When it is time to move on from your current job, you need a well-written resume. It is your greatest tool in impressing hiring managers and hopefully landing in greener pastures. You may assume yours is already as good as it can get, but there is always room for improvement. Before you send an application to another employer, you should review our cashier resume sample first. It could provide you with additional insight into what employers want to see in resumes.

Every hiring manager looks for something different in a new hire. However, there are a few items that are common across the board. Employers need to effortlessly read through your resume and understand what professional talents and experiences you bring to the role. It is impossible to overstate the importance of good formatting. Quickly review the sample resume below as well as the tips that offer additional lessons on excellent resume writing.


Cashier Resume Sample

Susan Rogers
Lincoln, NE • [email protected] • 555-555-7332


Energetic cashier with several years of experience working in retail. Capable of resolving conflicts where both parties are equally satisfied. Always looking for ways to help and improve the functionality of the business.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Experience using point of sale equipment and barcode readers
  • Knowledgeable of bookkeeping and database software
  • Friendly demeanor
  • Excellent knowledge of customer service principles
  • Great communication skills
  • Active listening and social perceptiveness
  • Stress tolerance

Work Experience

Cashier – Lincoln Book Store
2015 – Present

  • Assist customers with their purchases by answering questions and receiving payments in the form of cash, coupons, and credit cards
  • Find resolutions when customers have a problem with the store or when customers want to return a product
  • Provide friendly, personable service to each customer, helping the store maintain a 4.5 rating on Yelp where many reviews mention the great service patrons receive
  • Maintain paperwork for all items received in the warehouse, and stock items on shelves
  • Count money in the register at the beginning and end of shifts to ensure adequate change
  • Monitor front door and store’s security system to keep an eye out for theft, and on several occasions, prevented individuals from walking out of the store with unpaid items
  • Supervise onsite training for new hires, showing them the ropes until they can handle responsibilities independently

Cashier – McGillicutty’s General Store
2014 – 2015

  • Helped elderly and disabled customers carry bags to their vehicles
  • Collaborated with supervisors to develop promotional campaigns for the store, many of which brought in substantial revenue for the business
  • Managed the store’s social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter, updating them at least once a day with pertinent information
  • Greeted customers as they entered the store and offered assistance when prudent
  • Utilized company’s paging system to obtain more information about a product, such as the correct price
  • Wrapped products during the holidays with festive wrapping paper and bows
  • Kept the store clean and sanitary, using down time to mop floors or dust shelving


High School Diploma – 2016
Millard West High School

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Is This a Good Cashier Resume? Let’s Check

Does this cashier resume sample focus on the applicant’s personality as much as it does her experiences?

Yes. Cashiers interact with the public every day, so it is important to have a friendly personality. The jobseeker in the sample mentions her demeanor in several places. While a hiring manager will get a better sense of a candidate’s personality during the interview, it is important to establish that fact early on with the resume.

Does the cashier resume sample mention the candidate’s ability to resolve conflicts?

Yes. Another important skill for cashiers to possess is the ability to adequately resolve conflicts. Members of the general public are not always going to be the nicest people. However, that should not deter you from offering the best customer service possible. The jobseeker mentions this skill both in the skills section and work experience section because it is worth overemphasizing.

Does the applicant focus on showing her soft skills rather than merely stating them?

While an entire section of the resume should simply state what skills you possess, the work experience section should provide stories of those skills in action. It is particularly important with positions like cashier. Anyone can say they are friendly, but you want to show it. The jobseeker with this cashier resume sample does a good job of telling a story by mentioning how her positive personality has led to great Yelp reviews for the store. It is helpful to show how your skills have translated into tangible results for past employers.

Has the applicant gained additional responsibilities throughout her employment?

You want to show on your resume you are capable of growing and evolving as an employee. This cashier resume sample achieves that by having more impressive responsibilities in the most recent position than the later one. For instance, in the more recent job, the candidate states she trains new hires. That kind of responsibility only comes with training and experience.

Can you tell from the resume the applicant possesses integrity?

Cashiers handle money every shift, so employers need to make sure new hires are trustworthy. It is tough to get that trait across in a resume, but this sample resume does a good job of conveying it. The applicant mentions she prevented thefts from taking place. You should demonstrate your trustworthiness in a resume and then really bring that quality home during the interview.

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The Most Important Cashier Resume Sample Takeaways

It may just be words on paper (or screen), but you should let your personality shine through on a resume. After reading one page about your experiences, a hiring manager should already know you are a great fit for the position. The interview should become more of a formality than anything else. Take plenty of time to write and rewrite your resume so that it ends up looking like the cashier resume sample. Those who need extra help can also utilize our useful resume builder.