Healthcare isn’t just about treatment. It’s about prevention through proper care. Your resume deserves the same attention, because with the proper care your resume can be an effective deterrent to rejections. To make your resume more attractive to employers and effectively demonstrate why you're right for the job, you need a well-crafted document that uses a clean format, well-defined sections, and quantifiable accomplishments to make your experience stand out. You also need a strong value statement that clearly summarizes your qualifications.

If you’re not sure how to describe your value proposition as a registered nurse, take a look at our RN resume sample. This sample document outlines a clear example of how an RN like yourself can ramp up your resume writing and improve your career presentation to show clear impact. Combine the best practices shown in our sample resume with our list of great resume writing tips, and you’ll have a resume to draw in employers.


RN Resume Sample

Elinda Martinez
Reno, NV 11111 • nurseelinda@emailservice • 555-293-7745


Senior-level RN with a broad history of experience working at large-scale medical centers and healthcare systems, including expertise as a nursing team leader and mentor. Proven impact as an organizational leader coordinating scheduling and staffing to ensure capacity for outstanding patient care. Committed to nurturing the next generation of star-quality nurses through leadership, mentorship, and coaching across all practice areas, particularly specializing in triage, emergency room operations, surgical support, acute care, and ICU operations.


  • Nursing operations and leadership
  • Scheduling and staff allocation
  • Cross-departmental support
  • Patient intake and screening
  • Patient assessment and diagnosis
  • Physician support and advisory services
  • Medical surgical support
  • Staff coaching and development
  • Critical patient care
  • Emergency room support
  • Triage and prioritization
  • Patient and family education and counseling

Work Experience

Registered Nurse, 2015 – Present
Mary Grace Hope Medical Center, Reno, NV
  • Oversee staff operations and daily patient care for a nursing floor with 72 beds in a 600-bed hospital facility
  • Assign nurses daily case loads and schedules to ensure patient coverage and proper staffing
  • Act as the right hand to multiple physicians and surgeons in developing and implementing treatment plans
  • Handle intakes and diagnoses for new patients, including preliminary screening and testing prior to physician examination
  • Respond to special cases as the floor's recognized subject matter expert on chronic conditions
  • Lead, train, and mentor a team of 34 nurses, providing additional leadership as needed on other nursing floors
  • Expanded nursing capacity on the floor by recruiting 5 qualified nurses with more than 50 years combined experience between them
  • Improved operating room efficiency 22% by reorganizing layout of equipment and tool trays
Registered Nurse, 2009 – 2015
Sisters of Temperance Hospital, Las Vegas, NV
  • Directed nursing operations for the ICU unit of a 354-bed critical care hospital
  • Maintained calm in a high-pressure environment requiring rapid response to changes in patient condition
  • Coordinated team of 12 nurses in managing treatment and medication administration according to physicians’ orders
  • Pursued necessary options to preserve patient quality of life in emergency situations
  • Optimized intake effectiveness 12% by implementing newly updated care standards and requirements
  • Trained a total of 9 nurses on proper IV insertion


Bachelor of Nursing, 2009
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV

Registered Nurse, 2009
Nevada State Board of Nursing

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Is This a Good RN Resume? Let’s Check

Does the RN resume sample position the candidate as a senior nursing professional?

Yes. In her opening summary she focuses on skills associated with seniority, such as staffing, scheduling, and training. She further elaborates on this in her skills section, but the work history is where her seniority truly shines. She names the sizes of teams she’s led and trained and shows how her leadership was essential in keeping nursing departments operational in a fast-paced environment.

Does the sample candidate demonstrate the necessary ability to thrive under pressure in a hospital environment?

The work history section repeatedly discusses emergency and critical situations; rather than just listing these skills, the example candidate in our RN resume sample shows how she used them in context to create a stronger impression. She discusses responding to emergency situations, preserving patient quality of life, and working as subject matter expert on chronic conditions. Each of these demonstrates her value, following “show, don’t tell” principles.

Does the RN resume sample call out specialization in specific practice areas?

It does. While the primary focus is on broad-ranging leadership across multiple practice areas, in the opening summary the candidate mentions particular expertise in triage, emergency room operations, surgical support, and several other disciplines. Including this information this way enhances rather than detracts from the candidate’s experience by preserving a strong focus on leadership that could be applicable across any practice area but still including specializations that would be valuable to particular employers.

Does the sample resume remember to focus on patient-centric matters?

Indeed it does. The sample candidate in our RN resume sample discusses patient and family counseling and education, and also uses her accomplishments to call out how she’s improved patient care capacity, efficiency, and quality through her contributions to continuous improvement. This is a great area to showcase metrics, which jump out at the reader and remain in memory for a stronger impression than achievements described solely using words.

Speaking of achievements, does the example jobseeker remember to include them with each role?

She does. No resume is complete without achievements, and even if you’re struggling to quantify your experience, you should always try to add at least one achievement with each role, preferable two or three. Your job descriptions should be five to eight bullets long, and ideally three of those should be achievements that show measurable, quantifiable impact on the organization, your peers, and your patients.

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The Most Important RN Resume Sample Takeaways

When it comes to RN experience, seniority is key. Don’t be afraid to call out your years of experience, but keep a delicate balance and don’t age yourself. Determine if you want to work across multiple practice areas or focus on a specific practice area, and tailor your resume accordingly. Don’t forget to use action-oriented writing that describes your history in vibrant terms, and combine soft and hard skills to show your full capacity. Follow these tips and the practices demonstrated in our RN resume sample, and you’re off to a good start. Need more help? Try our resume builder!