Dedicated professional with 15 years of experience managing computer systems and analyzing data in both the public and private sectors. Avid problem solver with exceptional deductive and inductive reasoning skills. Strong communication skills in work groups and in a supervisory capacity.


  • System analysis
  • System Evaluation
  • Operations analysis
  • Programming
  • MySQL
  • C + +
  • Microsoft PowerShell
  • Usability testing software
  • AJAX

Work Experience

QTECH Systems
St. Louis, MO 11111
Systems Analyst 2010-present
  • Analyze cost/benefit of upgrading computing infrastructure and IT systems
  • Customize new systems through oversight of installation and configuration which to date has improved system performance by 30%
  • Develop, implement, and update data security and disaster recovery plan
  • Assess ongoing system needs in consultation with vendors, users, technicians, and management
  • Manage and motivate a staff of twenty IT specialists
  • Ensure compliance with all standards, regulations, and laws
Merrick Systems Innovations
Kansas City, MO 11111
Computer User Support Specialist 2004-2010
  • Trained employees in the proper use of software and hardware
  • Created training manuals to assist employees in using company hardware and software
  • Voted Trainer of the Year for employee education efforts
  • Researched products and processes to recommend updates or changes to information systems
  • Supervised an information technology staff of 10 people
  • Installed and maintained computer hardware and software
Markham University
Carthage, MO 11111
Computer Network Support Specialist 2002-2004
  • Monitored network for security breaches and attempts to breach and reported them accordingly
  • Configured and evaluated both wide area network (WAN) and local area network (LAN) equipment and routers to correct speed and availability issues
  • Increased network function by 15% through regular performance of hardware and software diagnostic tests
  • Ran network reports each month and maintained network activity logs
  • Established security settings and access for users and documented help desk petitions and resolutions


Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science – 2002
Missouri University of Science and Technology, Missouri

CompTIA Networking+ Certification – 2004

CompTIA A+ Certification – 2006

Master of Science in Information Science and Technology – 2010
Missouri University of Science and Technology, Missouri

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Is This a Good System Analyst Resume? Let’s Check

Does the system analyst resume sample show that the applicant has the requisite skills to succeed in this position?

It does! The applicant provides a very concise bullet list of her skills and even includes highly desirable job specific computer system technologies with which she is familiar. Listing skills that match those identified in the position posting will make it easier for hiring managers to quickly identify her as a good candidate for the job.

Does the system analyst resume sample include recent work experience specific to the position of system analyst and show her progression in the field of computer technology?

Absolutely. Her work experience shows a clear career path covering three positions held over a 15 year period. The duties and responsibilities in these positions build on one another to illustrate her career advancement from one job to the next. Hiring managers will love that she has continually advanced in each consecutive job.

Does the resume writer include information that not only tells recruiters what she has done but shows the results of those actions?

Take another look at the information for each job she has held. Notice that in every one she includes one item that illustrates her success in these positions: increased performance by 30%, trainer of the year award, increased network function by 15%. This gives the hiring manager a quantifiable example of her accomplishments.

Does the information in the education section of the system analyst resume sample indicate that her education is in a discipline related to the field of computer information systems?

It sure does, and how! Even though system analyst positions usually require a bachelor’s degree, this candidate has earned a master’s degree in an advanced field as well as having acquired industry certifications. Both degrees are from a science and technology specialty school making them all more impressive.

Is this system analyst resume sample easy for hiring managers to read and to recognize the applicant’s relevant experience and skills?

Yes! This resume is direct and to the point. The applicant focuses solely on providing information relevant to this specific position. She uses the minimum recommended number of bullet points in each section to emphasize only the most important skills and job activities. Her Summary makes great use of key phrases such as deductive and inductive reasoning to emphasize the problem solving skills necessary to succeed as a system analyst.

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The Most Important System Analyst Resume Sample Takeaways

Resume samples serve as maps that shows you how to create a successful, job specific resume. Our system analyst resume sample teaches you professional formatting and organization, as well as the most effective ways to present your information. Your final resume will be easy to read, well-focused, and show your hiring manager why you would be a valuable asset to his or her team. If you would like more assistance, take a look at our resume builder.