The quality of your resume may determine the success of your job hunting efforts. The impression that a hiring professional takes in during those first brief glances could either put you a step closer to an interview or close the door to further progress. Many hiring managers make important judgments about applicants based wholly on their resumes. One effective way to ensure you’ve used best industry practices is to read through a sample resume with tips specific to your career.

As you get ready to write your own personal document, begin by studying our executive administrative assistant resume sample and the accompanying writing tips. You’ll find specific tips for working through each section of your own resume, with advice regarding the best format and content. Use our tips to create a concise document that quickly grabs the attention of hiring professionals and puts your best traits within easy reach. Your use of our complete guide and some focused energy (on your part) will result in a resume that gives you a competitive edge.


Executive Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

Kendall C. Lyons
Nampa, Idaho 11111 • kclyons@anymail • 555-354-7364


Accomplished executive administrative assistant with over 10 years of experience working with chief officers and other top decision-makers. Facilitated daily routine for three busy executives, monitoring completion of documents, managing calendars, and completing daily office responsibilities. Excellent use of office software, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Skills and Qualifications

  • 78 WPM plus 10-key proficiency
  • Positive vendor relationships
  • Superior document analysis, including proofreading
  • Excellent professional writing skills
  • Skilled at maintaining calendar and travel arrangements
  • Friendly, firm, professional demeanor
  • Effective organization habits and oversight

Work Experience

Executive Assistant - 2010 – Present
Anhyst Company, Boise, Idaho
  • Serve as gatekeeper to company CEO, greeting visitors, determining reason for visit, and providing appropriate directions
  • Complete and distribute memos, facilitating correspondence between CEO and board of directors and other executive officers
  • Manage complex and busy calendar of activities and responsibilities, carrying out tasks as needed
  • Gather, prepare, and proofread agendas, materials, and documents for executive meetings
  • Introduce more efficient system of alerts signaling upcoming deadlines
  • Seek and implement team-building efforts and organizational morale; reduced team turnover by 10%
Administrative Assistant - 2007-2010
Goodson LLC, Boise, Idaho
  • Managed calendar for company administrators, including CEO, CFO, and COO, moving administrators onto a digital calendar for increased efficiency and reduced double-scheduling
  • Sorted and responded to emails, directing communications to appropriate officers when necessary, reducing officers’ email time by 25%
  • Accepted incoming calls, responding to customer concerns, working with vendors, and returning calls as directed by officers
  • Completed and filed expense reports, client order forms, employee records, and other documents as directed by administrative officers
  • Created spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and other documents as directed
Gateway Counseling - 2002 – 2007
Personal Assistant to Clinical Director, Pocatello, Idaho
  • Coordinated day-to-day administrative tasks for clinical director, managing the calendar, scheduling and confirming appointments, and providing reminders for upcoming events and responsibilities
  • Arranged and finalized travel arrangements for trainings, conferences, and continuing professional education
  • Maintained office technology and equipment, including scheduling of device updates, backup routines, and routine cleaning
  • Typed personal notes and filed documents, reducing paper workload of clinical director by 50%
  • Completed other duties as assigned


Boise State University, ID 2009
BS in Professional Administrative Assistance

Idaho State University, ID 2007
AAS in Business Management

Member of The American Society of Administrative Professionals

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Is This a Good Executive Administrator Assistant Resume? Let’s Check

Does the executive administrative assistant resume sample demonstrate the applicant’s knowledge of office practices, software systems, and ability to communicate information?

Yes. The document does a great job drawing attention to the applicant’s abilities in these areas. Throughout the work summary statement, skills section, and work experience are examples of the applicant’s knowledge and abilities. For example, the summary statement draws attention to several types of software (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) and the skills section indicates a superior typing speed of 78 words per minute.

Does the resume sample indicate that this candidate is able to establish priorities and coordinate scheduling accordingly to the benefit of the executive?

Definitely. This applicant progresses from overseeing the commitments of the clinical director of a small business to handling the many duties of a busy CEO. Throughout the work experience section are examples of how the applicant decreased the workload of executives, such as reducing paper workload by 50% and reducing officer email time by 25%. These accomplishments show potential employers that this applicant recognizes executive priorities and can reduce the workload where appropriate.

Is the executive administrative assistant resume sample designed for skimmability?

Does it display the applicant’s skills for time management and organization?

An effective executive administrative assistant must complete a lot of tasks while meeting executives’ needs and ensuring calendars are also on track. To this end, hiring professionals may look for applicants with well-formatted resumes that include pertinent information without wasted content. The executive administrative assistant resume sample prominently displays contact information, makes good use of bullets, and relies on power action verbs to create a clear picture of the applicant’s abilities and achievements.

An executive administrative assistant must have the ability to protect the time of the executive while also keeping clients happy. Is this ability apparent in the resume sample?

There are several good examples of this ability in the executive administrative assistant resume sample. For example, the applicant reduced the employee turnover rate through team-building and morale-boosting efforts. Other additions to the resume that speak to the applicant’s ability to please executives, business partners, and clients include “friendly, firm, professional demeanor” and “positive vendor relationships.”

Did the resume writer provide examples of skills in action rather than simply listing those skills?

The applicant’s ability to organize is apparent throughout the document as listings appear in reverse chronological order and in order of importance. The applicant provided measurable outcomes with percentages to give a clear picture of those achievements. Finally, each work experience section provides examples of the many responsibilities expected of administrative assistants, displaying the applicant’s familiarity of the many duties associated with the position.

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The Most Important Executive Administrative Assistant Resume Sample Takeaways

With the guidance of the executive administrative assistant resume sample, you can write your own professional document that clearly lists your abilities and readiness to handle the duties of an executive assistant. As you’ve learned, the right format allows you to lay out your best qualities so that hiring professionals can see them at a glance. Providing examples of accomplishments with specifics helps hiring managers understand how you’ll be an asset to the business. Get even more help for your resume with our resume builder.