It’s no secret that writing a resume is hard work. Most jobseekers struggle to create a well-organized and clearly written document. With the added pressure of knowing that your resume is your prospective employer’s first impression of you, it’s often daunting to even start. Using a resume sample specific to your industry can add tools to your arsenal that will make this process easier and less intimidating.

With our web developer resume sample, you will have access to a wealth of examples for creating your own strong document. Learn the kinds of skills and experiences you should include, as well as the professional language you should use. It will also provide you with ideas for the kind of format you would like to use in your own resume. With our thorough writing guide and some hard work on your part, you can create a document that demonstrates your unique qualifications for the position in a way that will catch the eye of hiring managers.


Web Developer Resume Sample

George Harrison
Columbus, OH 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-7463


Seasoned web developer with 8 years’ experience in developing, designing, and publishing company and client websites. Solid experience in working with client deadlines as well as working within varying strictness in design parameters. Efficient, hardworking, and motivated by client satisfaction.


  • Strong expertise in various development software, including Hadoop, C++, MySQL, and JavaScript
  • Broad knowledge of web design and marketing techniques
  • Diverse experience in platform optimization, such as mobile browsers, Android and iOS apps, and Linux
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills
  • Superb critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Solution-oriented

Work Experience

Modis, Inc., Columbus, OH
Web Developer, August 2013 – present
  • Write code in support of company web sites and applications
  • Design and write web page content and edit work done by junior web developers
  • Research, test, and implement network security programs to protect company data and information
  • Direct overall design of websites and assign tasks to junior web developers
  • Provide guidelines for team adherence to company budget, performance requirements, equipment, and accessibility
  • Improved company site traffic by 24% during four-year tenure
Dancor Solutions, Columbus, OH
Junior Web Developer, March 2009 – August 2013
  • Assisted in coding, design, and testing designs, web sites and applications
  • Submitted design and coding work to senior web developer for evaluation
  • Performed basic network security maintenance procedures as assigned and presented reports and updates to senior web developer and network security analyst
  • Received a company excellence award for a 14% efficiency improvement rating within a single quarter
  • Conducted regular web page evaluations to determine functionality and detect and repair errors
Freelance Experience
Harrison Design Solutions LLC, Columbus, OH
Owner, Web Developer, May 2011 – present
  • Build websites from the ground up based on client specifications of varying specificity, using HTML and MySQL
  • Assist clients in social media marketing and other traffic generating techniques
  • Utilize graphic design platforms such as Adobe Photoshop to design client company logos and other graphics
  • Consult with clients to marry vision and needs with sound design principles
  • Helped over 30 clients increase web traffic and online revenue by an average of 28%


Bachelor of Science in Web Design
Franklin University, Columbus, OH

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Is This a Good Web Developer Resume? Let’s Check

Did the web developer resume sample include only relevant work experience and skills?

Yes! When writing a resume for a field as specialized as web development, it’s important to make sure you don’t bog down your document with unnecessary details. Hiring managers need to know your skills as they relate to the position. The skills you gained from the break dancing class you took in college or your job at a local sandwich shop in high school are not going to contribute to your eligibility for the position.

Did our resume writer organize the work history in reverse chronological order?

Absolutely. It’s important that your most recent experiences and achievements are closer to the top of your document. Hiring managers are much more likely to see it since they only spend between five and seven seconds looking at a resume initially. It’s also important to not only keep your work experiences relevant but to also keep them recent. Hiring managers have little interest in any position you may have had more than 10 years ago, especially in web design since obsolescence occurs quickly.

Does the web developer resume sample include an online supplement?

Yes, it does. It’s always a good idea to have a link to your personal website on your resume, but it is especially important in the field of web design. It’s easy to make bold claims in a document; it’s much harder to fake the work itself. Hiring managers will be more likely to call you in for an interview if they can see firsthand what you’re capable of. Notice that our resume writer included a link to his personal website under Freelance Experience.

Did the web developer resume sample use metrics to communicate achievements?

Yes. One of the most effective ways to communicate the value of your accomplishments is by using metrics. Web design isn’t nearly as competitive or numbers-based as sales or marketing, but you can still find ways to incorporate metrics in your resume. As you’ll see in the resume sample, our resume writer noted a 24% company site traffic increase during his time with that company. Quantifying your achievements is a far better way to illustrate their impact on the company than simply stating you achieved something.

Does the web developer resume sample use diverse diction?

Indubitably! It may not seem important from the outset, but changing up the verbs used in your skills and work history section can go a long way toward engaging the reader. You’ll notice that our resume writer almost never repeated the verbs used at the beginning of each bullet in his work history section.

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The Most Important Web Developer Resume Sample Takeaways

Following the web developer resume sample is a surefire way to create the strong resume you’ll need to get the job you’re looking for. These guidelines will make it easy for you to craft a document that will clearly demonstrate your aptness for the position to hiring managers. You’ll also learn how to condense large portions of information without sacrificing crucial details. If you need additional help creating your resume, refer to our resume builder.