With the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute showing that the average American family owns two cars, it is little wonder that demand for qualified automotive technicians is so high. If you are looking for work in this field, do not make the mistake of thinking that the information you list on your application is enough to impress prospective employers. You need to set yourself apart from other applicants by also submitting a well-composed resume.

Most job recruiters do not have an abundance of time to review every job application they receive. Your presenting them with a resume that conveys your important skills and experience on a single, easy-to-read page ensures they will have all of the information needed to make an informed decision regarding your candidacy. The automotive technician resume sample included here demonstrates how to structure such a document. Use that as well as the accompanying writing tips when creating your own resume.


Automotive Technician Resume Sample

Haley Hall
Oklahoma City, OK 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-9876


Skilled automotive technician with seven years of professional experience. Love for cars and trucks began by working on them with dad as a little girl, and then later bolstered by skipping cheer practice to attend after-school shop classes in high school. Have since refined that passion through participation in high-quality automotive technician program and performing general and specialty repairs for two vehicle dealership service departments in area.


  • Certified through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) in engine performance, heating and air-conditioning, engine repair, automatic transmission/transaxle, and manual drive train and axles
  • Possess EPA-approved motor vehicle air conditioning (MVAC) technician and training certification
  • Well-developed critical thinking and diagnostic skills
  • Excellent memory and attention to detail
  • Maintain good fitness level and have demonstrated outstanding manual dexterity
  • Able to effectively translate complex automotive terms into language customers can understand

Work Experience

Engine Technician, May 2013 – Present
Frank Forest Ford Dealership, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Serve as one of three main engine technicians in vehicle service department for local Ford and Lincoln dealership
  • Perform computer-aided diagnostic tests on vehicles brought to service department experiencing engine issues
  • Investigate possible engine problems using standard performance tests as well as relying on personal experience to identify the root causes of issues.
  • Coordinate with service department to identify and locate parts needed to perform repairs
  • Assist service representatives in explaining issues to vehicle owners and reviewing repair options in order to ensure optimal vehicle performance as well as customer satisfaction
  • Perform standard engine work as part of routine maintenance services
  • Recognized as outstanding service technician of the year in 2016
Repair Technician, April 2010 – May 2013
Hometown Autos, Tulsa, OK
  • Worked as a member of five-person service department staff for locally owned used car dealership
  • Performed engine, transmission, and heating and air conditioning maintenance and repairs as part of customer service agreement
  • Educated customers on the comparisons between OEM and aftermarket parts
  • Helped customers understand the details of service agreements and identify which issues were not covered under them
  • Assisted office staff in preparing service invoices
  • Served as member of staff recognized by local business publication as recipient of prestigious customer recognition award in 2012


ASE Certification Program – 2010
Midwest Applied Technology College, Oklahoma City, OK

Section 609 TT&C Certification – 2011
Universal Technical Institute, Dallas, TX

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Is This a Good Automotive Technician Resume? Let’s Check

Is the appropriate sense of professionalism conveyed in the resume?

Note how in the automotive technician resume sample summary statement, the jobseeker describes how she developed her love for working on vehicles. Typically, you’re discouraged from including a lot of personal details in your resume (such information is usually best shared in an interview). Yet in this case, it helps her for this reason: People are often intimated by auto repair specialists because they’re afraid such professionals will take advantage of their lack of knowledge. The details she shares in her summary statement convey a warm personality to employers, which helps assuage any concerns they may have about how she might deal with customers.

Is the resume directed to a certain type of job?

There are several different ASE specialties that prospective automotive technicians can pursue. In the automotive technician resume sample, it seems clear that the applicant’s specialty is engine work (given that she lists two ASE certifications specifically geared towards engines, and that her most recent employment experience is as an engine technician. Yet notice how she also lists other specialties, and that her prior work experience covered all types of vehicle issues. This should be enough to convince a prospective employer that she has skills that would qualify her for jobs outside of performing engine work.

Does her resume show a commitment to customer service?

Given the apprehension that many have when dealing with automotive issues, it is important that those who work on cars have strong customer service skills. The people you deal with in this profession are already experiencing stress due to their car troubles, which is then compounded by having to face the prospect of paying for costly repairs. Whether or not you interact with customers as a technician will depend on your work environment. In the automotive technician resume sample, the jobseeker shows she has had experience working with customers and she understands not only how to effectively communicate with them but also how to help them see the need for the work they’re paying for.

How well does the resume convey technical details?

You likely noticed quite a bit of industry-specific jargon throughout the automotive technician resume sample. While these details may seem overly technical, notice how the applicant spells out titles before using acronyms. She also gives sufficient context when referencing technical details so anyone reading the resume can easily understand what they might mean.

Does the applicant offer context to her achievements?

Rather than simply listing her past employment responsibility, the applicant also lists achievements and offers details that describe their impact (e.g., recognition as technician of the year in 2016).

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The Most Important Automotive Technician Resume Sample Takeaways

As you prepare your resume using the automotive technician resume sample as a reference, remember to also pay equal attention to the writing tips provided. This will ensure that whatever content you do include is engaging and able to retain a reader’s interest. Remember industry-specific advice, such as showing a commitment to customer service and presenting yourself as a veritable “jack-of-all-trades.” Doing so may help to open up doors to more employment opportunities than you ever thought possible. For additional guidance, use our resume builder.