When you apply for a job, you usually make your first impression on the hiring manager through your resume. This is your chance to showcase your unique work experiences and qualifications in a way that encourages the reader to call you in for an interview. One of the best ways to fine-tune your document is to study a sample resume related to your industry to learn what sort of information to focus on and which format to use for maximum readability.

Take a look at the network engineer resume sample included here. You can see how simple formatting makes it easy to read and draws attention to the most important skills and abilities, especially those that are unique to network engineering. Check your final document against the sample to make sure you haven’t left out any key qualifications or achievements. Follow the detailed writing guidelines to hone your professional voice and ensure your final copy is ready to make an excellent first impression.


Network Engineer Resume Sample

Karen Smith
Boulder, CO 11111 • karen.smith@anymail • 555-495-2837


Expert network engineer with years of experience in system analysis and network architecture design. Dedicated analyst with proven record of creating effective solutions to meet client requirements. Cisco Certified Network Professional proficient with integrated development environment software, Linux, and network engineering best practices.


  • Proficient with CiscoWorks, Apache Maven, packet analysis software, Linux, and IDE software
  • Innovative problem-solver
  • In-depth understanding of engineering principles and computer network architecture
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong analysis and organizational abilities
  • Able to delegate specific tasks appropriately while maintaining effective leadership of overall network design process

Work Experience

Lead Network Engineer - Seagate Technologies, Inc.
  • Manage six-person team of network engineers and architects to ensure efficient distribution of work and high-quality results
  • Serve as subject matter expert for clients to answer questions, oversee design process, and ensure smooth delivery and implementation of new network equipment
  • Develop feasible project timeline to meet client requirements while optimizing internal resources
  • Analyze existing network structure and components to develop comprehensive upgrade plans
  • Received Exceptional Employee Award in 2016 for completing a client's network upgrade three weeks early and 5% under budget

Network Architect - Digital World
  • Collaborated with systems analysts and engineers to develop plans for new or upgraded network architecture, including physical layout and recommended equipment
  • Compared design details with clients' project objectives to ensure completeness, compliance with budgetary requirements, and adherence to stated milestones
  • Oversaw transfer of deliverables to clients, and communicated feedback to development team
  • Managed comprehensive training for users and systems administrators
  • Designed a network upgrade for a client that improved operational capability by 30% while lowering resource requirements significantly

Network Analyst - STX Technology
  • Studied computer networks and equipment to assess functionality, find problems, and determine effective repair and upgrade possibilities
  • Assisted network architects during design, testing, and deployment of new network equipment
  • Created comprehensive technical manuals and troubleshooting instructions for clients, reducing trouble ticket submission by 60%
  • Attended meetings with clients and engineers to document project requirements, design ideas, questions, and feedback
  • Recorded user-submitted bug reports and analyzed data to find recurring problems


Cisco Certified Network Professional – 2014
The Cisco Learning Network, Colorado

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering - 2009
University of Colorado, Colorado

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Is This a Good Network Engineer Resume? Let's Check

Does the network engineer resume sample showcase the candidate’s ability to develop network solutions according to specific requirements?

Yes. This theme is repeated in several areas of the resume, including the Summary and the skills list. Additionally, the candidate gives practical, measurable examples of this ability throughout the work experience section. She mentions upgrading a client’s operational capability by 30% and also discusses a different project where she completed the customer’s project requirements early and under budget.

Network engineering is a complex field with unique education requirements. Does this resume clearly indicate the candidate’s formal training?

The education section of this network engineer resume sample is easy to read and includes all the necessary information: the degree title, year of graduation, and educational institution. The candidate also draws attention to her official Cisco certification, providing proof of the claim she made in the Summary.

Would a hiring manager reading this network engineer resume sample feel confident in the candidate’s communication abilities with engineers and non-technical personnel?

While network engineering is a highly technical discipline, most jobs in this industry require collaboration with numerous other professionals as well as managers and clients. The candidate provides several examples of the “excellent verbal and written communication skills” she lists in the qualification section. She details her experience writing an effective technical manual, managing user training sessions, and serving as an expert point of contact for clients during the entire project life cycle.

Does the resume describe a candidate with a well-rounded set of network engineering skills?

The skill section of this network engineer resume sample lists the candidate’s proficiency with specific programs (Linux, Apache Maven) as well as types of software (IDE and packet analysis). The candidate also indicates her knowledge of engineering principles and best practices along with analysis and organizational skills.

A network engineer has a lot of responsibility and can often be a significant factor in a company’s overall success. Is it easy to see the candidate’s career progression and examples of success in former positions?

This candidate does a good job of using her resume to showcase her career, and includes several measurable examples of positive contributions to former employers. Each entry in the work experience section has a clear title that makes it easy to see her progression from analyst to architect to lead engineer. Additionally, the candidate uses metrics (reducing trouble ticket submissions by 60%) and memorable details (Exceptional Employee Award) to describe her career achievements. This information makes it easy for a hiring manager to understand how the company could benefit from hiring the candidate.

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The Most Important Network Engineer Resume Sample Takeaways

An effective resume showcases your skills, experience, and qualifications in a way that stands out from competitors and makes it easy for a hiring manager to understand the significant benefits you could bring to the company. Follow the formatting guidelines in the network engineer resume sample to ensure your final copy is easy to read. Market yourself with a strong Summary, and use your work experience section to provide clear evidence backing up those claims. If you want more help to craft an attractive and comprehensive document, use our resume builder.