It’s crucial that fine dining servers make an incredible first impression on diners. Similarly, it’s crucial that your resume makes a stellar first impression on potential employers. After all, your resume is a written representation of you, showcasing your life skills, experience, and education. One of the most efficient and effective ways to create a five-star resume is to use a fine dining server resume sample. A sample gives you the appropriate structure and style for your resume. It allows you to understand what information to include and how to format it for optimal effect.

Consult our resume sample and the accompanying writing tips for best practices on how to write and format your own resume. It may take a little time and effort to apply your professional information to the sample but if you work diligently, section by section, you’ll produce a sterling document that can position you for career success.


Fine Dining Server Resume Sample

Foster Walker
Burbank, CA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-777-7000


Multilingual professional with 11 years’ experience in fine dining establishments in the United States and South America. Highly skilled in customer service, restaurant etiquette, and workplace systems and flow. Up-to-date on fine dining culture, news, and trends.


  • Superior customer service orientation
  • Superb physical coordination and memory
  • Advanced knowledge of point-of-sale software systems
  • Intimate knowledge of restaurant systems and flow
  • Dedicated team member also able to work independently
  • In-depth knowledge of international wines
  • Proficient in English, Spanish, and French

Work Experience

Server, The Village
Evergreen, CO
Oct. 2010 – Present
  • Welcome and serve resident and international patrons at four-star resort restaurant
  • Introduce, recommend, and decant more than 200 international wines
  • Process patrons’ accounts via a state-of-the-art mobile payment system
  • Provide language translation services for patrons on an as-needed basis
  • Assist in the orientation and training of new servers to ensure adequate understanding
  • Conduct annual reviews of patrons’ feedback at restaurant owner’s request
Server, Los Dos Vacas
Santiago, Chile
Jan. 2008 – Sept. 2010
  • Served thousands of patrons in four-star Santiago restaurant
  • Relayed patrons’ specific dining needs to team of 10 kitchen staff
  • Processed patrons’ accounts using credit card and cash systems
  • Received knowledge on more than 100 international wines from restaurant sommelier
  • Functioned as in-house translator for English- and French-speaking patrons
  • Developed English-language menu that increased tourist patronage by more than 25%

Volunteer Experience

Career Days, Industry Partner
Evergreen Public Schools, Jan. 2011 – Present

• Speak on fine dining and customer service topics
• Answer questions from students and staff about fine dining server careers
• Coordinate student-staff etiquette dinner once a semester

Meals on Wheels, Volunteer
Evergreen Nutrition Programs, Feb. 2015 – Present

• Pack nutritious meals for delivery to 300 program recipients Monday through Friday
• Deliver meals and visit with recipients on weekly basis
• Gather hundreds of canned goods from local food bank for distribution on monthly basis
• Attend annual meeting on program goals and fundraising strategies

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Is This a Good Fine Dining Server Resume? Let’s Check

Customer service is a fine dining cornerstone. In the fine dining server resume sample, does the jobseeker show knowledge of the principles and processes necessary for providing customer service?

He absolutely does. His summary statement mentions that he is “highly skilled in customer service [and] restaurant etiquette,” while the skills section lists “superior customer service orientation.” In addition to the jobseeker’s 11 years’ work experience, his associate degree in culinary arts and restaurant server certification indicate that he has received the education to be well-versed in the principles and processes necessary for providing customer service.

Social perceptiveness is a critical skill for a fine dining server. Review the fine dining server resume sample and ask yourself whether the jobseeker demonstrates evidence of being aware of others and their motivations?

Yes, he does. In the skills and work experience sections particularly, the jobseeker demonstrates that he is aware of the needs and concerns of others. His provision of language translation services indicates that he has the desire to help others communicate so that they may achieve their dining goals. Through his volunteer work, he further provides information and services that benefit others’ nutritional and educational motivations.

On reviewing the fine dining server resume sample, is there evidence that the jobseeker has a solid grasp of the English language?

Yes. First, the jobseeker describes himself as a “multilingual professional.” He then demonstrates that he has a solid grasp of not only English but also Spanish and French. Further, in the skills and work experience sections of the resume, he notes his proficiency and the ways in which he has contributed his language translation skills to the workplace.

A fine dining server is expected to be able to communicate with supervisors, peers, and subordinates. Does the fine dining server resume sample indicate the jobseeker has this skill?

Yes, in a variety of ways. In the work experience section, he notes that in his previous position he “relayed patrons’ specific dining needs” to his colleagues. In his current position, he assists in the “orientation and training of new servers” and conducts “annual reviews of patrons’ feedback.” In this way, he demonstrates his ability to communicate with supervisors, peers, and subordinates.

Does the resume sample include mention of non-traditional or volunteer work that is relevant to the fine dining server’s professional work?

Yes. The jobseeker includes a volunteer experience section that details his current involvement with Meals on Wheels and local public schools. He also provides evidence that he contributes his multilingual skills to the workplace when and as needed, from menu writing to assisting guests with translation.

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The Most Important Fine Dining Server Resume Sample Takeaways

As the fine dining server resume sample reveals, you can present your skills, experience, and education to show a potential employer you’re perfect for a specific job. Draw attention to your work experience by using five to eight bullet points that begin with active verbs. Showcase your customer service experience and people-focused personality by using metrics-based evidence whenever possible. Also, further demonstrate your fit for the job by including relevant volunteer work and certifications. Need more guidance? Consult our resume builder to create a five-star resume.