A resume is an incredibly useful tool in a job search. A strong one will help you greatly, and it can help you land an interview even if there are more experienced candidates applying. However, a weak resume may end your job hunt before it truly begins. If you have not gone on a lot of job interviews lately, then the explanation could be your resume. Either way, you need to make adjustments to this document regularly. Update it until it closely resembles the forklift operator resume sample below.

You do not want to copy the information from the sample resume, but you should look at the formatting. This is how most hiring managers want applications to look. Reading the sample will also give you a sense of the kind of information employers want candidates to present. Review the sample and the following tips to enhance your writing skills.


Forklift Operator Resume Sample

Mark Langford
Provo, UT 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-6198


Certified forklift operator with a proven safety record and ability to train others. Expertise in handling other pieces of equipment, including elevating platforms and hoists. Excellent leadership skills to oversee the activities of dozens of employees and ensure everyone remains on task.


  • Experience with cargo trucks, grapples, and belt conveyors
  • Expertise with inventory management software
  • Familiarity with creating spreadsheets
  • Knowledge of public safety protocols
  • Great personal service skills
  • Time management and ability to multitask
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Manual dexterity and control precision

Work Experience

Forklift Operator – YON Industries
2014 – Present
  • Operate numerous different lifting devices, such as forklifts, hoists, and lift beams with swivel-hooks
  • Inspect load to ensure it never overpowers a piece of equipment before transporting around the warehouse
  • Support efficient warehouse workflow by shipping, receiving, unloading, and loading products
  • Ensure products are void of any damage before receiving or shipping, and make any corrections before an items ships to a client
  • Maintain a vigilant eye on the warehouse premises to make sure everyone works safely, and reprimand individuals who break the company’s code of conduct
  • Weigh products and record weight in company’s database
  • Train new employees on how to safely operate equipment around the warehouse, and train individuals on how to use forklifts and other devices
  • Oversee a new employee’s training, and recommend whether company should hire worker full-time
Maintenance Technician – Alliance Industries
2012 – 2014
  • Performed preventative maintenance on company equipment, including forklifts, saving the company hundreds of dollars annually in outside repair costs
  • Reviewed bills for orders to ensure accuracy for items shipped out and items received
  • Developed safety policies for the company’s warehouse, and distributed manuals to all new hires
  • Conducted routine maintenance around the premises, making sure to lubricate equipment and added fuel as needed
  • Communicated with peers, subordinates, and supervisors to convey how they should handle equipment and items
  • Secured cargo within trucks to guarantee safety before shipping out
  • Ensured warehouse was always in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines


OSHA 30-Hour Certificate

High School Diploma – 2011
Lone Peak High School

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Is This a Good Forklift Operator Resume? Let’s Check

Does the candidate demonstrate an ability to operate forklifts and similar pieces of equipment?

Yes. Naturally, to obtain a position as a forklift operator, an applicant needs to have experience using that kind of machinery. Since this is arguably the most important talent for a candidate to possess, the forklift operator resume sample does a good job of conveying that information right off the bat. You want your most impressive qualities above everything else. Start your resume off strongly by conveying your most valuable qualities.

Is it clear from the forklift operator resume sample the candidate makes sure everyone stays safe on the job?

Yes. A lot can go wrong in a warehouse with so many huge pieces of equipment in use. It is important for everyone to know how to operate an item before using it, but people also need to remain aware of their surroundings. While companies cannot avoid accidents entirely, it is important for employees to work toward an accident-free environment. This jobseeker makes a good effort of conveying how he has helped coworkers stay safe in the past.

Are leadership skills expressed in this forklift operator resume sample?

Leadership skills are useful in virtually every line of work. However, they are particularly important in professions where a person is in charge of overseeing the activities of others, as is the case with a forklift operator. The jobseeker mentions training others to use equipment and distributing manuals. Referring to these leadership skills will help the candidate stand out.

Does this forklift operator resume sample follow correct formatting?

Yes, it does. You want to start with a short paragraph that goes over your work history and perhaps a personality trait. Next, the skills section uses a bulleted list to convey relevant talents. The work experience section is the biggest portion of the resume, as it should be. Finally, the education section ends the resume with information about how the candidate has all relevant certifications and education to do this job fruitfully.

Does the sample resume only mention skills useful in this profession?

You should always have a skills section on your resume. However, you do not want to fill this with just any talents. You want to focus on attributes you possess that make you uniquely qualified for this exact position. If you need help figuring out what skills to put on your application, then review the job description again.

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The Most Important Forklift Operator Resume Sample Takeaways

There are two main things to give your resume a boost. You need to ensure it contains proper formatting and all the sections hiring managers expect. You also need to make sure the resume only covers information useful to getting a specific position, which is the case for this forklift operator resume sample. You are not doing yourself any favors by emphasizing skills and experiences you would never use in the job you want to obtain. Jobseekers can acquire even more guidance by utilizing our resume builder.