It isn't easy to stand out from the crowd when you are all vying for the same position. Hiring managers need something more from your resume to make them take notice. If you create a strong resume, you can grab their attention and get your name on the top of their list to move onto the next stage of the hiring process. Creating a strong resume can be a challenge, but it is made easier when you use tools designed specifically to help you know exactly what to do.

Using this journeyman electrician resume sample and the resume writing tips included here, you can craft a resume that stands out and gets you noticed by hiring managers. These tools serve as guides to help you design your resume and know what information to include to make a good impression quickly. Before you know it, your outstanding resume will be in the hands of a hiring manager who could help you land the job you desire.


Journeyman Electrician Resume Sample

Riley Virgil
Westtown, OH 11111 • [email protected] • 555-245-7796


Commercial and residential journeyman electrician with a dedication to job excellence. Focused on customer satisfaction and safety while also being careful to follow proper procedures. Expert knowledge in electrical code, installation, and repair, with the ability to solve complex problems and analyze difficult situations.


  • Electrical codes, systems, and controls knowledge
  • Repair and maintenance expert
  • Experienced in residential and commercial applications
  • Ability to read blueprints and wiring diagrams
  • Electrical safety
  • Testing
  • Transformers, generators, circuit breakers, and switches

Work Experience

Journeyman Electrician - Fuller Electric
  • Install new systems at residential and commercial properties, and update existing systems
  • Assist with "green" energy updates to systems
  • Test equipment and systems to troubleshoot issues, making repairs as required
  • Work under master electrician, following his guidance and directions to continue learning process
  • Interact with customers to determine issues and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Observe safety requirements, use safety devices and equipment, and conduct safety checks throughout work progress
  • Work alongside local utility companies to make repairs
  • Awarded superior rating for work conducted, attendance, and customer service skills
  • Worked as part of a team on several million-dollar residential properties to install and repair electrical systems
  • Will complete journeyman training through this company in September 2017 and be ready for second part of training process at that time
  • Completed 50 residential and over 75 commercial installation and repair projects with minimal supervision
Apprentice Electrician - Convay Electrical Systems
  • Performed testing, troubleshooting, wiring, repairs, and installation of various types of electrical systems in residential settings
  • Assisted with repairs of commercial electrical systems
  • Studied under master electricians to learn how to properly conduct electrical testing and make electrical repairs
  • Learned about electrical safety measures and regulations
  • Mastered using electrical tools and testing equipment
  • Recognized for superior troubleshooting abilities, especially in complex situations
  • Worked as part of team and with minimal supervision
  • Assisted with over 100 residential repairs and installations


Master Electrician Course - Currently enrolled
Brightwood College, Unicity, OH

Journeyman Electrician License - current
State of Ohio

Journeyman Electrician Course - 2012
Cullins Technical School, Anytown, OH

Apprentice Electrician Course - 2007
Cullins Technical School, Anytown, OH

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Is This a Good Journeyman Electrician Resume? Let’s Check

Does the applicant clearly outline the education and training that makes him eligible for the position?

Becoming an electrician requires following a set career path. It is essential applicants show they have completed all the required education and training to qualify for the journeyman position. The applicant did a good job of clearly explaining his education through apprenticeship and journeyman programs, along with detailing his work experience at each level thus far. The hiring manager can easily see he has met the requirements for the position.

Is the resume easy to read, with clearly presented information?

A resume that is difficult to read will quickly find its way to the trash. Hiring managers simple do not have the time to waste on unreadable resumes. As the applicant did in the journeyman electrician resume sample, you need to use bullet points instead of paragraphs to communicate information in the work experience section. You should also use concise wording throughout, while also separating information into clear sections using headers.

Can the hiring manager tell from the resume how much actual experience the applicant has?

Electricians typically get much of their training on the job, so experience is crucial. The applicant lays out his experience in a detailed manner in the work experience section and the education sections of the journeyman electrician resume sample. It is obvious the applicant has the proper training and a background for this level of electrical work. It is easy to scan the resume and know this information right away.

Does the resume draw attention to the skills of the applicant specific to electricians?

The journeyman electrician resume sample does a nice job of stressing the exact areas the applicant has studied and worked in. He clearly outlines his skills with residential and commercial work, including metrics to clarify his actual amount of experience and mentions of his accomplishments in testing, installation, and repair work. A hiring manager won't have to guess at exactly how much work the applicant has done or about what skills he has to do the needed work.

Does the jobseeker stress special electrical projects or other distinctions that make him stand out?

Competition for jobs is often tough. You must ensure you find ways to stand out. In the journeyman electrician resume sample, the applicant made sure to mention his work on million-dollar projects, which is something that should pop off the page and catch the hiring manager's eye. Small details like that help you to stand out from the crowd and become memorable.

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The Most Important Journeyman Electrician Resume Sample Takeaways

Putting together a superb resume is not always easy. Knowing what to include and how to format it can be a challenge, but with the journeyman electrician resume sample as a guide and the helpful writing tips, you are well on your way to crafting your own amazing resume. If you have further trouble or need a little more help, take advantage of our resume builder. There's no time like the present to start writing, so get at it.