Your record as a digital community coordinator, whether in a formal position or on your own, is likely to be part of your portfolio. This record does not preclude the importance of your resume. A resume gives potential employers a sense of your background, experience, and training that even the most detailed profile or list of posts is unlikely to provide. Your resume should give hiring managers all the information they need to decide whether you are the right fit for a digital community coordinator position in a straightforward format.

As you prepare your resume, you may benefit from viewing our digital community coordinator resume sample. A series of questions and answers regarding what a resume for a position in this field should include and ways to ensure that employers get the most out of your document follows this sample. These resources make it easy for you to make sure that you properly format your resume and include all the necessary information.


Digital Community Coordinator Resume Sample

Jennifer Taylor
Portland, OR 11111 • [email protected] • 555-323-4634


Digital community coordinator, forum moderator, and social media manager with over a decade of experience. Maintain post quality by removing bots, reviewing content, handling conflict, and preventing harassment. Able to quickly learn and internalize rules and standards.


  • Moderation and leadership strategies
  • Online presence and availability
  • Awareness of digital legal concerns
  • Encouraging social interaction
  • Conflict mediation
  • Monitoring IP addresses
  • Processing emails and reports
  • Empathy and sensitivity
  • Customer service
  • Written communication skills

Work Experience

Digital Community Coordinator, Jan. 2016 - Current
TechConnect, Portland, OR
  • Moderate designated areas of a global online community with more than 20,000 members focused on technology jobs and hobbies
  • Increase engagement on on-site forums by more than 40% through targeted content generation
  • Coordinate a minimum of two online events per week and lead scheduled question and answer sessions based on community requests and votes
  • Select featured posts for home page, main subject pages, and social media promotions
  • Contribute content to social media accounts and field responses on different platforms
Digital Engagement Specialist, May 2013 - Dec. 2016
Coder Chicks, Portland, OR
  • Encouraged participation on boards dedicated to Java and JavaScript through coding challenges and recommending experts for questions
  • Matched expert and new coders and encouraged both to share the learning and teaching process to benefit other members
  • Worked with team to upgrade badge and tagging systems to reward members for contributing to community
  • Eliminated duplicate or redundant inquiries and referred new members to pinned or saved threads on frequently asked questions and common issues
  • Scheduled regular video chat hangouts and group coding sessions in shared documents
Moderator, Feb. 2011 - May 2013
Quackers, Eugene OR
  • Supervised online student community dedicated to extracurricular activities and study group formation
  • Oversaw interactions on computer science board and general student boards
  • Increased presence of computer science department faculty on site from 50% to 70% and coordinated questions and answer sessions for test reviews
  • Maintained high quality of posting by banning bots and fake accounts and deleting posts encouraging cheating or unethical conduct
  • Promoted participation on campus and increased percentage of student body with memberships from 74% to 87%


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - 2013
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
magna cum laude

Vice-president of Women in STEM Club

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Is This a Good Digital Community Coordinator Resume? Let’s Check

It is important to customize your resume for each position, especially your summary statement and list of skills. Is this resume sample designed for a digital community coordinator position?

Yes, it is. The candidate begins her summary statement by mentioning that she has more than 10 years of experience as a digital community coordinator and in related roles. This statement brushes over her primary areas of expertise, which she then breaks down in a detailed list of skills relevant to this position.

How does the candidate organize this digital community coordinator resume sample so that it is easy to read and understand?

The summary statement is precise, to-the-point, and short. The candidate uses bullet points to organize her list of skills to make this section easy for a hiring manager to skim. She structures her work experience section by clearly identifying her roles and employers and organizing the details she provides about each position with bullet points. The candidate organizes the work experience and education sections in reverse chronological order, starting with her current position and most advanced and recent credentials.

Does the work experience section include all the information that prospective employers should know?

Yes. The work experience section in this digital community coordinator resume sample clearly identifies the candidate’s current and past job titles, dates of employment (including months and years), and the names and locations of her employers. A structured list of responsibilities and achievements accompanies each position.

How does this candidate distinguish herself through the descriptions of duties and accomplishments in the work experience section?

This candidate includes metrics or figures to catch the eyes of hiring managers. From the first entry, we learn that she coordinates a community with more than 20,000 users and that her coordination methods have increased on-site engagement by more than 40%. These statistics can help her resume stand out. She also keeps the focus on her actions throughout this part of the digital community coordinator resume sample by starting each line with an action verb.

The education section should include degrees and other relevant kinds of training. Does this digital community coordinator resume sample include all of the necessary information?

Yes, it does. The candidate has a bachelor’s degree and mentions that she graduated with high honors and served as vice-president of a student organization. There is no need for her to list her high school diploma since she has completed a course of study on the college level. The candidate graduated a while ago, and so she does not mention her GPA.

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The Most Important Digital Community Coordinator Resume Sample Takeaways

Our digital community coordinator resume sample and writing guidelines point out several factors that you should keep in mind while preparing your own resume. Hiring managers only spend about six seconds reviewing each resume, so you should try to make it easy for them to recognize the extent of your qualifications as quickly as possible. Focus on conveying the most essential details and effectively organizing your document. If you would like more assistance, try out our resume builder.