Effective resumes don’t often have the same content, but they do share some important factors. These include modern formatting, impactful word selection, and an organization that makes it easy for hiring professionals to obtain information at just a glance. One of the best ways to ensure your resume accomplishes these goals is to use a sample resume to guide your writing. With an industry-specific sample in hand, you’ll have guidelines to direct your word choice, decisions regarding content, and best formatting.

If you’re ready to work on your resume, turn to our sales executive resume sample with specific writing tips for your industry. You’ll get information about what to include in each section and how to format the sections professionally and attractively. Our comprehensive guide will help you put together a resume that is sure to attract the attention of hiring managers and open doors to those interviews you really want. The writing tips will ensure you’re prepared for the next step.


Sales Executive Resume Sample

Andy Cunningham
Grand Forks, North Dakota 11111 • andcunningham@anymail • 555-666-7777


Results-oriented sales executive with 10 years of experience in maximizing sales, managing sales portfolios, and building successful business partnerships. Skilled at building networks between clients, vendors, and all levels of professional staff. Dedicated to maintaining an outstanding history of client satisfaction.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Excellent wealth of retail sales experience
  • Working knowledge of sales management and direct sales principles
  • Superior problem-solving skills with solutions related to mergers and acquisitions
  • Four performance awards from respected industry peers and organizations
  • Exceptional team worker and self-motivated individual
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to meet and surpass sales goals

Work Experience

Sales Executive, 2013 – Present
Daily Business Solutions (DBS), Incorporated
Grand Forks, North Dakota
  • Manage daily sales and business development, planning increased corporate revenue
  • Increase territory sales by 400% in first year and maintained improved company trajectory over the following three years
  • Develop new territory coverage strategies, leading to more than $3M in new sales revenue
  • Administer an interchange income model, establishing credibility and increasing sales productivity
  • Train sales team leaders on best practices for maintaining loyal customer base and increasing client base
Retail Sales Executive, 2010 – 2013
TechSounds, LLC
Red River, Minnesota
  • Met and exceeded sales goals, reaching financial objectives and setting pace for over 35 junior sales personnel
  • Maintained sales records, updating contact information consistently
  • Performed troubleshooting, anticipating account complications and client concerns; also created FAQs document for sales department reference
  • Updated relationship maps for current and potential customers
  • Conducted research on current retail trends, industry services, and market news
  • Trained staff in marketing solutions and best practices, resulting in 32% revenue increase
Junior Sales Executive, 2007 - 2010
MacCormack Corporation
Manvel, North Dakota
  • Generated list of 57 prospective sales opportunities, setting appointments with 90% of potential clients
  • Maintained relationships with large clients, resolving issues and troubleshooting complaints
  • Kept an active sales funnel, providing monthly progress reports to superiors
  • Worked booths at industry trade shows
  • Presented to 32 significant prospects across the country
  • Incorporated another territory in my region when another sales professional retired


BS in Retail Practices and Sales, 2008
University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, North Dakota

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Is This a Good Sales Executive Resume? Let’s Check

Does the sales executive resume sample indicate the candidate’s ability to increase revenue and entice new sales prospects?

Yes, there a several good examples of this ability. The candidate’s value as a team member is clear with several descriptions of professional achievements. Look at the summary statement to find “10 years of experience in maximizing sales” and the skills section for “four performance awards from respected industry.” The details in the work experience section share qualities such as the candidate’s sale success (increase territory sales by 400% in first year) and concrete results (resulting in 32% revenue increase).

The educational backgrounds of sales executives can be very different from one individual to another. Is the candidate’s education pertinent and valuable?

A specific degree is not necessary for sales professionals. The work and results are stronger indicators of success at any job. However, the candidate does have a degree in retail practices and sales and it is obvious throughout the resume sample this education has a valuable effect. Some examples of this include “develop new territory coverage strategies” and “trained staff in marketing solutions and best practices.”

Many sales executives have similar backgrounds. Does the sales executive resume sample distinguish this applicant from others?

It’s important to understand that hiring managers only look briefly at each resume that crosses their desk. With this understanding, the organization and format of the resume are extremely important. The right information must appear in such a way that hiring managers can grab out the points they want to see. In the resume sample, our jobseeker uses headers and short bulleted lists to clearly share information for maximum effect, such as “develop new territory coverage strategies, leading to more than $3M in new sales revenue.”

It’s reasonable to assume hiring personnel will look for a history of increasing responsibility. Does the resume sample make it easy for managers to recognize this professional growth?

Yes. From the applicant’s first position as a junior sales executive (generating leads and scheduling appointments) to a position with much more responsibility (manage daily sales and business development), it is easy to see the growth of this sales professional.

Does the sales executive resume sample stick to modern formatting methods so it is attractive and easy to read?

Definitely. The sales executive resume sample fits on one page, each section clearly outlined so hiring professionals can quickly get to the meat of the document. The use of action verbs at the beginning of each bullet creates an image of a hard-working professional.

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The Most Important Sales Executive Resume Sample Takeaways

When you follow the sales executive resume sample, you’ll end up with a well-written resume that attracts the positive attention of hiring professionals. It will be easy for managers to identify the information they need and form a clear impression of your potential value to their organization. As you draw attention to your previous contributions and share measurable outcomes, potential employers are sure to recognize your ability to lead other professionals and bring results to their businesses. If you’re ready to get started, use our resume sample as a guide and get more tips from our resume builder.