A strong resume is a vital part of a successful job search, showing employers the reasons to call you in for an interview. While you might not be able to help your resume with pills or a booster shot, you can still nurse a weaker document back to health by targeting weak areas and rewriting them for a more powerful presentation of your skills.

If you’re having trouble working out the best way to write your resume, take a look at our telemetry nurse resume sample. Using a sample can inspire you to write your own by showing how a candidate like you conveyed their experience in an engaging fashion designed to impress. Reading through our sample can jog your memory and remind you of times when you made similar contributions, and demonstrates exactly the kind of action-oriented writing needed for a compelling resume. Using the sample and our tips, you have the framework you need to get started on your own.


Telemetry Nurse Resume Sample

Joan St. Augustine
Milwaukee, WI 11111 • nurseaugustine@emailservice • 555-807-4557


Compassionate telemetry nurse with 12 years of experience providing outstanding support and care for critical patients, working with a variety of conditions in a progressive care environment, including heart failure, gastrointestinal diseases, and multiple chronic or acute conditions. Demonstrated expertise using complex vital sign monitors and other medical equipment to track and analyze detailed information on patient condition. Skilled at making accurate diagnoses, determining treatment regimens, and administering medication.


  • Cardiac telemetry nursing
  • Progressive care
  • Vital sign monitoring
  • Cardiac and other medical equipment utilization
  • Data analysis
  • Patient risk management
  • Case management
  • Highly sensitive, compassionate patient support
  • Medication administration

Work Experience

Telemetry Nurse, 2012 – Present
Milwaukee Mercy General, Milwaukee, WI
  • Deliver expert care and support for cardiac patients recently released from ICU
  • Implement connections to patient monitoring equipment and IVs
  • Monitor vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing, and respond to any critical changes in vitals by providing emergency treatment
  • Partner with other medical teams and physicians to ensure patients remain stable
  • Liaise with physicians on planning a path to recovery
  • Expanded treatment capacity within the telemetry ward by identifying $2 million in wasted funding on excess supplies and reallocating toward new beds and equipment
  • Managed an average caseload of 35 patients per week, well above the standard average of 15 patients per week, without sacrificing quality of care
  • Prevented re-admissions and reoccurrences by educating patients on home care and recovery options after discharge
Telemetry Nurse, 2005 – 2011
St. Luke Medical Center, Milwaukee, WI
  • Worked with critical care patients in the telemetry ward, including terminal patients and patients with heart disease, diabetes, and leukemia
  • Ensured constant monitoring using complex medical devices and diagnostic equipment
  • Continuously evaluated vitals to determine effective treatment options and adjust medications as needed
  • Built relationships with patients to gain unique insight into their needs, resulting in more effective support and care
  • Motivated patients to adhere to treatment regiments, leading to higher recovery rates
  • Provided gentle, compassionate support when dealing with terminal diagnoses


Bachelor of Nursing, 2004
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Progressive Care Certified Nurse (PCCN), 2004
American Association of Colleges of Nursing

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Is This a Good Telemetry Nurse Resume? Let’s Check

Does the telemetry nurse resume sample discuss the sample jobseeker’s expertise with diagnostic equipment?

Repeatedly. This expertise, which is the core of a telemetry nurse’s experience and skills, comes up in the summary, the keyword skills, and in both job descriptions. If you’re skilled with particular brand-name devices or models, be sure to integrate those into the resume as well. Many employers look for knowledge of specific equipment that matches those most commonly used in their hospitals and medical centers.

Is the resume sample clear on the example candidate’s experience with various practice areas?

Yes! In the summary and work history sections, the telemetry nurse resume sample describes experience with cardiac patients, as well as patients with leukemia, diabetes, and multiple other chronic conditions. The descriptions repeatedly emphasize working with critical care patients, including those in long-term care and those recently released from ICU. Emphasizing this information in your resume can be critical — no pun intended — to describing the value you bring to specific practice areas.

Does the telemetry nurse resume sample emphasize a compassionate bedside manager?

Clearly. One of the hardest things in nursing is to provide compassion while still remaining objective. You care about your patients, and often that care means making hard decisions and delivering tough information. As one of the most vital skills a nurse can develop, this kind of bedside manner is essential to the point of being invaluable. Like the sample does, make mention of your ability to work with patients and families as a sensitive medical professional and educator to add further depth to your skills and capacity.

Is the resume clear on the sample candidate’s accomplishments specific to nursing?

It is. You’ve likely often seen the advice to include metrics in your resume to make it truly stand out. This can be hard to do as a nurse, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include accomplishments. Achievements are the lifeblood of your resume. Even if your own cover things such as caseload management or reducing recurrences of patient illnesses, you should make mention of them. Additionally, if you review the telemetry nurse resume sample, you may realize there are multiple areas you hadn’t thought of where you can find quantifiable metrics to describe your impact.

Does the sample resume limit experience to only the recent most relevant history?

Employers only want to see roughly the last 10–15 years of experience. Anything else can age you or make your resume too long and redundant. Cut down to only the most recent history. If you absolutely need to include older history, condense it to a career note.

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The Most Important Telemetry Nurse Resume Sample Takeaways

Don’t forget to call out your expertise in medical diagnostics equipment. That expertise is what makes you stand out as a specialized nurse and should be the focal point of your job description and summary. You shouldn’t skimp on the soft skills, though. Make it clear you’ve got an excellent bedside manner and an understanding of the communications capabilities needed to work with diverse patients. Between our telemetry nurse resume sample and proven best practices, you should have the tools you need to start your own resume. If you need more help, give our resume builder a shot.