The first step towards securing a job that you love is to create a resume that will dazzle hiring managers. When you’re aware your resume could use a bit of attention, you’ll need to sit down and devote some time to going over it with a fine-toothed comb. If you’re not sure what an ideal resume looks like, take a look at our warehouse manager resume sample for ideas and inspiration.

When you know the right ingredients that make a resume shine, you’ll be well on your way to helping your own document stand out from the competition. Before you begin the application process, make sure to look at resume examples in your desired field, and follow the best resume writing practices outlined here. Taking a few minutes to evaluate your resume in its current state and make changes when necessary can significantly improve your job hunting experience and result in more callbacks and interviews.


Warehouse Manager Resume Sample

Roy O’Reilly
Houston, TX 11111 • [email protected] • 555-654-2122


Strategic warehouse professional with 10 years of experience. Committed to providing excellent customer service and fast shipping times. Able to manage a large team of warehouse associates.


  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Professional communication skills
  • Master-level user of Microsoft Office suite
  • NetSuite
  • PowerHouseWMS
  • ASCTrac

Work Experience

Lead Warehouse Associate, 2010-Present
The Home Depot, Houston, TX
  • Supervise a team of over 20 warehouse associates to ensure a high level of accuracy
  • Communicate with delivery drivers to track shipping progress
  • Maintain warehouse cleanliness and organization on a daily basis, reducing the number of lost or misplaced items
  • Conduct weekly team meetings to discuss strengths, weaknesses, and ways to improve
  • Monitor and update the warehouse management system daily
  • Work with team members to ship packages on time or ahead of schedule, leading to a 20% reduction in late shipments
  • Train new warehouse employees and provide guidance to produce successful outcomes
Assistant Warehouse Manager, 2006-2010
Hobby Lobby, Houston, TX
  • Monitored shipment schedules and communicated effectively with the warehouse team
  • Organized the shipping preparation area every day, making sure that all supplies were well-stocked and in the proper locations
  • Worked with the warehouse manager to lead a team of over 15 warehouse members to ensure cooperation and coordination
  • Conducted monthly inventory checks, leading to a 15% increase in accuracy of information in the warehouse management system
  • Assisted the warehouse manager in conducting annual employee reviews
  • Created PowerPoint presentations for new warehouse hires, clearly demonstrating the rules and safety expectations
Warehouse Intern, 2004-2006
Texas A&M University Press, College Station, TX
  • Checked the warehouse management system for incoming orders on an hourly basis
  • Located the correct books and prepared them for shipment
  • Maintained proper warehouse organization by conducting once-daily spot checks and correcting any misplaced items
  • Ordered new office and shipping supplies while adhering to the company’s budget
  • Worked collaboratively with the entire warehouse team to improve shipping times by 5%
  • Monitored progress of new warehouse associates, providing advice and guidance when needed


Bachelor of Science in Business Management, estimated completion 2019
University of Texas, Austin, Texas

Associate of Science in Business, 2004
Blinn College, Bryan, Texas

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Is This a Good Warehouse Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Take a look at the work history section. Does the warehouse manager resume sample list work history from most to least recent?

Yes, it does. When creating an outstanding resume that hiring managers will immediately notice, it’s vital to clearly present information in a way that makes sense. Instead of having to waste time and hunt for the most relevant information, hiring managers will be happy to see that this resume presents the candidate’s prior jobs in a logical, professional manner.

Does the example resume make it clear that this jobseeker possesses the attention to detail that’s necessary for a warehouse manager to be successful?

Absolutely! Warehouse managers have the difficult task of storing, sorting, and locating materials, and then providing fast and effective shipping solutions. One small mistake can wreak havoc on any warehouse, so it’s important for managers to have a sharp eye for even the smallest of details. This candidate has included accomplishments that prove his attention to detail, such as the 15% improvement of information in the database.

Glance at this candidate’s work history. Does the warehouse manager resume sample show that the jobseeker has strong leadership skills?

Yes! This candidate has done an excellent job showcasing his leadership skills in every section of his work history. From his most recent job as lead warehouse associate to his first position as a warehouse intern, the candidate has provided solid examples of his leadership skills and ability to work well with others.

Does this jobseeker make it clear that he is dedicated to creating an organized and safe environment for himself and others?

Warehouses can be dangerous, especially if they’re in a state of disorganization. An accident on the job can be costly for the company, and employers will want to avoid hiring a warehouse manager who is sloppy or careless. This warehouse manager resume sample makes it clear that organization and attention to detail are important to this candidate, and he has a long history of closely monitoring the organization of each warehouse that he works in.

Look at the skills section. Does this candidate have plenty of experience using common warehouse management systems that he’ll likely encounter in his next position?

Affirmative. Hiring managers tend to balk at candidates lacking experience in commonly used databases, but this jobseeker is right on the money with his technology skills. The skills section of the warehouse manager resume sample lists his proficiency with important software like NetSuite and ASCTrac.

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The Most Important Warehouse Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

When you’re ready to move forward in your career and land a job as a warehouse manager, you’ll need to create a resume that captures the attention of hiring managers. Instead of simply listing your daily duties on the job, strive to begin each sentence in the resume with an action verb and include measurable accomplishments that you contributed. After looking at the warehouse manager resume sample and studying the writing tips, you should be well on your way to crafting an ideal resume. If you’d like additional help with resume writing, check out our resume builder.