When you show a hiring manager a truly masterful resume, you are showing that person your control over your professional life and the level of knowledge you have about the field. Well-written resumes are not just the ones that are eye-catching because of formatting tricks or visual appeal, but they are full of information that shows the prospective employer exactly why a particular jobseeker is a strong candidate. When you set out to write a masterful resume of your own, one of the best ways to get an idea about the right way to organize and present your information is by looking at examples.

Use this project management resume sample as you build yours, and consult the tips that go with it. It will show you how to cut right to the important information, and the extra discussion puts the specific strategies you can see in the sample into perspective. By using them together, you gain a powerful tool to help you make your resume as great as it can be.


Project Management Resume Sample

Bill Stickers
Duluth, MN 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-1412


Well-traveled project manager for manufacturing projects in the plastic injection molding industry. Skilled with site-oriented process evaluation. Saved a previous employer $10 million by cutting scrap rates in half.


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, including instructional skills
  • Knowledge of best practices for evaluating and improving work processes
  • Experienced in all aspects of manufacturing with plastic, including materials handling
  • Strong quantitative reasoning skills
  • Experience coordinating projects across multiple manufacturing sites
  • Knowledge of global manufacturing and labor sourcing processes

Work Experience

Production Project Manager, February 2014-Present
Denso Corporation, St. Paul, MN
  • Oversee the production line for XR-71A heat transfer assemblies
  • Coordinate the quality control at all sources manufacturing project components
  • Monitor and inspect incoming components before releasing them to the assembly line to continue reducing scrap costs beyond the 20% reduction already achieved
  • Provide vendors and assembly line workers with feedback relating to manufacturing and assembly processes
  • Evaluate the performance of both vendors and employees assigned to the heat transfer project
Site Project Manager, October 2011-February 2014
Johnson Controls International, Minneapolis, MN
  • Developed new processes for addressing flash when dealing with high-pressure ABS operations that reduced scrap by 50%
  • Oversaw the process development for various cup holder models for the automotive industry
  • Traveled to site locations to inspect manufacturing conditions and troubleshoot processes
  • Programmed client machines to offset local environmental conditions and keep manufacturing processes on track
  • Trained vendor personnel in the best practices for manufacturing JCI parts
Process Technician, June 2008-October 2011
CG Plastics, St. Paul, MN
  • Input process timing and temperature parameters into plastic injection mold machines to set up new manufacturing processes before each production run
  • Trained machine operators in the proper inspection and cleaning process for each new part run
  • Maintained and updated process manuals detailing successful runs with scrap ratios and environmental information
  • Conferenced with other process techs and machine setters to evaluate machine setup processes
  • Monitored machine operations and scrap rates throughout the production process


Process Management Certification, 2011
Minnesota State University, Minneapolis, MN

Bachelor of Chemistry, 2010
Northern Minnesota State University, Minnehaha, MN

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Is This a Good Project Management Resume? Let’s Check

Does the project management resume sample define the project manager’s range of experience to a useful field and set of duties?

Yes, it does, and this is important because project management is a general description for organizational work completed in a variety of industries. Sometimes, project management involves hands-on work that makes it industry-specific. Sometimes it does not, but even in such cases experienced industry insiders usually wind up training for project management roles in the industry. By defining his experience within a specific kind of manufacturing process, this jobseeker makes it much easier to demonstrate his fitness for the position.

Does the summary statement do a good job of relating the most important information about the candidate’s experience and accomplishments?

Yes, it does. It smoothly transitions between the candidate using a combination of natural phrasing and active voice that makes it easy to take in the project management resume sample’s summary quickly, without missing the worker’s level of experience or his most major project management accomplishment.

Does the work history do a good job balancing the accomplishments that stand out from the worker’s tenure in each position?

Absolutely. The vast majority of the text in this section of the project management resume sample relates the daily duties of the position in ways that also showcase the candidate’s fitness for the job. There’s an extra item or two on each job that simply relates a major accomplishment, and where it is possible, these use quantifiable metrics to drive the point home.

Has the writer provided a comprehensive list of skills that demonstrate the candidate’s previous training and experience qualify him for the position?

This is an important question. The project management resume sample could very well show the candidate has on-the-ground experience that points to a capability in the position while lacking the education and training for a long-term fit. Luckily this candidate spotted that issue and made sure both the skills and education section sidestepped it by demonstrating both professional certifications and on-the-job training to support the progression of work in the work history section.

Does the skills section of the resume sample include keyword matching?

Yes, but you might not know unless you looked at the job description or a solid set of project management skills from another resource. Match yours to both to make sure you have a complete skill set represented in your own resume.

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The Most Important Project Management Resume Sample Takeaways

As you put together your resume, looking to the project management resume sample means gaining a basis for comparison as you go. During each writing session, keep in mind the goals of specificity, active language, and responding directly to the job ad. Keeping those in mind means setting yourself up to remember the most important big picture traits your resume should exhibit. Comparing each draft to the sample means ensuring you have managed consistency in your presentation. Another great way to achieve that consistency is through the use of the resume builder to organize your thoughts as you write.