A job description for an HR generalist position may require an applicant to demonstrate his or her ability to perform many different duties. Writing a resume for this career can be challenging, given that candidates have a large number of skills and hiring managers only spend about six seconds skimming each resume. The best approach is to prioritize your most relevant qualifications and structure your resume for efficiency.

If you are not sure how to include all of the information that a potential employer needs to know, take a look at our HR generalist resume sample. This document demonstrates ways to cover all of the major points while keeping your resume relatively short and easy to skim. Learn how to make the most of your summary statement, strengthen your skills list, and maximize the impact of your work experience and education sections. We reinforce key points in a series of questions and answers about which aspects of this sample are most important for applicants seeking HR generalist positions.


HR Generalist Resume Sample

Kristen Saunders
Riverside, CA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-475-2395


Human resources generalist with more than eight years of experience in the medical industry. Currently provide a broad range of services to a network of clinics. Versatile professional with previous experience at a medical management firm and pharmaceutical lab.


  • Human resources policies and procedures
  • Employment laws and regulations
  • ADA/EEO/FMLA/WC compliance
  • Ethical practices and privacy rights
  • Staff orientation and training
  • Benefits plan enrollment and billing
  • Human resource management systems
  • Job description posts and hiring methods
  • Dispute and conflict resolution
  • Employee relations counseling

Work Experience

Human Resources Generalist, Oct. 2013 - Present
CaliHealth, Riverside, CA
  • Assist department management with revising human resources standards and procedures and notify employees about changes
  • Maintain current employment records for more than 500 employees systemwide and respond to internal information requests
  • Administer benefits programs by creating and distributing digital and paper information packets and offering claims resolution services
  • Achieve overall workplace satisfaction rating of 96% by monitoring environment and resolving challenges and crises
  • Update company organization charts and directories for use in strategy sessions
Human Resources Coordinator, May 2010 - Sept. 2013
Pacific Medical Management, Los Angeles, CA
  • Posted and promoted over 30 job advertisements on major sites and social networks
  • Processed more than 3,500 applications and forwarded applications that met minimum requirements to human resources specialists
  • Notified applicants about the status of job openings, including sending interview requests and scheduling follow-up meetings
  • Responded concerns and questions from current employees regarding internal hiring practices and promotions
  • Organized new employee orientation, training, and compliance sessions
Human Resources Intern, Oct. 2009 – May 2010
CMS Labs, Riverside, CA
  • Managed human resource management system records for 250 employees and fulfilled information inquiries
  • Performed background and reference checks on applicants
  • Compiled information about benefits for the 2010 annual report
  • Processed employee complaints and inquiries and forwarded to appropriate members of the human resources department
  • Worked with specialists to update official company policies pertaining to federal employment regulations


Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management, 2010
University of California at Riverside, Riverside, CA

Relevant Courses: Managing Human Resources, Industrial/Organizational Psychology

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Is This a Good HR Generalist Resume? Let’s Check

Hiring managers review each resume for approximately six seconds before deciding whether an applicant might be right for a job. What could they learn from this HR generalist resume sample in this amount of time?

This resume sample gives a clear impression of the candidate’s extensive experience providing human resources services in the health care field. The federal employment regulations listed in the skills section indicate her awareness of legal standards. A hiring manager might also notice the metrics in her work history section, including the fact that she provides services to an increasing number of employees and has achieved a 96% satisfaction rating in her present position.

Versatility is essential for HR generalists. Does the candidate communicate her capacity to provide a variety of services to different employers in the summary statement?

Yes. She sums up her experience providing human resource services in the health care industry before specifying that she has worked for different types of employers including a network of clinics, a medical management firm, and a pharmaceutical lab.

Generalists usually have a broad skill base, making organization and prioritization important for jobseekers in this field. Does the candidate list relevant skills in this HR generalist resume sample?

The candidate covers all of her bases in a bulleted list, starting with broad but basic skills such as policies, procedures, and regulations. She then shows that her awareness of the legal implications of human resources in the medical field extends to ethical practices and privacy rights. She concludes with fundamental skills for an HR generalist including familiarity with benefits packages, industry-standard software, hiring practices, and employee relations.

Does the candidate demonstrate her various qualifications for a human resources position in the work experience section of this HR generalist resume sample?

Yes. She begins each entry with a job title, dates of employment down to the month and year, and the name and location of her employer. The candidate organizes her duties and accomplishments in each position by using bullet points. A hiring manager would see that she has experience revising standards and procedures, maintaining employment records, and administering benefits programs. She has also posted job advertisements, processed applications, and facilitated onboarding.

Many HR generalists have degrees in human resources or related fields. Is the education section in this sample complete?

The single entry in this section of the HR generalist resume sample includes everything an employer needs to know. The candidate describes her bachelor’s degree and major, which is directly applicable to a human resources position. She does not need to include her GPA, as she graduated some time ago.

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The Most Important HR Generalist Resume Sample Takeaways

HR generalists are often called upon to perform a wide range of duties, but some positions have more specific requirements. You should carefully study the description of the job for which you are applying and note any distinctive specifications or language. Emphasize your ability to satisfy these stipulations and use keywords in your resume. This HR generalist resume sample focuses on the candidate’s background in the health care field. Regardless of your background, find ways to make your past experience speak to your ability to succeed at the job you want. If you get stuck, try our resume builder.