The resume is one of the most important part of any job search. Many hiring managers use this piece of information exclusively when deciding whether to follow up by interviewing a candidate. This means that you need to focus on making your resume as strong as possible if you want to catch employers’ attention. A strong resume will not only clearly communicate your qualifications and skill set, but also hook the reader and guide him or her through the document quickly. You can learn how to write an effective resume by studying examples.

The following operations manager resume sample shows exactly what a strong resume looks like. It includes good content, follows industry formatting standards exactly, and implements the best writing strategies. If you follow this example, your resume will be better because of it. Additionally, the included writing guide and beneficial tips go into more detail about what the sample does well, making it easier for you to mimic.


Operations Manager Resume Sample

Melissa Carol
Houston, Texas, 11111 • [email protected] • 555-784-6482


Versatile and professional operations manager with nearly a decade of experience working in business administration and management positions. Expert at utilizing advanced communication, negotiation, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and leadership strategies on a daily basis. Prioritize critical thinking and analysis to improve corporate efficiency and promote better success in daily operation.


  • Extensive leadership and management skills
  • Analytically minded and highly organized
  • Business administration expert
  • Interpersonal and professional communication abilities
  • Evaluation and critical thinking
  • Strong attention to small details
  • Experience in human resources department
  • Proficient with Office suite and other data management software

Work Experience

Operations Manager, November 2014-Present
South Eastern Sales Associates, Houston, Texas
  • Oversee all operations, making adjustments where necessary to improve efficiency
  • Design and implement new operational policies to guide staff members
  • Collect information on operational processes, creating detailed reports
  • Present reports at monthly executive board meeting, explaining all aspects of operations and making recommendations to achieve improvement
  • Interact with employees, providing information, answering inquiries, and offering guidance to help them improve
  • Streamlined operational processes by 20%
Office Manager, August 2010-November 2014
South Eastern Sales Associates, Houston, Texas
  • Trained new recruits, ensuring they achieved the level of performance required as quickly as possible
  • Oversaw all office functions, delegating tasks and providing guidance as necessary to keep work flowing smoothly
  • Employed negotiation and conflict resolution techniques to solve problems and encourage cooperation
  • Assigned individual office members to special teams based on unique talent to complete assignments
  • Improved office efficiency by more than 10% over four years
Human Resources Manager, March 2007-August 2010
South Eastern Sales Associates, Houston, Texas
  • Oversaw the human resources department, managing a team of four individuals
  • Interacted with the entire office staff, answering questions and offering advice to improve morale and productivity
  • Managed the payroll, ensuring all employers received proper compensation through their preferred payment method
  • Verified overtime hours to ensure proper compensation according to company policies and individual employment contracts
  • Reduced administrative errors by 15% over three years


Master of Science in Business Administration
University of Houston, 2009

Bachelor of Science in Business
University of Houston, 2007

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Is This a Good Operations Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does this resume sample clearly establish leadership skills?

It does and so should yours. Leadership is the most important aspect of an operational management position. Whether employers believe you can fulfill the necessary responsibilities hinges on your ability to lead a team and delegate tasks. This operations manager resume sample mentions leadership abilities in the summary, skills section, and the work experience section, creating a resume that focuses around management skills entirely.

Does the operations manager resume sample include real metrics?

It does. This is a simple strategy that you can implement to greatly strengthen your resume. Including some real numbers not only adds credibility to your writing, it also gives readers a better idea of what they can expect if they choose to hire you. It is perfectly okay to brag a little bit and include impressive numbers to catch their attention. Instead of metrics, you could alternatively mention recognitions or awards you have received.

Is this work history section long enough to establish qualification for the position?

It is. The operations manager resume sample includes three positions in business management in the work experience section, as well as two leadership related degrees in the education section. This is plenty of experience to qualify for an operational management position. If you do not have a working history quite as long, do not worry. More bullet points across fewer positions can create a resume just as effective.

Does the candidate’s self-confidence show throughout the operations manager resume sample?

It does. The tone of a resume is a subtle aspect, but the best resume writers utilize tone just as much as format or content. A confident tone is especially important for positions that require self-assurance and interactions with others, such management jobs. When writing your resume, be bold, confident, and unapologetic.

How effective is the formatting of the work experience section?

The above work history section follows the standard format perfectly. To make your work history section the best it can be, you should follow this standard as well. Notice that the positions are listed in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent. Only current positions should be in present tense, with all others in past tense. Perhaps most importantly, the resume sample uses a strong action verb as the first word of every bullet point. This focuses the section around tangible responsibilities and gives the impression that the writer is a proactive worker.

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The Most Important Operations Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

Follow the example of this operations manager resume sample closely to be sure your resume is as strong as possible. You should format your document along the same organizational standards so it flows effectively. Include real metrics to strengthen it and make it more credible. It is a good idea to change your resume slightly for each unique position you apply for to make it specialized. If you need extra help getting started, consider using our resume builder tool.