A resume allows you to tell a hiring manager why he or she should hire you. It lets you provide a plethora of information about your skills, education, training, and background. However, there is a right and wrong way to create one. If you really want the job, you must craft a resume to impress the hiring manager. It must be easy to read and well-written because hiring managers have no time to waste on a poorly written resume.

Writing a strong resume isn't always easy because knowing what information to include and how to format it is not always clear. To help you out, we offer this account manager resume sample. It is a great guide to use as you work on your own. You can follow along to see the right format and get insight into what information to include. In addition, we provide some resume writing tips to further assist you as you work.


Account Manager Resume Sample

Lolly Smith
Westington, MT 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-3589


Focused and organized account manager with experience balancing many tasks at one time for the best efficiency and highest possible revenue generation. Ability to connect with people on a personal level to resolve issues, make sales, and encourage exceptional work habits. Strong background in sales and management, which creates a dynamic ability to perform on a professional level.


  • Account management expert
  • Exceptional skills in negotiation and customer service
  • Focused on strong leadership and management
  • Skills in developing successful account strategies
  • Proficiency in computers, including sales and office software
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, including building professional relationships
  • Excellent skills in math and finance

Work Experience

Account Manager-Goings, Inc.
  • Manage client accounts, including finding deals, introducing new products, managing errors, and ensuring proper billing as well as conduct performance reviews for client accounts
  • Create, analyze, and track revenue goals and forecasts
  • Review accounts managed by employees to ensure accuracy and high performance
  • Hire, train, and manage a team of 50 employees
  • Handle account management system maintenance and updating
  • Saved company 10% on costs through creating new account management system
  • Act as the last point of contact for client disputes and issues by finding a final solution
Junior Account Manager-Goings, Inc.
  • Managed five accounts under the supervision of an account manager
  • Learned about managing accounts and clients, including sales techniques and methods to aid in customer satisfaction
  • Assisted with audits of client accounts, helping to point out errors or possible areas for improvement
  • Learned how to keep account records in the internal account management system
  • Developed skills in building lasting professional relationships to encourage clients to continue working with the company
  • Promoted to account manager due to high account satisfaction ratings and performance, along with excellent attendance record
Call Center Associate-Mansfield Home Products
  • Answered incoming calls from new and existing customers
  • Resolved customer issues and referred difficult cases to manager
  • Tracked interactions with customers within the call center computer program
  • Provided product information to customers, answered questions, and offered upsells
  • Rewarded for highest upsell numbers in 2003, 2004, and 2005


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-2005
Center College, Montana

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Is This a Good Account Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does the account manager resume sample communicate the applicant can build professional relationships?

When working as an account manager, you need to be able to develop a strong professional relationship with your clients. They must trust in you and like working with you. In the resume, the applicant does mention multiple points that showcase her ability to build professional relationships, from having strong interpersonal skills to the training in how to create relationships with clients. It is fairly clear she will not have an issue developing relationships with clients.

Are the organizational skills of the applicant mentioned in the resume?

Account managers are in charge of a lot of information. If you cannot work in an organized manner, you will not do well at this job. In the account manager resume sample, the applicant does mention strong organizational skills. In addition, the work experience section draws attention to many duties that would have required organizational skills to be successful, which provides sufficient proof of her organizational abilities.

Is the account manager resume sample drawing attention to the applicant's commitment to customer service?

An account manager is the bridge between a company and the customer. As such, this job requires the ability to pay attention to customer satisfaction and always work towards ensuring they are happy. Throughout the resume, the applicant is able to show she has skills to do this. Her wording and past experiences show she understands how to make customers happy and what it takes to keep them that way. In addition, some of her top skills include customer service and communication.

Did the resume touch on the applicant's finance knowledge and skills?

In the account manager resume sample, the applicant does stress finance skills in the skills section. Without being obvious or too repetitive, the past job duties also show financial skills in that the applicant has managed accounts in the past and conducted audits. There is sufficient proof this applicant has the right financial knowledge to do the job.

Is the resume easy to scan?

Because hiring managers likely have a stack of resumes to look at, they want to get through them quickly. If your resume is a mess and not scannable, they may toss it aside. This sample resume contains a clean and organized format. It uses bullet lists, which are scannable, instead of paragraphs, which are not. It also includes headings and clear sections.

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The Most Important Account Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

Creating a resume is a challenge when you try to do it alone. Now you have some great tools to assist you. Referring to the account manager resume sample and the writing tips can give you the help you need to turn out a resume that knocks the socks off a hiring manager and helps you reach your career goals. If you need a little more help with putting everything together for a professional presentation, check out our resume builder.