When you are ready to start your career in the field of education, it can be easy to get stressed about finding the right job. Especially if you have just finished earning a degree and have never had a teaching position before, it can be intimidating to begin your job search. You want to get excited about all the possibilities available but are unsure how to convince a hiring manager that you are ready to take on the challenges of being a teacher.

You’re in luck. Conquer each section of your resume with the help of our resume for teaching job with no experience and the writing hints we’ve provided. It’s not as difficult as you may think to fashion an engaging resume that emphasizes your worth.

Resume For Teaching Job With No Experience Sample

Allison Wiseman
Denver, Colorado 11111
E: [email protected] P: 555-222-9999

Summary Statement

Compassionate and driven youth worker with a master’s degree in early childhood education. Adept at maintaining control of a group of children and motivating them to learn in constructive and innovative ways. Experience working with a wide age-range of children in both physical and mental capacities, including children with special needs.


• Microsoft Office suite software
• Children’s education software
• Active listening
• Patience
• Creative thinking
• Oral and written communication
• Problem-solving
• Time management


Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education – 2015
University of Denver – Denver, CO
Relevant courses included: curriculum development for youth, language principles for teachers

Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education – 2017
University of Denver – Denver, CO
Relevant courses included: developmental psychology, student diversity, advanced communication


• Graduate Student Council President, 2016–2017
• Selected to present research at the Conference for Curriculum and Instruction
• Graduated magna cum laude; recipient of the President’s Award for Academic Excellence

Work Experience

Recreation Worker: June 2014 – Present
YMCA, Denver, CO

• Enforce regulations of the facility to promote safety and maintain order
• Lead physical activities including crafts, games, and sports
• Instruct participants about rules, safety precautions, and techniques to ensure correct and fair play
• Direct the youth dance classes and organize two yearly recitals
• Record the progress of participants to document areas of improvement or concern
• Welcome individuals to each program and encourage participation and positive peer interaction

Childcare Provider: July 2011 – June 2014
Kids R Us Daycare, Denver, CO
• Provided a safe environment for children that fostered learning and development
• Maintained daily records of observations and any notable activities
• Encouraged the social and mental development of children, including reinforcing good behavior and administering discipline when necessary
• Made note of any social or developmental issues and informed the guardians about potential actions needed on their part
• Performed activities with the children such as reading, drawing, and singing
• Informed guardians daily about the behaviors of their children and activities they participated in
• Taught children appropriate hygiene and health habits including sleeping, eating, and toilet training

Tips for Creating a Teaching Resume With No Experience

1. Captivating summary statement

Because hiring managers read many resumes, you need to write a strong summary statement to grab their attention. Open your resume with a convincing summary statement like the one in our example to set a positive tone for the rest of your document and encourage the recipient to keep reading.

When writing this section, mention a few key skills that set you apart from other applicants as well as any experience you have in crucial areas similar to the position you are applying for. When you have no industry experience, a well-written summary statement can help ensure you don’t get passed over for a position.

2. Strategic skills listing

You acquire many skills necessary to be capable for a position throughout your education, or sometimes you innately possess them. Like the writer in our example, emphasize the abilities you gained in school that make you a worthy candidate, such as computer or thinking skills, as well as personality traits such as patience and time management.

There are also many abilities such as active listening and communication skills that transfer from one position or industry to another that you can include to demonstrate your value. You can also show your aptitude for the position by listing skills you possess that the job description mentions. Always remember to be honest when enumerating your abilities to set yourself up for success in your new job.

3. Descriptive education section

Rather than simply listing your degrees, take advantage of the education section of your resume like this writer did to provide specific courses you took. This gives your readers more insight into your areas of knowledge and helps them understand where your focus is. Especially if you took specialized or advanced courses, noting these on your resume shows a hiring manager you are a well-prepared graduate.

4. Similar job duties

As you read through our sample resume for teaching job with no experience, you’ll notice that all the tasks listed in the work experience section are directly related to functions performed by someone in a teaching position. As you write the work experience section of your own resume, think about responsibilities you had in your previous jobs that would translate well to the position you’re currently seeking.

If you’re applying to be a teacher, it is helpful to mention tasks that involved leading or directing a group. This shows you can properly handle authority and will be able to control a classroom. You can also list duties involving recordkeeping, interacting with others, or enforcing rules. Because these are some of the responsibilities of a teacher, mentioning that you have had experience with similar tasks can make you more appealing to a hiring manager.

The Most Important Resume for Teaching Job With No Experience Takeaways

It is necessary to represent yourself well to hiring managers with a professional, convincing resume regardless of what position you are seeking. Especially when you write a resume for teaching job with no experience, correct formatting and wisely chosen information is critical.

Start by engaging your reader with an intriguing summary statement and listing skills you possess that the job description mentioned. This makes you more appealing to your readers. Include details in your education section and list comparable work duties to demonstrate your preparedness for this new role. Rather than struggle over the correct formatting or stress about including enough information, use our resume builder to confidently create your resume.