In the world of professional dancing, getting a job can be tough. Each year, more talented dancers flock to job opportunities and dream about getting their first big break. While talent and skill in dancing are both essential for anyone looking for a job in this industry, you also need to package yourself perfectly for hiring managers with a well-written resume. Without a strong document, your dancing abilities will most likely go nowhere. You’ve got to figure out a way to show off your greatest attributes in a concise and organized resume.

Fortunately, there are lots of example resumes you can look through to help you start the process of drafting your document. You can see the ideal way to format your resume and some general tips about wording and organization. The best way to get help for your specific goal is to search for an industry-specific resume. Here, you can see a complete dancer resume sample and writing guide.


Dancer Resume

Emily Cole
New York, NY 11111 • [email protected] • 555-665-2309


Dynamic and multi-talented dancer with more than 17 years of experience on the stage. Skilled at performing classical ballet, tap, Broadway jazz, and lyrical styles. Excellent work ethic and commitment to helping the company or production make an impact on the audience.


  • Exceptional partnering ability
  • Strong tumbling skills
  • Incredibly flexible and focused on technique
  • Expressive and engaging during performances
  • Fluent in both English and French
  • Dedicated to physical fitness and health

Work Experience

Dancer, Backstage Studios
June 2012 – present
  • Perform two shows per day for a professional dance company in New York’s Broadway zone
  • Rehearse each show for at least two months before opening date and perfect the technique and style for the performance
  • Achieve sold out crowds for more than 95% of the performances each day
  • Rotate through 12 different costume and makeup changes during the course of each performance to capture the mood and character of each scene
  • Attend supplemental dance classes each week to maintain top skills for the show
Dancer, Broadway Entertainment
March 2008 – June 2012
  • Danced in at least five major productions per year in a variety of different dance styles, such as ballet, tap, and jazz
  • Won the regional dancing performance award two years in a row after performing in a ballet production
  • Chosen as the principal dancer for three different productions of “The Nutcracker” and featured on all marketing materials
  • Partnered with the local school district to bring monthly Broadway dance sessions to students and taught choreography from productions
  • Practiced each part of the performance each week with the company to maintain the professional level of the show
Dancer Apprentice, Studio Trello
June 2000 – March 2008
  • Selected as a soloist in the dancing company after only being part of the production for two months
  • Led rehearsal time each week by initiating different dance steps and scenes with small groups of company dancers
  • Recognized by critics as a top talent during the first season of professional performance
  • Maintained peak physical condition during the dancing season by completing regular exercise and choosing wholesome foods
  • Showed up to all rehearsals and commitments on time or early 100% of the time


Bachelor of Arts in Dance – 1999
New York University, New York, New York

Dance Training – 1982-1995
The Fine Arts Studio, Long Island, New York

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Is This a Good Dancer Resume? Let’s Check

Does this dancer resume sample employ ideal word choice for readability throughout the document?

The writer of this resume most likely used a thesaurus or another word guide while preparing the document. Throughout the resume, she uses a variety of specific words to make her point. In the summary statement, she uses strong adjectives to position herself as a top candidate. Then, she writes with vivid action verbs throughout the experience section to give a clear picture of her history as a dancer.

Being a professional dancer requires lots of physical activity and stamina. Does this resume help give the reader a picture of a strong and physically capable dancer?

Definitely. This dancer resume sample shows off the candidate’s physical ability and dedication to her craft throughout the work history and skills section. The writer’s most recent job had her performing “two shows per day,” which is no easy feat. She also was part of “five major productions per year” during her tenure with another performing outlet.

For a career in dancing, it’s often the most talented people who get the job. How does this dancer resume sample paint a picture of a candidate at the top level of his or her industry?

After reading over the resume, it’s evident this candidate is a wonderful dancer. Her current performing schedule enjoys “sold out crowds,” and she earned a “regional dancing performance award two years in a row.” Additionally, she has experience as a soloist or principal dancer during her career, which is something reserved for only the most talented.

How does this resume show the candidate is well prepared for the demands of being a professional dancer?

To dance at the professional level, individuals often need to have many years of training and experience. This candidate details her training in her education section with information about her years of dancing as a child and an undergraduate degree in dance. She also has been in the industry as a professional dancer for at least 17 years.

Does this dancer resume sample give an idea of the candidate’s dependability when working with a performing group?

Theater and performing companies want to hire dancers who will show up to rehearsals and shows on time. This candidate has an excellent track record of timely attendance to rehearsals and other events related to a show’s preparation. She also mentions her strong work ethic and commitment to putting on a good show.

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The Most Important Dancer Resume Sample Takeaways

Performers have a tough task when writing their resume because they’ve got to use their words to prove they have talent. With strong word choice, effective details, and a clear picture of your experience, your resume can achieve this. You can also show hiring managers you’re a strong, capable, and dependable candidate who deserves an interview invitation and, eventually, a job offer. You can use the dancer resume sample and the resume builder tool to help land your next professional gig.