A well-written resume provides a professional introduction that puts your best qualities and achievements on display. A strong resume is one that has the right formatting and content to deliver these selling points to hiring personnel within just a glance or two. How can you feel confident that your resume does all of this? One effective technique, used by teachers to accomplish many goals, is to find a document that already achieves this and follow that example. We’ve provided a teacher resume sample to get you started.

Combine this example with our selected writing tips to identify areas of your resume that are weak, making improvements as you go. Learn how to put your previous work experience and training on display within a professional format, following best writing practices. The goal is to effectively share your qualifications, draw attention to your resume, and convince district professionals to pull you in for an interview.


Teacher Resume Sample

Pat Callahan
Battle Creek, Michigan 11111 • patecallahan@anymail • 555-432-8765


Caring elementary teacher with 23 years of experience in teaching and curriculum development. Adept at accommodating needs of students and adjusting curriculum to those needs. Mentor to new teachers and experienced in teacher training.


  • Flexible and willing to adapt
  • Experience in curriculum development
  • Teacher representative
  • Recognized for effective classroom management
  • Skilled at learner assessment
  • History with special needs students

Work Experience

Third Grade Teacher, Aug. 2010 - Present
Battle Creek Elementary
Battle Creek, MI
  • Teach general third grade class with addition of students with learning challenges/special needs, within a traditional/inclusive classroom
  • Establish positive relationships with students, parents, caregivers, fellow teachers, and school administration; mentor two new teachers per year
  • Serve on district committees supervising curriculum development, including topics such as anti-bullying, inclusivity, and text review
  • Develop innovative approaches for classroom teaching, curriculum planning, use of creative instructional materials, and behavior modification
  • Introduce and administer “buddy” program to students, teaching increased acceptance and support of children with special needs and providing a way for general population students to learn from students with special needs
  • Participate in grant-requesting team, securing federal funds for purchase of special education assistive technology, new textbooks, upgraded playground equipment, new technology, and other principal-suggested purchases
Fourth Grade Teacher, Aug. 2000 – July 2010
Springfield Elementary
Battle Creek, MI
  • Progressed from new teacher to special education inclusion team lead, serving as mentor to five new teachers between 2005 and 2010
  • Collaborated on curriculum modification, IEP design, learner evaluation, and appropriate behavioral intervention strategies
  • Partnered with special education teacher as a general education teacher, learning improved methods for boosting performance of special needs (11%) and general population (4%) students
  • Observed and assessed student performance, recording attendance and grades
  • Earned recognition for redirecting students displaying behavior difficulties
  • Worked after-hours with children who required additional tutoring
Substitute Teacher, 1994 - 2000
Emmett County School District
Emmett County, MI
  • Taught grades K – 12 on substitute basis
  • Asked for specifically by 14 teachers from elementary, middle, and high school
  • Tutored students identified by teachers as needing extra assistance
  • Established positive relationships with students, parents, teachers, and principals
  • Filled in for teachers on long-term basis twice during six-year period


Michigan State Teaching License, current

BS in Elementary Education, 1999
Michigan University in Lansing
Lansing, Michigan

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Is This a Good Teacher Resume? Let’s Check

Does the teacher resume sample show the applicant has the right background to be a valuable addition to a school environment?

It sure does! The applicant’s bachelor’s degree and current teaching license appear in the education section. It lists the specific state where the applicant has a teaching license. The clarity of the education section makes it easy for hiring professionals to quickly identify crucial qualifications.

When reading through the work history and skills sections, will hiring personnel easily find the particular skills and experiences that describe a good teacher?

Definitely. There are a number of skills which teachers must demonstrate and hone, and the skills section of the teacher resume sample touches on several of these, including classroom management, curriculum development, and specialized work. Each of these skills links to achievements and responsibilities listed in the work history section, for example, “earned recognition for redirecting students displaying behavior difficulties.”

Does the work experience section of the resume include facts and figures rather than simply listing duties and accomplishments?

Throughout the teacher resume sample, you can find examples such as “mentor two new teachers per year” and “boosting performance of special needs (11%) and general population (4%) students.” These numbers and percentages give hiring professionals a clear picture of the value of the jobseeker.

Is the resume formatted and written clearly, so district personnel and principals can easily read through and recognize the applicant’s abilities?

Yes. The use of headers and bullets create a visually appealing format that hiring professionals can easily scan. This is especially important considering many hiring personnel spend only a brief amount of time on any one resume. Rather than losing track of accomplishments within a dense paragraph format, each responsibility and achievement appears in an easy-to-read bullet.

Does the teacher resume sample list items in a correct chronological order, so principals can follow the applicant’s growth and career progression?

Absolutely. The work experiences appear in reverse chronological order with dates clearly visible. Hiring professionals can track the applicant’s growth from new teacher status to positions of authority, such as serving “on district committees supervising curriculum development.” The verbs used to describe accomplishments and responsibilities in the current teaching position appear in present tense, while past responsibilities are described in past tense. For example, one responsibility from the current position is “teach general third grade class,” while a similar description from a past position is “taught grades K – 12 on substitute basis.”

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The Most Important Teacher Resume Sample Takeaways

With the teacher resume sample as a guide, you can create a personal resume that draws attention to your best qualifications and really sells your value as an addition to a school staff. As you’ve read above, the right format makes it easy for hiring professionals to find the information they need. Elaborating on your achievements with specific facts and figures gives your resume more power. The right background, laid out in a logical manner, is essential to getting an interview. Look for more assistance from our resume builder.