Community and Public Service Resume Samples

When you’re seeking a service job, your resume matters. Write a great one with our community and public service resume samples and detailed writing tips.

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Many people approach a job search with enthusiasm until they must write a new resume. This often inspires dread even in the most qualified of candidates, but it’s nothing to worry about when you approach the process equipped with knowledge. One of the best places to get this knowledge is from community and public service resume samples and industry-specific writing tips. Review ours to better understand what information employers expect to see on your resume and what you can do to make yourself stand out from the rest of the candidate pool.

Community and Public Service Resume

1. Digital Community Coordinator Resume Sample

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Digital Community Coordinator
Southeastern Outreach

Durango, CO
September 2016 – Present

  • Utilize social media to reach community and spread information on events and outreach
  • Organize events promoting community involvement and general empowerment
  • Identify needs of community members and leverage digital resources to find solutions
  • Communicate via online platforms to develop resources and reach those in need
  • Implemented online fundraising campaign which boosted donations by 30% in two months
  • Coordinate volunteer schedules and activities both online and in person

2. Program Coordinator Resume Sample

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Program Coordinator
Charity Partners

Dayton, OH
July 2015 – September 2016

  • Develop resources necessary to keep programs running successfully
  • Utilize time of volunteers and staff members to best implement program
  • Identify and achieve clear objectives of the program according to community’s needs
  • Secured sponsorship from two local companies that increased funding by 10%
  • Collaborate with other programs and organizations to effectively approach issues
  • Raise general awareness of program’s resources, purpose, and need for funding

3. Firefighter Resume Sample

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Larimer County Fire Department

Fort Collins, CO
October 2013
July 2015

  • Respond to emergency calls involving fires and other related emergency situations
  • Tend to accident scenes to ensure that there is no risk of fire
  • Utilize emergency medical skills to provide necessary medical interventions
  • Protect and rescue citizens who are in the midst of emergencies or at risk of injury
  • Improved training regimen which reduced response time by an average of five minutes
  • Handle chemical spills and other substance-related incidents that can cause injury

4. Social Worker Resume Sample

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Social Worker
Child Protective Services

Austin, TX
February 2012 – October 2013

  • Visit families and children on general welfare checks to ensure home is safe
  • Intervene in homes and situations where children are at risk or actively being harmed
  • Work with families and kids to develop safe and healthy homes and habits
  • Advocate for policies that benefit children and improve accessible resources
  • Inform clients of the various resources that can help them and provide necessary referrals
  • Served 100+ families per month by providing case management and resource referrals

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