A strong, well-written resume gives you the chance to introduce yourself to potential employers. Perhaps more importantly, an impressive document can also open doors to interviews and attractive job opportunities. If you’ve been out of the jobseeker pool for a while or if you haven’t written a professional resume before, knowing exactly what to include and how to format the document can be a little challenging. Fortunately, there are some great examples to help you. With an agriculture graduate student resume sample to study, you can learn what to include in each section, how to best format the page, and how to avoid some common mistakes.

Check out the resume sample below. It specifically addresses the field of agriculture graduate opportunities. Use it and some carefully selected writing tips to direct the creation of your own resume. Use the resume sample as a standard against which you can compare your own. Use the writing tips to refine and perfect your document.


Agriculture Graduate Student Resume

Casey J. Richards
St. Francisville, Louisiana 11111 • casjrichards@anymail • 555-987-6543


Hard-working agriculture student with experience in maintaining ideal growing conditions, harvest duties, and pest/disease management. Efficient in hands-on aspects of growth of plants. Skilled at cloning plants and maintaining growth of cloned plants.


  • Crop production
  • Irrigation and fertilization scheduling
  • Crop trial management
  • Pest/disease control
  • Quality assurance
  • Record keeping

Work Experience

Agriculture Farmer, 2014 - Present
The Myrtus Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana
  • Arrange and supervise team of 10 for irrigation and fertilization of grounds
  • Train seasonal labor for harvest of crops on grounds, e.g. strawberries and peaches
  • Assist in research of chemical fertilizers to promote safe, healthy growth of plants
  • Monitor grounds for weeds, pests, plant disease, and sprinkler system damage
  • Track and maintain detailed crop records, noting quality and resulting in 16% improvement in quality of corn output
  • Supervise, monitor, and maintain experimental cloning of peach varieties, earning community recognition for peach taste and color
Crop Laborer, 2010 – 2014
Hudson and Lindsay Fields, Hardwood, Louisiana
  • Hauled pipe to ensure consistent watering schedule for crops
  • Pulled rye and other weeds from more than five acres of field
  • Assisted in harvest of soybean crop, producing 75 gallons of oil per acre
  • Created database to record crop rotation, scheduling, worker wages, and profits and losses; database is still in use
  • Collaborated in concerted pest control efforts, putting an end to five months of gopher losses
  • Organized booth for community farmers’ market event, visiting with over 100 people and selling more than $1,000 in harvested crops

Volunteer Experience

Laborer, 2015 – Present
The Group of Friends Farm, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  • Collaborate on completing large projects, such as painting barns and organizing community garden plots
  • Host groups of school classes, providing tours of grounds and sharing benefits of home gardens
  • Present classes on why plants need sunshine and water, why vegetables are healthy, and similar subjects
  • Clean and maintain facilities at end of day

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Is This a Good Accounting Clerk Resume? Let’s Check

Does this resume sample demonstrate that the jobseeker is ready to tackle challenging agriculture issues as a graduate student?

Yes. Program leaders and hiring professionals won’t have to search to find the candidate’s areas of expertise. Right from the start of the agriculture graduate student resume sample, the jobseeker shares examples of achievements and advances in the field. In the summary statement, the candidate presents experience in monitoring “ideal growing conditions” and “pest/disease management.” Topics such as cloning and quality assurance are quickly acknowledged before the applicant moves into a more detailed work history section.

In the quest for a position as a graduate student, candidates must often demonstrate both scholarly abilities and professional abilities. Does the resume sample indicate that this candidate has academic expertise as well as hands-on experience?

Definitely. There are several examples in the agriculture graduate student resume sample where the candidate drew from academic learning. For example, the candidate participated in crop trials, assisted in the research of chemical fertilizers, and was actively engaged in cloning experiments. In addition to these research-based activities, the candidate provides plenty of examples regarding hands-on work, including hauling pipe, pulling weeds, and working through harvest.

Review the work history section. Does the agriculture graduate student resume sample show that the jobseeker has made a positive impact on the work place?

Using action verbs and measurable outcomes, the applicant shares at least three examples of achievements that have been a benefit to employers. Attention to quality of crops and regular record-keeping led to “16% improvement in quality of corn output.” The applicant earned “community recognition for peach taste and color.” Finally, the jobseeker worked at a farmers’ market, selling “more than $1,000 in harvested crops.”

The professionals overseeing graduate programs are often very busy and sometimes assign TAs and other student assistants to complete paperwork. Will busy professionals, or their student assistants, quickly find the information they’re looking for?

Yes. This agriculture graduate student resume sample uses simple and accurate headers so hiring professionals can go quickly from one section to another. Information appears in a bullet format so that a lot of information pops out with just a few moments of attention.

Graduate students are often very focused on their academics and don’t always have a lot of work history to share. Does this resume sample compensate for a short employment history?

The jobseeker does an excellent job providing a volunteer experience and sharing some recognition below the education section. Work in the community is often a valuable selling point for jobseekers. This particular applicant shares volunteer experiences that are relevant to the studies of an agriculture graduate student.

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The Most Important Agriculture Graduate Student Resume Sample Takeaways

The jobseeker from the agriculture graduate student resume sample uses bullets, headers, and action verbs effectively to create a picture of a well-qualified candidate. Both academic and hands-on achievements appear throughout the resume. As you follow the example of this resume sample, you can find ways to share your own accomplishments, using the right words, backing up claims with facts and figures, and showcasing your best qualities with examples from your own history. Get more help from our resume builder.