A well-written resume is what sets strong candidates in a job search apart from those who seem less prepared. Even if you’re extremely qualified for the position on offer, if you don't craft your resume to reflect that, hiring managers can easily pass you over in the selection process. That’s why it’s of critical importance to start off on the right foot with a resume that gets the right attention.

If you’re not sure exactly where to start, having a look at a professional example, such as our customer success manager resume sample, is a good first step. The sample resume can help you learn how to create your own document and ensure it includes all the key components.

Most people preparing their resumes aren’t professional writers, but you can refer to the writing tips provided along with the resume sample for additional help. With these tools, you can craft a resume that presents your candidacy in the best possible light.


Customer Success Manager Resume Sample

Josephine Brown
Los Angeles, CA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-9382


Professional and outgoing customer success manager with 7 years of experience helping companies develop effective customer relationships. Diplomatic and proactive problem-solver focused on finding solutions for customers and employee teams. Decisive and visionary leader with the ability to plan and achieve company and team customer success goals.


  • Active listening
  • Problem resolution and conflict management
  • Outgoing and personable
  • Able to educate clients about products and services
  • Strong leadership skills with prior experience supervising in a volunteer setting
  • Customer relationship development and retention
  • Experience with a variety of POS systems and cash register transactions

Work Experience

Customer Service Manager, June 2014 – Present
Murphy’s Furniture Warehouse, Pasadena, CA
  • Greet customers as they enter showroom and inquire about their needs
  • Help customers find furnishings and accessories appropriate for their budget and personal style
  • Explain products, including features, materials, craftsmanship, and other selling points
  • Create floorplans based on rooms in customers’ homes to help them determine where they could situate furniture in terms of interior design and to suggest possible additional items
  • Increased store’s monthly sales volume by 15% in first six months on the job
  • Resolve complaints and concerns in a professional and diplomatic manner
Account Manager, January 2011 – May 2014
Teletronics Call Center, Santa Monica, CA
  • Managed customer accounts for corporate clients in large call center
  • Used active listening skills to understand customer complaints
  • Responded to customer concerns and helped them find solutions
  • Assisted customers in courteous and timely manner
  • Received customer satisfaction ratings of over 90% in feedback surveys
Floor Sales Representative, February 2010 – December 2010
Joy’s Clothing Boutique, Torrance, CA
  • Provided customized clothing selections and assistance at upscale women’s boutique
  • Helped clients find appropriate clothing and accessories, staying within stated price points and taking particular style considerations into account when making selections and suggestions
  • Developed customer satisfaction program and signed up 400 clients to store mailing list
  • Handled cash register sales, returns, and exchanges
  • Created monthly trunk sale, generating an additional 5% in monthly sales volume on an average annual basis


Bachelor of Science in Communications, 2011
University of Southern California

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Is This a Good Customer Success Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does the resume show how the jobseeker has specific skills related to this type of position, such as complaint resolution and handling customer concerns?

Yes. The customer success manager resume sample shows at several points how the jobseeker has the specific experience and skills required of an employee who interacts directly with customers in a service-oriented position. For example, the jobseeker lists skills such as “active listening” and “problem resolution and conflict management.” By specifically listing some key skills that a customer success position requires, the jobseeker shows that she has the prior experience to qualify her for this type of work.

Has the jobseeker shown how she has made direct contributions in her former professional positions?

Absolutely. In the sample resume, we see how the jobseeker made a point to show how she made specific contributions at every one of her former workplaces. In the customer success manager resume sample, the jobseeker lists accomplishments such as “received customer service satisfaction ratings of over 90%” to indicate that she was effective in her job of providing excellent customer service at her former place of employment.

Is the resume formatted in a way that makes it easy for hiring managers and recruiters to quickly locate the jobseeker’s key qualifications?

Definitely. The customer success manager resume sample starts off strong with a concise, three-sentence paragraph introducing the hiring manager to the jobseeker’s experience and background, and continues with a succinct bullet-pointed list of the most pertinent skills for the position. Keeping this information up top helps hiring managers quickly determine whether the jobseeker has the baseline skills needed to make it through the initial selection process.

Does the resume give hiring managers evidence that the jobseeker has the educational background required for working in customer success management?

It certainly does! The customer success manager resume sample lists the jobseeker’s college degree at the end of the document. While positions in customer service management don’t always require a college degree, given that this is a management-level position, the competition is likely to have at least some higher education.

Does the resume include additional “soft skills” that an employee working in a customer service environment should bring to the job?

Yes. Throughout the resume, the jobseeker includes skills that show how her personality is well-suited to working in a service environment and directly assisting the public. She lists that she is outgoing and personable and also emphasizes her skills in diplomacy.

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The Most Important Customer Success Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

As you can see, an effective resume includes several critical components that you should not omit or overlook. Following best practices such as the ones shown in the customer success manager resume sample can help your job application to stand out from the competition. Be succinct and use bullet points in describing your skills and work history experience. Use relevant examples and remember to include measurable accomplishments from your past positions. If you need additional help, simply use our resume builder to create your own winning resume.