Your patients’ health and well-being is critical, but how often do you think about the health and well-being of your resume? A well-written, strong document is a valuable tool for job hunting success, demonstrating to hiring managers why you're the right candidate. Give your resume a thorough checkup and make sure it’s healthy, robust, and ready to put in the work of representing you on the job market.

We’ve covered a number of resume best practices, but the best way to see those guidelines in action is to review our LPN resume sample. Using a resume sample offers great insight into how jobseekers just like you quantified their experience and described their history. You need to write your background in a way that sets you apart and shows the breadth of your accomplishments. It may be hard to think of what you do every day as a special achievement, but the patients whose lives you’ve impacted would beg to differ. So use our resume sample and resume tips to reshape your resume.


LPN Resume Sample

Kelly O’Flannigan
Las Cruces, NM 11111 • kelly.o.flannigan@emailprovider • 555-287-1893


Expertly qualified Licensed Practical Nurse with 8 years of experience working across multiple hospital departments and practice areas to deliver the highest standard of patient care. Able to make rapid patient assessments in critical situations to determine ideal response and begin immediate care. Known for an excellent rapport with children and the elderly, offering a friendly demeanor combined with professional expertise to inspire patient and peer confidence.


  • Nursing operations
  • Pediatric and geriatric nursing
  • Inpatient, outpatient, and hospice nursing
  • Emergency response
  • Emergency room care
  • Wound treatment
  • IV and catheter administration
  • New patient intake
  • Patient assessment and diagnosis
  • Treatment planning
  • Medication administration
  • Surgical support

Work Experience

Licensed Practical Nurse, 2012 – Present
New St. Mary Hospital, Las Cruces, NM
  • Manage patient rounds in the geriatric rehabilitation wing of a 232-bed general care hospital
  • Conduct patient intakes, working with physicians to discuss current condition and needs for long-term or short-term treatment
  • Provide immediate care for same-day discharge patients, including coaching on home care
  • Handle issues such as wound treatment, stitches, lesions, injuries, chronic illnesses, infections, and immune deficiency conditions
  • Administer oral, injected, and intravenous medication as needed
  • Refer to specialists for diagnosis of more critical issues
  • Ensured extra monitoring, attention, and support for critical patients
  • Maintained sensitivity when transferring patients into hospice, including communicating with families about end-of-life planning
Licensed Practical Nurse, 2009 -2012
Sisters of Grace Medical Center, Las Cruces, NM
  • Coordinated a caseload of 12 average patients in the 24-bed pediatric wing of a 400-bed community hospital
  • Monitored delicate conditions in infants, children, and adolescents, including working with premature babies
  • Tracked patient recovery, watching for indicators of rapid changes in condition
  • Administered ventilators and other life support equipment for premature or critical children and infants
  • Counseled parents on the condition and recovery options for their children, maintaining sensitivity in all matters
  • Acted as float nurse as needed to overcome short-staffing in multiple departments, including staffing the ER, OR, and ICU


Bachelor of Nursing (2008)
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Licensed Practical Nurse (2009)
New Mexico Board of Nursing

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Is This a Good LPN Resume? Let’s Check

Does the sample resume call out the example jobseeker’s most qualified practice areas?

Yes. In the LPN resume sample, the candidate makes it clear that she excels in geriatric and pediatric nursing. She’s careful, though, not to box herself in and also calls out experience in surgical support and a role as float nurse in the ER, OR, and ICU. She also includes key general nursing skills such as IV administration, catheter administration, treatment planning, patient intake, and assessment.

Does the LPN resume sample describe the size of hospital the example jobseeker has worked at?

It does. This may seem strange to people outside the healthcare industry, but there’s a large difference between a 22-bed acute care ward and a 600-bed community care center. The level of responsibility changes, as does the general volume and workload expected of a Licensed Practical Nurse. Each job description should make mention of the type of medical center and hospital size to make it clear what kind of environment you’ve worked in.

How does the sample candidate stack up in describing the full extent of her expertise as a nurse?

Quite well, in fact. In the LPN resume sample, she makes sure to keep the content unique and fresh while still covering the full breadth of her experience by using the various areas of the resume to their full effect. While the opening summary discusses her focus on patient care and expertise with rapid diagnosis and assessment, her skills section breaks down practice areas and general skills. In the work history section, she takes that a step further by showing how she uses those skills in an active context, including expanding on areas of expertise to add treatment of infections, chronic illnesses, and other ailments.

Does the LPN resume sample demonstrate sensitivity in critical situations?

On more than one occasion. In her work in the geriatric ward, the sample candidate describes working with patients and families on hospice transfers and end-of-life planning for elderly patients, something that requires a unique level of compassion highly valued by many employers. This same compassion is demonstrated in her prior role in the pediatric wing, where she often had to console and counsel the parents of children and infants in critical condition.

Does the sample resume use a clean, easy-to-read format?

Absolutely. By using action verbs and bullet points, the resume breaks down each section into an easy-to-read, easy-to-scan list of critical skills and keywords that have real impact when employers screen candidates for eligibility.

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The Most Important LPN Resume Sample Takeaways

Stay current with the pulse of your career sector and improve your chances on the job market by rewriting your resume. Emphasize your patient focus; show a well-rounded mixture of skills and contributions that not only impacted daily patient care but improved how your peers and senior personnel did their jobs. A hospital operates like a well-oiled machine, so be sure to discuss how you kept that machine moving rather than slowing it down. Follow these tips, reference our LPN resume sample, and try our resume builder tool, and you’ll have a winning resume in no time.