When applying for a new job, be sure to focus on your resume. This document is the most important, and sometimes only, piece of information hiring managers use to decide which candidates to interview. By writing intentionally and specifically, and clearly communicating what unique benefits you bring to the table, you can create a resume that will instantly catch the attention of any employer who reads it.

One of the best strategies for writing an effective resume is to review a resume sample first. The following service advisor resume sample demonstrates exactly what a strong resume looks like. The included writing guide goes into detail about what makes the resume sample so effective. Be sure to focus not only on the content of your resume, but the format and the way you organize the content as well. With both of these tools at your disposal, you can create a resume that is a step above the competition.


Service Advisor Resume Sample

Melissa Peck
San Diego, CA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-483-1478


Talented and versatile service advisor with more than 10 years of working experience in service, management, and sales. Experienced leading and developing a team of sales professionals to provide excellent service to clients. A candidate who combines excellent communication abilities with strong business administrative knowledge.

Core Qualifications

  • Professional and interpersonal communication, both written and oral
  • Confident fulfilling administrative tasks
  • Background in sales, developing negotiation techniques
  • Conflict resolution
  • Excellent leadership and management abilities
  • Training and development experience
  • Analysis and critical thinking skills
  • Business administrative training

Work Experience

Service Advisor – October 2014 to present
Johnson Manufacturing and Sales, San Diego, CA
  • Oversee all client interactions, evaluating the quality of provided service
  • Provide instruction, suggestions, and guidance to entire sales team to improve service
  • Create reports which include in-depth details of all service aspects of operation
  • Present performance information at quarterly board meeting, making recommendations for improvement and answering inquiries
  • Create training documents to establish corporate service expectations for new recruits
  • Improve customer satisfaction rating by 25% over three years
Account Manager – June 2010 to October 2014
Johnson Manufacturing and Sales, San Diego, CA
  • Managed multiple sales accounts simultaneously, ensuring all interactions with clients were acceptable and successful
  • Interacted with clients, resolving complaints, answering inquiries, providing information, and handling requests
  • Employed negotiation techniques to resolve conflicts with clients.
  • Created sales reports detailing all sales numbers with specific clients
  • Evaluated the best approach to completing sales and utilize dynamic sales techniques
  • Encouraged lifelong relationships with clients
  • Maintained position in the top 10% of sales staff
Sales Representative – March 2007 to June 2010
Johnson Manufacturing and Sales, San Diego, CA
  • Interacted with clients, completing sales and accepting payment for products
  • Maintained working knowledge of all products to provide information about them to clients
  • Made recommendations for which products to purchase, employing upselling techniques
  • Kept notes of client needs and requests to better provide service in the future
  • Maintained client satisfaction rating above 80% for three years


Master of Science in Business Administration
University of San Diego, California

Bachelor of Science in Communication
University of San Diego, California

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Is This a Good Service Advisor Resume? Let’s Check

What kind of administrative and service related experience does this service advisor resume sample establish?

This resume sample has an extensive history of work throughout customer service, business administration, and sales. There are also related degrees in the education section. The position of service advisor can be in many different fields, so it is important to understand the position before you apply. This resume sample was written for a corporate service advisor in the sales department of a company, and the work experience reflects that.

Does the resume sample include real metrics to strengthen the writer’s case?

It does, and you should follow this technique as well. In this service advisor resume sample, the first metric is, “Improve customer satisfaction rating by 25% over three years.” Including information like this is a great way to make your resume more credible. It has the added benefit of giving readers a better understanding of how successful you have been in the past and what you might be able to provide if they choose to hire you.

Does this resume sample follow the standard formatting for the work experience section?

The resume sample follows the work experience formatting standard exactly. Just like this resume, yours should list the positions in reverse chronological order and include only the current position in present tense. Most importantly, begin every bullet point with a strong action verb. This focuses your resume around action and helps make your writing stronger. Including between five and eight bullet points is wise, although it is perfectly acceptable to use more or fewer bullet points depending on how important each position is for establishing your qualifications.

Is the service advisor resume sample written with confidence?

It is. This is an aspect that does not appear in any section specifically, but that does not make it unimportant. The tone you take when writing is vital. Readers should believe that you are capable and confident, able to tackle any problem on the job with expertise.

Has the writer of this resume sample established their leadership abilities?

The service advisor resume sample has. Leadership, management, and the ability to train and develop other employees is one of the most important parts of the service advisor position. Notice that this resume describes leadership skills in the summary, skills section, and work experience section. The entirety of your resume should include this aspect of your skill set.

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The Most Important Service Advisor Resume Sample Takeaways

Make sure your resume is as strong as possible to maximize your chances of getting called back for an interview. This service advisor resume sample and writing guide demonstrate that the format is nearly as important as the content. You should also focus on establishing your leadership and service expertise through both real metrics and in-depth descriptions. After reading these guides, if you still need help, check out our resume builder tool, which can help you get started.