A good trainer is always learning, and one of the best things you’ll ever learn is how to optimize your resume for better results. A strong resume is necessary to attract interviews and impress hiring managers. It’s often the first and only thing employers will know about you before an interview, and so a compelling resume needs the right balance of information to cover critical factors in an engaging way without overwhelming.

As a trainer, you’ve probably conducted any number of demonstrations to teach by example, so you’re familiar with the concept of using samples to exemplify the concepts you’re teaching. Our trainer resume sample is one such demonstration, showing you what an ideal resume should look like for a trainer and helping you out with ideas plus examples of how to write your perfect resume. Once you’ve reviewed the resume sample, take a look through our tips before getting started on your own.


Trainer Resume Sample

Chloe Anderson
Portland, OR 11111 • chanderson@youremailprovider • 555-387-9024


Skilled corporate and retail trainer with an extensive history of success building comprehensive workshops, training programs, and e-learning modules focused on improving retail and wholesale performance at the team and management level. Adept at assessing training needs and developing customized programs targeting skill growth and gap remediation, integrating prior career experience in sales to provide hands-on practical coaching. Repeatedly successful in using top-down training principles to build strong management teams capable of training up subordinate personnel.


  • Training program development
  • Training strategy
  • Lesson planning and curriculum design
  • Needs assessment
  • One-on-one and group training
  • Workshop development
  • Skill assessment
  • Gap analysis
  • Presentations
  • E-learning software and tools
  • Communication

Work Experience

Trainer, 2015 – Present
Grando Coffee, Portland, OR
  • Step in to provide training program leadership for a flagging Portland coffee chain with 11 stores
  • Assess current workforce structure and determine how training deficit impacts productivity
  • Devise highly customized training plans to remediate skill gaps and significantly boost performance
  • Define core metrics and targets focused on sales, productivity, efficiency, product quality, and customer service
  • Lead one-day and five-day workshops covering core concepts, company mission, and self-improvement strategies
  • Counsel team members one-on-one on personal improvement goals
  • Boosted sales by an average of $15,000 monthly per store as improved quality of service attracted higher customer volume
  • Elevated assessment scores by 17-32% for each sales and customer service team member
Trainer, 2013 – 2015
O-R Wholesale, Portland, Oregon
  • Supported the business in expanding from physical into online markets with national sales by helming a new e-commerce sales training program
  • Partnered with the HR department to recruit and train 25 new hires for the online sales team
  • Developed a training framework from the ground up to instruct online sales staff on e-commerce sales principles, chat-based customer service, and website support
  • Created interactive e-learning modules to walk teams through using proprietary software to assist clients with orders, product information, and technical issues
  • Facilitated launch of an entirely new revenue stream that generated over $1.2 million in additional sales within the first year
  • Led the e-commerce sales training to such success that O-R recruited another 15 personnel
  • Trained 10 of the original sales team hires into management; created a small team structure with peer-based mentoring


Bachelor in Education and Corporate Sales (double major; 2014)
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

Certified Train the Trainer (2016)

Miller-Heiman Sales Training (2015)

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Is This a Good Trainer Resume? Let’s Check

Is the trainer resume sample focused on industry specifics that denote areas of expertise in particular sectors?

Because the job title of “trainer” is so generic, it can be confusing without specifics to make it clear what your experience as a trainer is. Someone who trains manufacturing teams on Kaizen processes won’t have the same skills as someone who trains retail and wholesale sales teams, so your resume needs to be as specific as ours in covering exactly where your training expertise lies.

On that note, does the resume sample showcase transferable skills as a trainer?

Although specificity is absolutely important, don’t limit your opportunities by boxing yourself in too much. Trainers capable of learning new disciplines can cross fields into new industries by using broad-reaching, all-encompassing coaching and development skills that apply no matter the subject area. Make sure to mix up your specific areas of expertise with your transferable skills, as we have in our trainer resume sample.

Does the trainer resume sample denote the types of training methods the example jobseeker is experienced with?

Absolutely yes. A number of keywords throughout the summary, skills, and work history cover this, detailing workshops, one-on-one training, group training, management coaching, presentations, and e-learning. These terms are also valuable as searchable keywords, and any trainer's resume should include them to help improve match percentages on job applications.

Does the example candidate show the outcomes and impact of her training leadership on teams and overall business bottom line metrics?

The trainer resume sample shows numerous instances of impact listed as achievements in the work history. For example, our jobseeker delivered measurable improvements in performance scores at Grando Coffee, and those measurable improvements directly affected sales and revenue. In her previous role at O-R Wholesale, she noted how the team she recruited and trained in e-commerce sales principles delivered a new $1.2 million revenue stream, and described how that success led to new hiring and career progression. Note how each accomplishment uses concrete numbers to catch the eye and impress readers.

Does this resume show relevant training certifications and qualifications?

Yes, it does. Our sample candidate has a bachelor’s degree with a double major in education and corporate sales, giving her the foundation she needs to integrate sales principles into her teaching expertise. Her opening summary also references a prior career in sales for practical qualifications, and she’s attended sales training courses such as Miller-Heiman before attaining her Train the Trainer Certification. It’s important to cover all relevant training when preparing your resume to ensure employers know you have both the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to effectively teach their teams.

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The Most Important Trainer Resume Sample Takeaways

The purpose of your resume is to convince employers you’ve mastered your skills so well, you can impart them to others. Do this by making your core subject matter expertise clear, but don’t forget to demonstrate results from your training! Use metrics where you can to show how the training you delivered empowered personnel to show measurable improvements in the target areas. Review our trainer resume sample for a clearer understanding of how to integrate these details into your resume, and then get started on your own using our resume builder.