There is a lot of value in creating an attractive resume. For starters, you have to understand that hiring managers often have a huge stack of applications they have to read through. It can get tedious after a while. If at a first glance an employer sees you used the right formatting and added a lot of good details, then you are already doing a lot for standing apart from the pack. A resume that a hiring manager would take note of would look similar to the delivery driver resume sample below.

Print out a copy of your current resume and compare it to the one below. You may find there are similarities. However, you may also see some differences. That is all right. Take note of what the differences are, and adjust your application as necessary. You should have a stellar new document afterward, and you can also look toward the writing tips for guidance.


Delivery Driver Resume Sample

Joe Mayne
Eugene, OR 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-7469

Professional Summary

Personable delivery driver who knows how to meet deadlines and provide friendly service. Ability to maintain accurate records of all deliveries. Great sense of direction and intricately familiar with the streets around Eugene and neighboring cities.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Driver’s license
  • Clean driving record
  • Experience with pallet movers, dollies, and barcode scanners
  • Familiarity with map creation and project management software
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Great time management
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds
  • Capable of maintaining flexible work schedule

Work History

Delivery Driver – Toni’s Pizza
2016 – Present
  • Perform pre-trip inspections of company vehicle, and diagnose issues with car as they come up
  • Complete all documentation stating vehicles are safe to operate, and conduct maintenance reviews at least once a month
  • Transport pizza, pasta, and other food items to customers within a 20-mile radius of Eugene, OR
  • Deliver items to customers’ houses, collect money, and record all transactions within company notebook
  • Resolve customer complaints, including several occasions where the order was incorrect, and do best to make things right
  • Develop promotional campaigns, and inform customers of deals the restaurant has, such as no delivery charge for orders over $30, which resulted in a lot more business
  • Call prospective customers and other businesses in the area to solicit more business
  • Follow dispatch instructions from employer when delivery route needs to change
Delivery Driver – Door-to-Door Food Delivery
2015 – 2016
  • Drove a variety of food items, including sandwiches, salads, burritos, and pizza, around town
  • Maintained cleanliness of business premises when not driving, ensuring dining area complies with all sanitation standards
  • Prepared food at the restaurant, including many drink specials, such as smoothies and milkshakes
  • Listened to customers’ feedback on the restaurant’s app, communicating to employer what things needed to change
  • Kept interior and exterior of company vehicles clean, taking vehicles to car washes at least weekly
  • Provided customers with receipts and informed them of online survey restaurant had they could fill out
  • Completed occasional administrative duties around the office, such as filing receipts in cabinets


High School Diploma – 2015
South Medford High School

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Is This a Good Delivery Driver Resume? Let’s Check

Does the delivery driver resume sample emphasize the jobseeker’s ability to offer outstanding customer service?

Yes. The candidate states how he displayed excellent customer service in both the skills and work history sections. Delivery drivers routinely meet with people in the general public, so you need to show you can handle that. Customers can have varying personalities, but an amazing delivery driver will be able to adjust as necessary and provide great service no matter who it is.

Does the sample resume touch upon how the candidate would resolve conflicts?

Conflict resolution is another important skills delivery drivers need to have. The delivery driver resume sample touches on this fact in the work history section when he states how he handled problems with orders. It is acceptable to admit how you made mistakes on a resume. The important thing hiring managers look out for is how you handle conflicts and whether you respond to challenges professionally.

From the sample resume, is it clear the applicant can handle operating an automobile?

For delivery driver positions, you want to make it clear you possess a driver’s license. It is also good if you have a clean driving record, which is the case for the delivery driver resume sample. You should be comfortable driving vehicles to get into this line of work. In the event you have something on your driving record, you would not want to lie about it, but a hiring manager may conduct a background check later.

Does the delivery driver resume sample show that the candidate can handle all the physical aspects of the job?

Yes. While delivery driver positions require a lot of driving, they also require a fair amount of strenuous activities. Drivers routinely need to carry pizzas from the car to a house. They also need to be able to lift equipment and items inside the vehicle back at the company base. You can do something similar along the lines of the sample resume by mentioning how much you can lift or what physical duties you have done in the past.

Does the sample resume avoid superfluous information?

Yes, it does. On a professional resume, there is no need to talk about what hobbies you enjoy. You also want to steer clear of your religious or political beliefs. Simply provide the facts of why you are the best person for the job.

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The Most Important Delivery Driver Resume Sample Takeaways

A well-written resume puts you on a great career path. It is acceptable if there are a few aspects of the job you do not have experience in. You just need to prove you can handle most of the responsibilities and that you are capable of learning how to do the rest. Ultimately, hiring managers need to remember you after reading through dozens of applications. If you still need some help after reviewing the delivery driver resume sample, feel free to peruse our resume builder.