Your resume is often your one and only opportunity to gain the interest of potential employers. Don’t fumble this opportunity by failing to devote adequate time to the task of making your resume shine. A careless, poorly written resume tells an employer that you don’t really value the position that he or she is recruiting for. It also suggests that, if hired, you might perform as carelessly on the job. Developing a stellar resume is an investment in your future, and you’re worth it.

If you aren’t certain exactly what a first-rate resume should look like, take a look at our dishwasher resume sample below. This sample is an exemplary representation of the professional formatting and tone that your document needs to reflect, and the sample should also give you some ideas about the specific types of information you might want to include. Read through the resume development tips that accompany this sample for additional guidance as you work through this task.


Dishwasher Resume Sample

Boris Stanton
Huntington Beach, CA 11111 • boris.stanton@quickmail • 555-555-6843


Competent, productive dishwasher with over two years of experience in the restaurant service industry and a current food handler safety card. Team player with a positive, upbeat, customer-focused attitude. Excellent attention to hygiene, cleanliness, and dishwashing equipment upkeep.


  • Exemplary, well-kept professional appearance
  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
  • High level of proficiency in operation and maintenance of standard dishwashing equipment
  • Ability to lift heavy loads (up to 50 pounds) and remain standing for extended periods of time

Work Experience

Dishwasher – Vegan Dreams Restaurant
  • Load, monitor, and unload dishwashing equipment in a quick and efficient manner, helping to ensure a smoothly functioning kitchen
  • Perform a quality check on every finished dishwashing load to ensure compliance with hygiene standards, thus contributing to maintaining the company’s spotless reputation
  • Remove glass and fragile items from regular dishwashing loads and wash them separately by hand to prevent damage or loss
  • Perform standard maintenance and upkeep on dishwashing equipment as needed to ensure equipment remains in good working order
  • Brief the next shift’s employees on any important issues or concerns at shift change time, ensuring consistency and continuity of operations from one shift to the next
  • Train and mentor new dishwashing employees on company procedures and policies
Dishwasher – Green Cuisine Cafe
  • Received and loaded used dishes into dishwashing equipment throughout shift
  • Ferried clean dishes, utensils, and cookware to kitchen and server supply stations as needed, ensuring regular and dependable availability of supplies
  • Handled and stored dishwashing detergent and supplies in accordance with safety-oriented best practices and notified supervisors when supplies were low
  • Scrubbed sinks and disinfected and sanitized dishwashing equipment as needed, maintaining the company’s high cleanliness standards
  • Swept and mopped work area floors and emptied kitchen garbage bins at the end of each shift
  • Assisted kitchen staff with other stocking and cleaning tasks as needed, contributing to an efficient flow of back-of-house operations


Food Handler Training Certificate – 2015
Institute of Food Safety, Health, and Hygiene, Inc.
San Diego, California

High School Diploma – 2014
Huntington Beach High School
Huntington Beach, California

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Is This a Good Dishwasher Resume? Let’s Check

Not all states require dishwashers to have food handler training, but all dishwashers must be diligent in maintaining strict standards of cleanliness. Does this dishwasher resume sample demonstrate that the candidate lives up to these standards?

It does. The candidate indicates that he pays “excellent attention to hygiene, cleanliness” in the summary. He also notes a history of “compliance with hygiene standards” and “maintaining the company’s high cleanliness standards” in the work experience section.

The labor required of a dishwasher is physical in nature, requiring long hours standing and handling heavy pots and dishes. Does this dishwasher resume sample indicate that the candidate has the physical stamina necessary to perform the job?

Yes. Given that the candidate already has two years of experience as a dishwasher, he has already proven that he can shoulder the physical burden of the job without difficulty. He also points out his “ability to lift heavy loads (up to 50 pounds) and remain standing for extended periods of time” in the skills section.

Employers appreciate when a jobseeker takes the time to compose a clear-cut, well-written resume that is easy to scan for key information. In fact, this is often the only type of resume that makes it through an employer’s first-round of cuts. Does this dishwasher resume sample hit the mark in professional, succinct wording and formatting?

Absolutely. This resume sample is readable, orderly, and concise. The candidate conveys the essential information in a straightforward manner through the smart use of bullet points and the economical use of words. The sample is also free of grammar and spelling errors, adding to its sharp overall appearance.

Kitchen and wait staff often use some types of dishes and pots more than others. A good dishwasher will take this into account when prioritizing the movement of dishes in and out of the dishwashing equipment. Does this resume sample illustrate that the candidate takes steps to ensure that clean dishes and pots are always available when needed?

Indeed. In the work experience section of the resume sample, the candidate confirms that he knows how to “load, monitor, and unload dishwashing equipment in a quick and efficient manner, helping to ensure a smoothly functioning kitchen” as well as “regular and dependable availability of supplies.”

Dishwashers must be able to maintain and operate dishwashing equipment safely and properly. Does this dishwasher resume sample testify to the candidate’s skill in working with dishwashing machinery?

Yes. Many of the bullet points in the experience section of the resume testify directly to his skill with dishwashing equipment, and the skills section further illuminates his “high level of proficiency in operation and maintenance” of the same.

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The Most Important Dishwasher Resume Sample Takeaways

With this dishwasher resume sample in your toolkit, you can put together a winning resume that helps you stand out as a prime job candidate to potential employers. The sample makes it easy to see the impressive effect of a well-planned and organized resume layout, and the accompanying resume tips serve as valuable food for thought when it comes to deciding which skills to spotlight and how best to promote yourself on the page. Our resume builder is another great option available to you if you want an extra bit of help getting started.