Creating an attractive resume is a vital initial step in looking for a job. This document is your first chance to show the hiring manager your qualifications and career achievements, and it can be the most significant factor in whether you get the chance to interview. If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of crafting your resume, you can reduce the stress by looking at sample resumes for positions in your industry. You can use a sample resume as a starting point or compare your document to the sample to make sure you have included all the necessary elements.

Before you start writing, study the civil engineer resume sample included here. You can see how to format each of the sections to ensure readability and draw attention to your unique accomplishments. You'll also get a feel for what sort of information you should include in your own document. We've also provided several civil engineering resume writing tips so you can make sure your final draft is ready to impress.


Civil Engineer Resume Sample

Robert Dawson
Fort Collins, CO 11111 • robert-dawson@anymail • 555-352-2837


Expert civil engineer passionate about innovation. Strong design and drafting skills to actively participate in every step of construction life cycle. Exceptional team leadership skills with proven record of creating forward-thinking sustainable designs.


  • Expert proficiency with AutoCAD, ArcGIS, ArcVIEW, Microsoft Project, and MATLAB
  • Strong analysis and problem-solving skills
  • Self-motivated to work without direct supervision
  • Excellent communication and teamwork abilities
  • Working knowledge of construction life cycle
  • Strong project management to ensure client satisfaction
  • Experience completing design blueprints, change orders, and environmental impact studies

Work Experience

Civil Engineer - Mountain Construction

  • Lead senior design team of five engineers and one drafter to oversee multimillion-dollar projects for top clients
  • Serve as expert point of contact for clients, designers, project managers, construction foreman, and building permit oversight committee
  • Review design plans and CAD models to ensure structural soundness, adherence to client requirements, and compliance with building codes
  • Analyze proposed design changes for feasibility
  • Designed and incorporated company-wide sustainable design initiative, earning $30 million contract for state government building upgrades

Assistant Civil Engineer - Smith and Sons Design, Inc.

  • Collaborated with senior civil and architectural engineers to complete design and construction projects
  • Worked closely with surveying professionals to complete initial plot maps and environmental impact studies
  • Incorporated initial and updated design details into physical documents, digital plans, and 3D models
  • Communicated with clients to present project updates and accept feedback and change requests
  • Won Colorado Green Building Initiative Design Award in 2013 for sustainable upgrades to city government building

Architectural Drafter - Golden Triangle Construction

  • Utilized CAD programs to create detailed blueprints and digital models of civil and architectural designs
  • Assisted engineers during bidding process by incorporating initial designs into presentation materials for clients
  • Participated in engineer/client meetings throughout construction to quickly draft or model change orders and present different aesthetic designs
  • Reviewed blueprints, floor plans, and section drawing for accuracy and completeness
  • Received positive feedback from all engineers, earning annual review rating in top 5% of company


Autodesk Advanced Certified Professional - 2015
Autodesk Design Academy, Colorado

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - 2010
Regis University, Colorado

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Is This a Good Civil Engineer Resume? Let's Check

Sustainable and "green" designs are the future of civil engineering. Does this civil engineer resume sample portray a candidate ready to take on these challenges?

Yes. The candidate mentions his commitment to sustainable designs in his Summary. He then backs up this claim through the rest of the resume, mentioning familiarity with environmental impact studies in the skills section. He also includes several career accomplishments in his work experience section, such as the Green Building Design Initiative Award.

Does the candidate clearly describe his design and drafting abilities?

Designing structures and creating manual drawings, CAD blueprints, and 3D models are required skills for civil engineers. This civil engineer resume sample ensures the reader knows this candidate is familiar with industry-standard computer drafting programs and the fundamentals of design. The career progression shown in the work experience includes the candidate's time as a drafter. He also lists his Autodesk certification in the education section, so the reader has plenty of evidence of his industry-required skills.

Civil engineering involves a balance between complex technical work and discussions with non-engineering personnel. Does this resume showcase the candidate's diverse communication skills?

The candidate includes engineering-specific details in his resume, such as analysis skills, familiarity with the construction life cycle, and proficiency with CAD programs. However, he doesn't fill the resume with industry jargon that only another engineer could comprehend. This is proof of his ability to discuss technical concepts in a way that non-engineers can understand. He also includes some examples of his successful interactions with engineers, clients, and construction personnel.

Does this resume describe a civil engineer who is able to successfully combine aesthetic concepts with structural requirements and topographical realities in a way that meets client requirements?

Yes. This civil engineer resume sample touches on all these important areas of the job. As an assistant engineer, the candidate worked with surveying professionals to create accurate maps and study the potential environmental impact of designs. In his current position, he reviews plans for structural soundness. The resume also includes several instances of working with clients to ensure aesthetic features meet project requirements.

Is the civil engineer resume sample easy to read?

Having a resume with all the right information doesn't do any good if the data isn't presented in a format that a hiring manager can easily read and understand. This resume has a concise format that clearly delineates each section and doesn't distract with wild fonts or too much white space. Additionally, bullet points draw attention to important details so the reader gets all the necessary information in just a quick perusal.

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The Most Important Civil Engineer Resume Sample Takeaways

A strong and effective resume is essential for a successful job search. Your final document must showcase all the industry-specific skills that make you the best candidate for the job, without delving into unnecessary details that cause the reader to lose interest. Make sure to follow a clear format, like the one in the civil engineer resume sample. Use each section in the resume to reinforce your important qualifications and relevant work experience. Check out our resume builder for more help.