As you begin your job search, having a well-written, powerful resume is critical. Hiring managers from possible employers review many resumes and decide quickly whether to schedule an interview with you. Using a sample resume helps when you craft your own resume to create a polished final document. By evaluating resume samples particular to your industry, you acquire knowledge of pertinent information to include and formatting best practices to use, which allows you to present yourself in the most favorable light.

Examine our personal assistant resume sample and the supplementary writing tips to get help for drafting each section. Your language needs to be clear and concise for maximum readability. Your goal is to differentiate yourself from other applicants, so put in the effort and use our comprehensive guide to get ideas on how to craft an elevated resume. Showcase your qualifications for the position you are seeking to get the attention of recruiters.


Personal Assistant Resume Sample

Jennifer James
Los Angeles, CA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-4321


Talented personal assistant with excellent customer service skills and strong track record of handing client needs. Accustomed to and successful at managing tasks of demanding, high-level executives. Quick learner who is highly productive and extremely flexible in fast-paced environments.


  • Efficient organizer and administrative support provider
  • Strong interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills
  • Proficient business writing skills
  • Project management
  • Excellent listener
  • Independent, self-directed, resilient multitasker
  • Attention to detail
  • High integrity and dependability

Work Experience

Personal Assistant, May 2015-Present
Ms. Carrie Vaughn, Malibu, CA
  • Manage calendar and schedule business and personal appointments for prominent entertainment industry actress and producer
  • Organize business and charitable events, coordinating with vendors to ensure smooth operations
  • Support client and her family during nights and weekends, including providing occasional childcare
  • Oversee maintenance of multiple business and personal properties
  • Coordinate travel arrangements, including accommodations, air travel, and ground transportation
  • Review and revise various contracts, resulting in 15% reduction of overall expenses
  • Supervise main office and household operations,
  • Handle personal finances, such as bank accounts, bills, household payroll, and budget tracking
Personal Assistant, June 2009-April 2015
Mr. Christian Steele, Beverly Hills, CA
  • Provided personal support to client (a C-level executive officer) and his family, including grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, and caring for family pets
  • Delivered administrative support to company, including maintaining company employee records
  • Created new system to manage corporate and personal billing, increasing efficiency by 40%
  • Managed maintenance of corporate and personal properties in California
  • Arranged business and personal travel, transportation, and accommodations
  • Traveled with client to manage affairs and schedule
  • Prepared client meetings
  • Coordinated business and personal activities and commitments
Administrative Assistant, June 2007-May 2009
XYZ Company, Los Angeles, CA
  • Managed calendars, screened calls, organized meetings, and arranged travel for management
  • Reviewed, sorted, and prioritized mail, filed invoices and reports, and handled bill payments
  • Developed new data-entry method for client information, improving accuracy of internal records
  • Created Microsoft PowerPoint presentations for sales and internal meetings
  • Greeted visitors at reception area
  • Took meeting minutes and disseminated weekly project status reports
  • Distributed communications to employees
  • Ran miscellaneous errands for executives


Associate of Arts, Business Administration, 2007
Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA
Graduated cum laude

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Is This a Good Personal Assistant Resume? Let’s Check

Does the work experience section show that this personal assistant possesses the experience required to execute the administrative duties needed for the job?

Yes. The work history section of the resume sample shows a comprehensive background of handling the many administrative tasks of the position, such as answering phones, greeting guests, reviewing mail, writing correspondence, managing schedules, filing, revising contracts, and interacting with various people.

Does the personal assistant resume sample denote that the candidate has the educational training or background for the job?

Certainly. The candidate’s background is similar to that of executive secretaries and executive administrative assistants. Most personal assistants hold an associate’s degree, which this jobseeker does. The resume sample shows that she also graduated college with honors. Hiring managers and recruiters will see that she is very capable and has the necessary education and experience.

Is this personal assistant resume sample readable?

Absolutely. Each position stays within eight bullet points, with each bullet point starting with a strong action verb. The bullet points are mostly short phrases instead of full sentences, which makes this simpler to read than long paragraphs. This helps readers quickly grab the information they need. There are three easy-to-read sentence fragments in the summary. The format is sharp, and the language is precise and to the point. The sections are specifically placed to boost readability. The resume length stays within one page.

How well does this personal assistant resume sample demonstrate that the candidate can handle major responsibilities?

Very well. The candidate lists several vital soft skills, from interpersonal communications to customer service skills. She has the essential practical experience and knowledge to do the job, such as drafting documents, managing calendars, and coordinating events and activities. The jobseeker shows capabilities in managing clients, overseeing properties and staff, and handling varied tasks of both business and personal natures.

Most employers are looking for a solid work history from a personal assistant, particularly a track record of increasing responsibilities. Does the personal assistant resume sample establish a strong career progression?

Sure. This applicant started her career as an administrative assistant at a company, where she began supporting executives. She has spent the bulk of her career supporting high-level individuals in both their business and personal lives. She started out managing administrative tasks, such as handling calendars, correspondence, calls, and visitors, and moved on to major event coordination, managing finances, overseeing properties, and supervising people.

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The Most Important Personal Assistant Resume Sample Takeaways

By using the personal assistant resume sample as a guideline, you can write your own resume that attracts the attention of hiring managers. Proper use of language and good formatting make reading easy and help recruiters see that you are a great candidate for the position. You can draw attention to important details and succeed in showcasing your work record by describing your contributions in each position you have held. Potential employers will understand the value you bring to the job. Check out our resume builder for further guidance on crafting the best resume.