A resume can be useful for representing your character, experience, and skills to hiring managers or recruiters. It is important to describe your qualifications in an organized document with clearly labeled sections. Start with a summary statement that offers a preview of your abilities and background, and then include a list of specific skills. Detailed coverage of your work experience starting with your current or most recent position can be useful for potential employers, as is a list of credentials including degrees and certifications.

While a resume is only part of an application for a security officer position, it can cover a lot of bases and achieve a strong first impression. Our security officer resume sample can show you how to make the most of this document. We also include five questions and answers that refer directly to this sample to help you determine what to include in your own resume.


Security Officer Resume Sample

Alan Hill
Henderson, NV 11111 • [email protected] • 555-215-6432


Certified protection officer with experience in the casino industry. More than 10 years of experience in security including cash and coin handling. Able to provide courteous assistance, first aid, and emergency assistance.


  • Public safety and security
  • Patrol procedures
  • Crowd control
  • Loss prevention
  • Security devices
  • Casino operations
  • Cash transfer protocols
  • Gaming regulations
  • Incident report writing
  • Greeting and providing information

Work Experience

Security Officer, Aug. 2012 – Current
MGM Resorts International, Las Vegas, NV
  • Observe casino floors and hotel entrances and secure exclusive areas at three destinations on the Strip
  • Perform foot patrol and regularly watch several closed-circuit video feeds
  • Maintain shift logs and follow up on unresolved incidents from earlier shifts
  • Provide first response emergency and safety services to guests and visitors
  • Assist bars, clubs, restaurants, and shops within locations with loss prevention and public disturbance resolution
Security Officer, Nov. 2009 – Jul. 2012
Securitas Security Services, Las Vegas, NV
  • Offered security services for 24 locations in Las Vegas metropolitan area including attractions, banks, office buildings, and other sites open to the public
  • Controlled access to restricted areas with keycard scans and motorized gates
  • Responded to suspicious activities, apprehended and detained suspects, and notified law enforcement of crimes
  • Kept detailed event logs for all shifts and submitted to security supervisor on a daily basis
  • Investigated disturbances and reported instances of vandalism
Security Guard, May 2006 – Oct. 2009
Securitas Security Services, Henderson, NV
  • Monitored a total of 16 locations in the Henderson area including hotels, shopping centers, and malls
  • Patrolled on foot and in car to monitor areas and note unusual behavior and deviations from routines
  • Used radio system to send and receive notifications of incidents in progress
  • Addressed security threats including harassment, shoplifting, violent disturbances, and destruction of property
  • Served as primary point of contact tasked with notifying police, fire, or emergency medical personnel of problems at designated sites


Certified Protection Officer - 2011
IFPO, Naples, FL

PILB Work Card - 2006
Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board, Las Vegas, NV

High School Diploma - 2006
Green Valley High School, Henderson, NV

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Is This a Good Security Officer Resume? Let’s Check

Does the summary statement encourage a recruiter or hiring manager to keep reading this security officer resume sample?

Yes, it does. The candidate starts by bringing up his certification as well as the field of his most recent experience, which could be the same field in which he is seeking employment. He mentions the extent of his experience providing security services, as well as several related skills, including customer and guest services and emergency assistance.

Are the skills in the skills section applicable to a security officer position?

All of the skills listed in this security officer resume sample are directly related to a security officer position. The candidate starts by listing essential duties related to this position and moves on to more specific skills he has developed over the course of his career which could also extend to the job he wants.

Does the work experience section provide all of the necessary details and demonstrate this candidate’s ability to excel as a security officer?

Yes, it does. The candidate includes three entries, starting with his current position and proceeding backward in time through his earlier jobs. In each entry he provides his job title, dates of employment including the month and year that he started and ended each position, and the name and location of his employer. Beneath these details, he includes bulleted lists describing his responsibilities and achievements. These lists provide prospective employers a more specific sense of the tasks this candidate can perform and the abilities he brings to a security company.

Does the education section cover the candidate’s relevant training and provide employers with all of the information they need to know?

Yes. The candidate organizes this section of the security officer resume sample so that his most recent credentials appear first. These include a professional certification and the license required for security personnel in the state where he works. He also includes his high school diploma, which may be a requirement for some positions.

Is this security officer resume sample organized and focused on demonstrating the candidate’s ability to succeed in this type of position?

Yes, it is. Each section of this resume sample is clearly labeled and the candidate does not include any extraneous details. The summary statement condenses his primary qualifications into three brief claims. He keeps his skills section focused, prioritized, and easy to skim. The work experience and education sections provide recruiters or hiring managers with a clear picture of this candidate’s experience, skills, and training.

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The Most Important Security Officer Resume Sample Takeaways

An exceptional resume provides employers with a clear sense of how your past experience prepares you to succeed in a new role. This security officer resume sample indicates this candidate’s qualifications for nearly any kind of security officer position, particularly a job that draws on his most recent experience. He could shift the focus of his resume for another type of security job by adjusting his summary statement and skills list. Make sure the details you provide correspond to the job you are seeking. Use our resume builder for a more guided approach to formatting and organization.