There is no denying that your resume is the most important part of your application. In fact, many hiring managers admit this document is the only information they use when deciding who to interview. So your goal when writing your resume should be to catch their attention, communicate the benefits only you can provide, and quickly establish your qualification for the position. A strong resume makes the difference between creating an impression and leaving no impact on readers.

To make your resume as strong as possible, use this technical support resume sample as your primary resource. In addition to the content of a resume, the format is vital as well, and this example demonstrates exactly how you should organize yours. Along with the resume sample, the included writing guide explains all the best writing techniques to help you get started. Before you begin writing your resume, review the strategies demonstrated in the following resume sample.


Technical Support Resume Sample

Henry Allen
Houston, Texas, 11111 • [email protected] • 555-486-3574

Summary Statement

Professional and talented technology expert with nearly 10 years of working experience in technical support. A candidate that combines tactful interaction with the ability to work quickly and precisely. Prioritize strong communication techniques to resolve issues, provide instruction, and answer client inquiries accurately and clearly.

Professional Skills

  • Service-oriented demeanor
  • Developed phone and email etiquette skills
  • Technological native
  • Critical thinking, attention to small details, evaluation, and analysis
  • Excellent interpersonal and professional communication, both written and verbal
  • Proficient with entire Office Suite and LAN
  • Comfortable using both PCs and Macs
  • Software testing and training

Work Experience

Technical Support Manager – April 2013 to present
Southern Tech, Houston, Texas
  • Oversee entire technical support department
  • Evaluate individual employee performance, making recommendations and suggestions for improvement
  • Interact with clients, resolving issues technical support technicians cannot handle
  • Manage technical information for support technicians, creating training and product description documents
  • Ensure all technicians are fully capable of providing technical support to clients on a daily basis
  • Train new recruits, explaining responsibilities and specific support techniques
  • Maintain customer satisfaction rating of 95% for my department for four years
Support Technician – May 2010 to April 2013
Southern Tech, Houston, Texas
  • Interacted with customers, explaining technological aspects quickly, accurately, and clearly
  • Answered customer questions about technology, including both hardware and software issues
  • Reviewed product documents to maintain a working knowledge of all tech products
  • Submitted support reports, including in-depth details of clients, complaints, and bugs that required resolution
  • Employed negotiation techniques to defuse heated client situations
  • Provided assistance to an average of eight customers per hour
Support Technician – August 2008 to May 2010
Texas Technology Solutions, Houston, Texas
  • Provided support to clients through phone calls and email correspondence
  • Maintained intimate understanding of all company products and how to support them
  • Referred reported issues that low level technicians were not prepared to remedy to upper level management
  • Retained position in the top 10% of support technicians for two years


Master of Science in Information Technology Candidate
University of Texas, 2018

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
University of Texas, 2013

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Is This a Good Technical Support Resume? Let’s Check

Does this technical support resume sample demonstrate the writer’s technological expertise?

It does. The skills section is particularly useful for this aspect, although every part of your resume should reinforce your expertise. You should be specific as well. If you know what technology the employers use, you can list it by name so they do not have any doubts about your qualification. If you are unsure, simply include whatever software you are familiar with that is commonly used in this industry.

How does the formatting of this resume sample improve the flow from one section to the next?

The format of this technical support resume sample is exactly what employers expect, so you should follow its example closely. Begin with a short summary that is no more than three sentences or bullet points. This should hook readers and encourage them to continue. Next, the skills section should be a simple bullet list. You goal here is for the information to be easy to understand at a glance so the reader does not lose interest. Finally, you should go all out for your work experience section. Include a lot of strong information to dig deep into your qualifications and expertise. This creates a natural flow to the resume that pulls employers in.

Does this resume sample rely on metrics or simple descriptions to establish qualification?

It uses metrics and so should you. There is nothing wrong with simply describing your qualifications, but it is a missed opportunity to greatly strengthen your resume. Using specific numbers increases your credibility, gives readers a better idea of what kind of employee you are, and communicates how successful or efficient they can expect you to be. Review the metrics used in the sample for a better idea of what kinds of information you can include.

Does the work experience section of this technical support resume sample communicate adequate experience?

It does. It includes three previous jobs, which is a good amount of experience to have. If you have fewer, you can include more bullet points for each to still imply adequate experience. Also notice that the education information directly relates to this industry as well.

Is the tone of the document confident?

Showing that you are confident is one of the best impressions you can imply to employers. This technical support resume sample certainly does use a confident tone to appeal to readers and express expertise in the technical support field.

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The Most Important Technical Support Resume Sample Takeaways

Focus on your resume to improve your chances of landing a job as much as possible. Be sure to include real metrics to strengthen your case. Keep most sections brief, but make your work experience information as meaty as possible. Try your best to write intentionally, specifically, and actively. You will have a much better chance of success if you follow this technical support resume sample closely. Our resume builder tool is also available to help you with the writing process.