It is not uncommon for hiring managers to exclusively use the resumes of applicants to determine which candidates they will interview. This means you need to treat your resume as if landing the job depends on it, because in many cases it does. You can greatly strengthen your resume by reviewing this outside sales resume sample and implementing the same strategies it demonstrates. The content and the format of your resume are the two major aspects that will determine how strong it is. The resume sample will help with both of these aspects, and the included writing guide will go into further details.

To be successful, your resume needs to communicate your skills and qualifications effectively. It should hook readers immediately with the summary so they will continue to read the rest. It is not a guarantee that employers will read your entire resume. That is something you usually must earn with your writing.


Outside Sales Resume Sample

Jeremy Anderson
New York City, New York, 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-8742

Professional Summary

Talented and versatile sales professional with experience in both inside and outside sales. A confident candidate who has developed strong communication and negotiation skills over nearly 10 years in the sales field. Prioritize excellent communication skills to interact with clients, close sales, build relationships, and upsell products.

Core Qualifications

  • Excellent interpersonal and professional communication, both oral and written
  • Critical thinking, analysis, and evaluation
  • Negotiation, problem-solving, and conflict resolution
  • Strong attention to small details
  • Extensive research abilities
  • Outside sales techniques
  • Experience in position of leadership
  • Intimately familiar with Office Suite and other sales software

Work Experience

Outside Sales Representative – May 2014 to present
New York Manufacturing and Sales, New York City
  • Travel to client offices to discuss potential sales deals
  • Implement negotiation and conflict resolution tactics to bolster beneficial client discussions
  • Remain professional and tactful at all times
  • Maintain working knowledge of all products to relay information to clients accurately
  • Make recommendations for purchases, taking unique client needs into consideration
  • Encourage long partnerships with clients and strong relationships
  • Maintain client satisfaction rating above 90% over three years
Account Manager – June 2012 to May 2014
New York Manufacturing and Sales, New York City
  • Oversaw all client interactions in the accounts assigned
  • Monitored client satisfaction on a daily basis to resolve any issues quickly
  • Provided information and advice to sales representatives to help them improve success with clients
  • Ensured all sales representatives working with my accounts followed standard corporate policies at all times
  • Oversaw all aspects of at least six accounts at any one time
Inside Sales Representative – January 2008 to June 2012
New York Manufacturing and Sales, New York City
  • Created sales reports on a weekly basis, detailing sales numbers and client information
  • Called and emailed clients to complete inside sales
  • Took careful notes of client needs to better provide service in the future
  • Explained new product specifications to clients and pitched new benefits to make sales
  • Averaged 15% above each month’s sales quota for over four years


Bachelor of Science in Communication
University of New York City, 2012

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Is This a Good Outside Sales Resume? Let’s Check

Does this outside sales resume sample make use of real metrics to improve its credibility?

It does. This is one of the best strategies you should take advantage of. Using real metrics is an easy way to strengthen your resume and make it more credible. Additionally, this strategy lets employers understand what kind of employee you would be if they chose to hire you. This is your opportunity to show off a little bit and tell readers how you have benefitted previous employers in the past.

How well does this resume sample establish sales experience?

Very well. The outside sales resume sample mentions sales skills in the first three major sections: the summary statement, work experience section, and skills section. Sales knowledge is at the core of every position in the sales field, so you cannot overstate your expertise.

Does this resume sample focus around communication skills?

It does, and you should do the same in yours. Besides sales skills, communication abilities are the most important skill your resume can establish. This is especially important for outside sales positions because they require professionals to interact with clients in more dynamic ways than simply over the phone or through emails. Additionally, not all interactions in outside sales will relate to making sales. You must be charismatic and personable as well.

Does the work experience section of this outside sales resume sample follow the standard format?

It does. There is an expected standard format that communicates the most essential information to employers as effectively as possible and this resume sample demonstrates it. Positions are in reverse order and only the most recent is in present tense. Every bullet point uses a strong action verb as its first word. This focuses the entire section around action and responsibilities. Generally, there should be five to eight bullet points describing each position, although you can include more or fewer depending on the importance of the position.

Does this resume sample establish the writer as qualified?

Its work history and education section do establish the writer’s qualification. This outside sales resume sample includes three relevant positions and a related degree. This is plenty to qualify for a high position in sales. If you are applying for an entry or lower level position, less experience is necessary, but your work experience section should always look full. If this is the case, you should include more bullet points across fewer positions to fill the section out.

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The Most Important Outside Sales Resume Sample Takeaways

The best resumes will actively and intentionally guide the reader with their formatting. Include real metrics in your resume to make it more credible and help readers understand what benefits they would enjoy if they hired you. We recommend that you alter your resume slightly for each new job you apply for to make it as specific as possible. Implement the strategies found in this outside sales resume sample and use the free resume builder tool if you need more help getting started.